In one of the multiverses of the infinite universe a strong force arose. A force that caused the Draconic Gods Bahamut and Tiamat to join together. A Force so strong none could match it nor question it’s motives and actions. The force calls himself Nikholash. With elven features and a scarred body, with the might similar to that of the fallen God ‘Ioun’ father of the Draconic Gods and with knowledge that even dwarfed those of the outer realm. He caused the Dragon Gods to bow to his will and now commands them with a just hand. What he wants is unknown, he challenged the Gods and Goddesses causing the Demons to Join forces with the Devils. The alliance of the Abyssal and the Baatur inspired even the deities in the Astral realm to combine their might to stop the threat.
But they all fell, many surrendered, some died and some fled from the battlefield.He locked away some of the Gods so that they may not hinder his plans the rest he left to rule their domain but when asked to step aside they would have to obey humbly.

Realm of Nikholash

Saquib Mayhem