Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 11: We be Pirates
Boats, Boats, Boats!!

With an unconcious Aureval the party headed back towards the Kingdom of Sysvani. They had rented a couple of horses and a carriage to make the travel easier, Ultramecia who chanced upon them as they were leaving town stealthily followed them assuming there would be gold and riches to be scavanged wherever these weird people would head to. They stopped and made camp during the night. Shadow, as the party was setting camp, noticed a slight shuffle of bushes a small distance from them. He headed towards it to investigate, Ultramecia who was the reason for the shuffle quickly transformed into a little girl and approached the now inquisitive Shadow who was still wearing the mask of the Shadar-Kai Guild Master. As they met Ultramecia in her timid form informed Shadow that she had heard a lot about him and that she wished to join their little party, Shadow thought for a while and agreed. Instead of following shadow back to camp Ultramecia maintained her distance and made a seperate camp. After a few days of travel Aureval woke up and came to his senses none of the party members questioned him how he knew that Orcus was dead and why was it important. They passed through the forest that had been burnt accidentally by Daedlus. Upon reaching the gates of Sysvani they were halted by ‘The Men of The Tower’ which were the guards of the gates and watchers from the walls keeping the Kingdom safe. They questioned them about their purpose, the party informed they were just going to be shopping and travelling through. They entered after a quick check by the guards, while travelling through the roads they saw a higher no. of guards than they were used to, upon questioning a few passer by’s they learned this was due to the mad king who had overreacted over the bakery fire and had made guards compulsarily patrol the roads. Shadow & Aureval left the party to search for the black market while Kai’er’ii, Daedlus and Ultramecia (Disguised as alittle girl) headed to shop for equipment and rent a boat.

Daedlus and Kai’er’ii after getiting the right equipment headed to port with a lil Ultramecia skipping beside them. Upon enquiring about boat rents for heading up the coast they learnt the prices were very cheap compared to their home continents and islands, questioning about they decided that it would be good if they bought their own ship. Once they bought a good ship they asked a few magicians of the ‘Kraken Crack’ who specialised in enchanting ships with alrms and other quick & cheap magical effects. They waited in the nearby inn as it would take a day to complete the enchantments. They informed the other duo of their position via the iShard.
Shadow and Aureval were having a tiring day as they had walked for hours in the streets with no luck. As they gave up hope and decided to call it a day they noticed a tiefling attempting to pickpocket, The tiefling caught their eye and motioned them to remain silent as he pocketed three bags of gold from various passer by’s, he made his way to them winking he thanked them for keeping quiet. Shadow smiled and said he had done a few sleight of hands in his day, he asked him if he by anychance knew of a black market. The tiefling laughed and said he could actually lead them to it as he was an employee of the Faerie Shack the most prestigious black market where one could buy or sell just about anything legal and illegal for a good price. The tiefling lead them through narrow alleys and dark corners until they reached the part of the city that had very modest building. They followed him to a quite plain looking building made of oak wood. The tiefling lead them to the front door which had a very lightly engraved sigil, he knocked in a pattern and a peep hole opened, they saw light brown angry eyes peek through and ask ’’What’chya want??‘’, the tiefling replied ’’Some old frog bones’’ the peep hole closed and the door swung open they were greeted by a rather richly dressed Dwarf , ‘’ You can wait in the Lounge one of our Merchants will call you to his office’’ . They said thanks to the Tiefling and followed the Dwarf to the Lounge, the interior of the house very well decorated with golden chandeliers lighting up everything, Vases that looked like old artifacts on wooden tables with gold trimmings, paintings of various historical events decorating the walls and silver lined sofas for people who were waiting. As they waited for the call they noticed a few people waiting with them each holding some very extraordinary object, an Elf ocassionaly came and called out a name for their appointment. After a few minutes of wait the Elf came into the Lounge calling Shadow’s name, the duo followed the elf to a medium sized room that had been too highly decorated to be an office of a merchant of the black market. The duo were greated by a pale Tiefling in purple fine set of clothes, he asked what they were seeking to do buy or sell. Shadow produced the stolen golden statues and jewels from both Moradin’s boon and Vandania’s Scale and inquired about the price fascinated by how they were able to acquire such beautiful Dwarven and Draconic work the Teifling gave a higher price than they expected, they told him that they were in fact stolen but didn’t spill the details. After making the transaction Shadow produced the Black Obsidian Box which contained the skull of Frostmourne the Teifling looked at the box with a weird look, as soon as Shadow opened it the Teiflings eyes gre wide and he jumped from across the room and shut the box saying ‘’You must never open this box. I don’t want anything to do with this.‘’ Upon questioning why, the Teifling informed them that Frostmourne’s every part is a source for the Lich KIng to spy upon this world. He further added that the Lich King would do anything to get his hands back on the parts of his Greatsword that were taken from him during the War of Olympia. The Lich King cultists were everywhere gathering secrets influencing lords and searching for the parts, the only reason the Lich King couldn’t get the parts himself was due to the fact they were in the Material plane and gods were’nt allowed to intervene. The Teifling said his goodbyes hurriedly after the explanation and showed them the exit. The duo headed to the inn the rest of the party were staying. The party swapped stories as they ate a meal.

After a good nights rest the party set sail at the crack of dawn.Kai’er’ii who was a bit sick stayed below quarters, being a bit short of hand they weren’t able to acheive full speed. They had sailed just out of sight of the port when they saw several smaller boats in pursuet them. They slowed a bit as they took a better look, the riders of the boat shouted out ‘’Stop in the name of the King.’’ Daedlus murmed ‘’They alwways say that’’ the party questioned back as to why. The pursuers said that they were working for the king and it would be wise if they stopped. As the boats came closer the party noticed that the pursuers were all wearing masks that looked like withered faces of corpses. The pursuers shouted again that they had something that belonged to the king, the party confused asked which king and what item. The pursuers, Nine in total were distributed among four small boats now had two boats on either side of the ship and said The Lich King. Upon hearing this the party immediately drew weapons and prepared to stop them at any cost. The Pursuers threw ropes as they prepared to board. Daedlus and Shadow who were closest to the sides quickly tried cutting the ropes Shadow wasn’t fast enough and two of them boarded. Daedlus upon hearing Shadows shout turned around and tried vanquishing the two boarders. While the party was busy handling the two boarders three other boarded from the unmanned side, the party enraged sliced and diced through the boarders. The ship was still moving due to the wind but in a haphazard manner, crashed into one of the boats throwing two of the pursuers overboard. Ultramecia threw a few vials of Alchemical fire upon the boat that had the remaining pursuers and put it ablaze this caused the sailors to attempt to put it out, upon failing to do so for a few minutes they jumped overboard. After a few blows being traded between the party and the boarders the party threw some overboard and killed the rest, finally breathing a sigh of relief as reset the course of the ship and headed into the vast sea.

Chapter 10: Death of a God
All we need is gold

After saying her goodbyes to Rakayanz Kai’er’ii headed to the tavern to meet up with the rest of the group, Ultramecia stayed behind waiting to make the killing move. Upon entering the tavern she found Aureval and Daedlus having breakfast and a light conversation with a stranger. The stranger upon seeing that Kai’er’ii was friendly with his adventure-mates introduced himself as Shadow. The party decided they still had some business left in the town so they split up. Aureval and Kai’er’ii heading to the Mecha-house again to meet up with Rakayanz and Shadow and Daedlus heading to the Jewelers shop. Before entering the shop both Daedlus and Shadow disguised themselves so that no one would recognize them, Daedlus stayed at the door to keep a look out while Shadow entered the shop. Shadow placed all of his hoard on the table to ask for its price, the dragonborn pleased with the precious stones answered he could give it in coins or they could just exchange goods. Shadow looked around the shop and found ear-rings he assumed Kai’er’ii would like and asked for it, after that he asked for the most precious thing the shopkeeper had. With a glitter in his eye the shopkeeper ducked down behind the counter and produced an Cold Obsidian Cube the cube seemed to have no cuts and looked like one solid piece. The shopkeeper then ran his fingers across one edge and drew a pattern on one side then another on the adjacent side, the cube hissed as it opened and showcased its insides. WIthin the obsidian cube was a rams skull made up of platinum and each of its eye sockets had a Diamond in them. Shadow ran his fingers upon the precious item and found the sudden urge to buy it no matter what, the skull looked a bit battered so he asked it’s origin and was informed it was part of a long forgotten artifact called Frostmourne and it was the most unique piece there was, the shopkeeper was willing to sell one of the diamonds for Shadow’s entire Hoard. Shadow already planned ahead and acted generous by giving him a bottle of fine wine along with the hoard, the shopkeeper pleased proposed a toast to seal the deal he produced two glasses and poured the wine toasted to a good deal and drank the wine, Shadow sipped but didn’t swallow the moment the tincture hit the shopkeeper and he collapsed he spat the drink and looked around. Bagging the Obsidian cube and it’s contents, his old hoard and the new earrings. He went behind the counter and searched for things to steal, he found a huge glass cabinet that had various types of jewellery he checked for traps and found just one wire attached to the cabinet he cut it causing the alarm to ring. Daedlus heard the alarm, so he made his way to the window at the back of the building. Shadow quickly bagged all the jewellery in the cabinet which wasn’t much. Two Warforged Guards barged in the shop while Shadow jumped to the counter near the window Daedlus was near. He quickly lit a Dynamite and threw it at the guards caught unaware they couldn’t react and took the full force of the explosion, the unconcious shopkeeper lost a limb and was now bleeding under a pile of rubble. The Guards being semi-mechanical survived with many of their parts now just hanging from their bodies as they moved towards Shadow through the pile of rubble. Shadow not seeing the window punched the wall and made a hole to see Daedlus standing ready, Daedlus whispered through the hole that there was a window right beside Shadow as they exchange hushed arguments the guard drew closer. When they were just a feew feet away Shadow waved goodbye as he teleported to Daedlu’s position and they both ran into the streets in different directions. The Guards Roared in frustrationa s the thugs escaped. After running for a short distance the duo removed their disguise and walked calmly to the tavern to rest, guards roamed the streets looking for the perpetrators.
On the other side of the city Aureval left Kai’er’ii at Rakayanz’s office as he made his way to someplace unknown to the party. He returned to the inn late in the evening to meet Shadow and Daedlus who seemed to be quite happy with their day. Kai’er’ii spent the night with Rakayanz as lovers who would have to part sadly. Ultramecia still waited in the shadows to make her move, weirdly she never found the right time.
The next Kai’er’ii woke up early left a note saying her goodbyes to her Dragonborn lover. As Kai’er’ii left Ultramecia sneaked in and took her shape as she walked close to him he woke from his sleep and smiled at Ultramecia thinking of her to be Kai’er’ii, she drew her dagger kept it hidden as she moved close as Rakayanz got up to hug her and kiss her. Ultramecia stabbed his neck spraying blood everywhere, he gasped shocked at the events that were unfolding. Ultramecia reverted back to her original form and repeated stabbing him in the neck as he tried his best to defend but couldn’t, he finally was summoned by the Raven Queen as a puddle of blood formed around him, Ultramecia wiped the dagger on the sheets and cleaned up the place as much as possible, she then walked out whistling as she sent the message to the guild to inform them the job was done.
Shadow left the group to visit the Asassins Guild he took a look around looking at the faces carefully, he had bought a doppleganger mask the previous night. He saw a Shadar-Kai training a few people in the ground, he left without a word and changed his appearance to that of the Shadar-Kai. He went back to the tavern and met with Aureval, Daedlus and Kai’er’ii who were now all discussing plans for leaving the wown. Just as Shadow sat down a young Dragonborn boy approached him ‘’Guild master’’ he said and handed Shadow a parchment. The boy walked away, Shadow read the letter it was adressed to the Asasssins Guild Master and was asking his aid to find the perpetrators who had destroyed and robbed the jewellers shop. He Pocketed the paper and looked around he saw a guard standing at the doorway looking in his direction, Shadow nodded to him the guard assuming it was gesture that he would take the task bowed slightly and left. Shadow turned towards the party and said ‘’We need to leave today’’ before anyone finds out I am a fake.‘’ The party left the tavern and headed to the tailor to get some clothes as Kai’er’ii looked like she would freeze if it got cold, Aureval headed to the temple for some reason. They entered the shop to see an old human woman stitching some clothes she shouted upon seeing customers and the store owner a Dwarf Dragonborn women came speaking at quite speed muttering under her breath. She looked at the customers and clapped her hands ""What Can I do for you? The name is Koliaar’’ without waiting for answer she started measuring Daedlus with a string. Daedlus pointed at Kai’er’ii and asked if she had something for her. Koliaar grabbed Kai’er’ii and dragged her to the backroom she made her on a comfortable chair as she poured wine for her asking what type of gown she would like. Kai’er’ii thanked her for the offer but as she was a traveller she would prefer something that could withstand a bit of rough use and had earthen colors. Koliaar informed that she may have just the thing, she shuffled through various clothes in trunks and hangers and finally fished out a dress that had earthen colors and seemed to have a cloaked as an accessory that was lined with fur, it looked easy on he eyes and stylish, Kai’er’ii loved it and asked for the price. Koliaar having taken a liking to Kai’er’ii told a low price, Kai’er’ii put the dress and cloak on and walked out of the room followed by the shopkeeper. Daedlus gave a nod of approval to the clothes bought and then asked Koliaar if she had any formal dress for Dragonborns, laughing she said she had plenty of Trozakka’s (Formal dress of Dragonborns) as it was after all a Dragonborn city, she gave him one his size and told the price. Shadow paid the cost and a very generous tip, the shop owner smiled and whispered ‘’ He awaits at the raven’‘. As the party left Shadow stayed behind to get more info, he questioned Koliaar more and she said ’’ He calls for you at the end of Ravens Claw. Far away beyond the sea. The Shadow Queens hides from the world as she whispers him words of death.The Claws of Grazzt await your coming for the night is young and all must be covered in the shadows of blood.‘’ WIth this Koliaar pushed him out of the store, Shadow walked till he met the guard from the morning he stood beside him and asked if there was any progress, Shadow nodded glumly and said ’’The Faceless’’, the guards eyes went wide in horror as he asked if he was sure Shadow nodded, the guard hurriedly left him to deliver the news. Shadow walked until he met the rest at that exact moment Aureval came into he seemed to be lost in thought and a bit sad he walked slowly the party shouted for him he looked up and smiled and joined them they walked around shopping for other items for the way. During the entire time Aureval repeatedly said they had to leave now, after a few hours of walking they finally stopped Aureval repeated ‘’We have to leave now’’ he walked a few steps and suddenly collapsed.

Chapter 9: Welcome to SteamPUNK
Ninjas are real

Waking up after the battle the previous the trio (Daedlus, Kai’er’ii and Aureval) head back to the city, they roam around to get familiar with the city, by evening they had explored a major part of the city finding all the shortcuts tired from travelling they headed back to the inn/tavern where Aureval had booked rooms for them. Upon entering the tavern they were greeted by an argument between two towns people one of them seemed to be covered from head to toe. After minutes of arguing the covered person (Ultramecia, Changeling/Draconian Assassin) gave up with her arms raised, unknown to whoever was watching them she took this opportunity to pinprick the other and poison him. As she turned around walked away the person collapsed and died. Kai’er’ii upon seeing this rushed to the fallen person only to realise she was too late, the trio and all people hudled around the body trying to figure out how he died all fingers pointed to Ultramecia who was seen by all to be arguing with the victim Daedlus and Aureval approached Ultramecia and questioned her, she defended herself by saying it may alcohol poisoning as the person was a heavy drinker the Inn keeper confirmed that the dead person was a very heavy drinker so all suspicions were removed from Ultramecia. Kai’er’ii thought it would be a good idea to call the guards as they were innocent and the killer should be caught Ultramecia hid in the shadows while Kai’er’ii summoned a group guards whoi happened to be patrolling nearby. The guards upon entering started asking around about the scennario, they checked the body finding a prick on the victims body the three guards decided it was murder and one of the people in the room ahd done the murder so they issued a lockdown no one would get in and no one would get out.
All the tavern patrons were made to stand in line in the reception/dining area. Ultramecia who was hiding in the corner changed faces and joined the line. Twenty people were present in the inn/tavern excluding the inn keepers and crew, the bartenders and inn keeper were first to be questioned so as to free them so they can resume their activities. One of the guards left to check everyones rooms upstairs, one guard stood at the door to make sure no one left and the last guard questioned everyone one by one. After taking care of the workers the guard shifted to the patrons, Daedlus and Kai’er’ii argued with Daedlus blaming Kai’er’ii for the current situation and Kai’er’ii stating it didn’t matter as they were innocent. The guard kept telling them to stop the arguments, Kai’er’ii tired asked for permission to sit to which daedlus facepalmed the guard on the other ignoring Daedlus agreed. Ultramecia seeing that the guard was randomly searching people too got scared as she had the weapon and poison on her looking to make sure no one was looking in her direction placed the items in the pocket of the person beside her, the person noticed and turned to her. Ultramecia gave him the ‘If you tell on me I’ll kill you’ glare which mad the person scared and remain quite. As the investigation was taking too long Kai’er’ii lied to the guards that she had seen a Halfling run outside the tavern when she was going to get the guards, the guards believing her story asked her the direction of his escape, she lied again saying he had gone left the guards hurried out removing the lockdown to pursue the invisible murderer. Ultramcia breathing a sigh of relief took back her items from her neighbour and gave him a couple of coins to keep him quite.
As the guards left the patrons and workers started discussing the victim whose body was taken by a pair of guards after the investigation and who the murderer would have been. they discussed theories on how he was killed, Daedlus finding this interesting joined the conversation. Aureval took some food and went to the corner to quitely eat, Kai’er’ii on the other feinting she was tired went upstairs she started looking into each room trying to find things to steal she found a locked chest in the room beside hers. She picked it and found a golden statue and a dagger which she pocketed.
After a few minutes of conversation Daedlus and Aureval left to see the Mecha-House which according to information they got from people on the street was the factory in which Warforgeds were created. Kai’er’ii came down stairs after they had left after looking around she remembered Daedlus had shown interest in the Mecha-House so she too headed there, Ultramecia followed her as she knew Kai’er’ii had called the guards. Daedlus and Aureval upon reaching the gates of the Mecha-House were stopped by the guard who informed them only authorized personnelle were allowed inside. After much thinking Aureval remembered his family the Vasilvok’s had connections with the makers of the Warforged so they questioned the guard if they could meet the manager. The guard asked their names (Daedlus lied he was Aureval’s bodyguard) and contacted the manager through the iShard, upon hearing the Vasilvok name asked the guard to bring them in immediately. The guard opened the gate for them and saluted Aureval, a kobold awaited to guide them to the managers office. Kai’er’ii reached the gates right after they had entered the facility she looked around and was questioned by the guard about her business in the region. She asked him if he had seen ‘Lord Aureval & Daedlus’ he asked if they were friends to which she replied (a lie) that she was Lord Aureval’s advisor. The guard opened the door for her and she too was led to the managers office by a kobold upon reaching the office she met Aureval & Daedlus who were waiting for the manager to be free from work. The trio entered the room after afew minutes, the manager a red Dragonborn named Rakayanz apologized for the delay as he offered them seats infront of an obsidian table that glowed like magma. Rakayanz questioned Aureval as to why he was here as the business with the Vasilvok’s was going good, Aureval lost for words looked towards Daedlus and Kai’er’ii. Kai’er’ii filling in for Aureval explained to Rakayanz they were’nt there to complain but just to inspect and see how the warforged were created, sensing Rakayanz liked her she flirted a bit as she asked about the factory and his work as a manager. After some discussion she asked for a tour of the factory to which Rakayanz agreed happily. They moved through the maze of corridors the entire time Rakayanz and Kai’er’ii flirted while Aureval looked around in wonder and Daedlus kept his guard. They finally reached a humungous Stone door behind which they sensed muffled hammering and clanks of metals, Rakayanz placed his hand on the door which triggered its magical lock mechanism, Rakayanz turned around with his back to the door as he announced ‘’Welcome to the Drakonca Factory of Warforged’’ as thedoor opened the party was suddenly blinded by the glow of magma, deafened by the sounds of hammers & metal and engulfed in the heat of the forges. The party looked in awe as they saw dwarves hammering on metal, dragonborns brething fire on metals, goblins scurrying arround & some tinkering with some mechanical gadgets and kobolds hurrying around transporting materials from one place to another. Rakayanz moved forward and the party followed as he shouted about what each part of the factory was and who worked on what, Kai’er’ii around his arm and snuggled close as they moved through the humungous factory. Halfway through tyhe tour Kai’er’ii pulled Rakayanz’s arm and motioned it was too hot and she wanted to go out. Rakayanz looked back at the rest of the group told them he would be back after escorting the lady out. Rakayanz kissed kai’er’ii’s hand as he parted with her in the hallway, she headed for the office the moment he left, she began searching Rakayanz’s room for anything magical or hidden when she found nothing she left a note on the table for him to meet her for a date after. Rakayanz continued with the tour after which they returned back to the office where he found the note from Kai’er’ii. Daedlus and Aureval made there way back to the inn/tavern after everything was done.
Ultramecia who was following Kai’er’ii since the tavern incident followed her to the Mecha-House she was also stopped by the guard at the gate she tried to bluff her way past but failed. So she tried an indirrect approach making sure none of the guards were looking she used the steam issuing from the factory to stealthily make her way to the top of the factory she watched the tour from the windows present on the top of the factory and noticed Kai’er’ii getting close to Rakayanz. She remained hidden from view during the entire tour and saw Kai’er’ii leave the factory mid-way. After the group had left she again stealthily made her way out of the factory premises. On her way to a tavern a crow came to her delivering a message asking her to assassinate Rakayanz as he was an advisor to the Dragonborn representative in the council and the Guild wanted it’s own representative instead of him. She returned back to the factory only to see Rakayanz leave it, she stealthily followed him. Rakayanz unaware of the follower due to his feeling of bliss as he headed to his first date in many years. Ultramecia followed him to the tavern where Rakayanz was to meet Kai’er’ii disguising herself as a Dragonborn. She watched as Kai’er’ii and Rakayanz flirted. After sometime Kai’er;ii took Rakayanz by the hand and dragged him out of the tavern, Ultramecia stealthily followed as they made their way to the top of a mountain. Rakayanz and Kai’er’ii’s awkward courtship was beeing watched by Ultramecia as she hid from them. When it started to turn dark Rakayanz took Kai’er’ii to his house (followed by Ultramecia in the shadows). Kai’er’ii spent the night with Rakayanz as lovers, Ultramecia waited in the dark for her opportunity to strike.
In the morning Kai’er’ii woke upto the smiling face of Rakayanz, she cooked him breakfast as she coaxed secrets of the factory out of him. Rakayanz informed her of the factory being were parts were created and shipped to Moradins Boon for assembly and transfered back to Vandania’s Scale, he told her how he was incharge of the entire procedure and that there mages who binded souls to the assembled warforged. He informed her that the factory was set up by Drakon ‘The Undying’ during the age of Orrinhatch and that some say he still lives away from society. Ultramecia sat there hidden from all taking notes, waiting for her target to be alone.

Chapter 8: Don't You Croak at me!!
Flight of the eggs

The next day Shadow left to explore the city as Gall said his goodbye to the party as he found there were troubles in his home town and him being part of the army council had to return to take care of them, Aureval and Daedlus spent their roaming around the streets, while walking around a cloaked stranger approached them she looked a bit out of place. She had approached the party as she sensed some magic from the armor Daedlus was wearing, assuming Daedlus to be a lord she acted as well behaved as possible, Daedlus cleared her doubts of himas he introduced himself as a strong adventurer. Aureval assuming she may be just looking for a lord introduced himself as one. Daedlus and the stranger who introduced herslef as Kai’er’ii (Half-Elf, Sorcerror) excahnged a few words and found out they had somethings in common. With a few bickering taking place between Aureval and Daedlus the atmosphere around them calmed and Kai’er’ii thought them as friendly people she inquired if they could help her find some adventure in her life as she was tired of studying sorcerry and was now ready to explore the world, Aureval jumped at the opportunity to invite her into their group which they now had dubbed ‘The Outsiders’. Hungry for some food the trio now headed to the nearest Tavern/Inn, the inn a was clean but had thick clouds of smoke due to the heavy smoking by its patrons. The bar maid a golden dragonborn came to take their order, after asking for their vest wine and food the group now started doing small talk so as to bond better. The Bar maid returned doing a few tricks while serving the trio earning a good tip from them.
After the meal Aureval proceeded to book a room for the party to stay while Daedlus and Kai’er’ii left to explore, Kai showing off her skills flew them around until they were far away from the city, Daedlus recognizing the place as the area where they had hid their raft decided to check up on it. With Kai’er’ii weirdly being clumsy with her own fly skill and Daedlus acing the landing even though it being his first time landed near the spot they hid their raft. Daedlus noticed signs of disturbance hurriedly checked the raft only to find the eggs had been stolen. Informing Kai’er’ii of the stolen eggs started brainstorming knowing Aureval had a sharp eye Daedlus sent Kai’er’ii to pick him up by the time time they returned it was noon. Aureval was overjoyed with the entire flying sensation as Kai’er’ii flew him to the spot where Daedlus was. The trio after searching for some time found tracks they followed them with Aureval being in the lead, feeling warm Aureval jumped into the river to cool down and splashed water at the other two, Daedlus angry at his antcs while Kai’er’ii laughed. The trio now done with distractions followed the tracks to a cave far off from the city. It was now almost evening they heard a few Croaks and Grunts from within, recognizing the croaks to be from a Bullywog and the stench from the cave to those described in books to be those of Troglodytes the trio now planned for a solution to get back the eggs.
They put Aureval as bait sitting near a campfire a short distance from the cave and postioned infron t of it. Daedlus and Kai’er’ii used the sorrounding natural rocks to hide themselves from view and prepared to attack whoever would come out. A few violent croaks and Roars escaped from the cave to inform them of incoming action. Just as the Cave dwellers left the cave Daedlus and Kai’er’ii began their assault the Bullywogs and Troglodytes who came out of the cave were soon overpowered and cried for help, a pair of Bullywogs emerged from the river behind Aureval to aid their allies. After what felt like half an hour the party finally managed to kill all the enemies. They went into the cave to explore and found that the thieves had set up a ritual using the eggs as a sacrifice to communicate with Yan-C-Bin. Tired from the battle the party set up camp for the night near the cave itself.

Chapter 7: Meeting with scales
Air head moves

After spending four days on water the party finally reached their destination, Vandania’s Scale. Knowing they can’t carry too much weight else they would look suspicious the party hid the raft along with their stolen Hippogriff eggs in an area far from the city. They then proceeded to go towards the city to look for trouble. Their first stop was the Jewellers shop were the Shop Keeper upon seeing Aureval got angry saying that the Vasilvoks were not to be trusted. Aureval was sent out by the party as they sold the items they had stolen from Moradin’s Boon. The party after selling most of their stolen goods headed to the General store to acquire more items, there the shopkeeper showcased his newest wares, the party amazedby the iShard a KaramazaiKhvotheKlan (KKK) product for communicating long distances bought two of them for future use, they even bought a pair of bag of holdings to hold their goods. The party then headed to the arms & armor shop to buy a few magical armors and items. With everything taken care of the party headed to the inn to rest. Yuriel parted ways with the party saying he had found something he had been on a quest for and left the continent on a ferry.

Chapter 6: Frogs legs
Rapids & Bullies

After resting in the cave for the night the party decided they should head for Vandania’s Scale that seems to be at a close proximity, hoping to avoid the long route by road the party started building a raft to float using the river and reach the city in just a few days rather than a week. The party decided to build a sturdy raft as there were no shop to buy one, after spending hours building and putting the radt together the party finally set out on the river, Yuriel scared of water sat in the middle of the raft with a blindfold on. After setting out in the river they met their first hiccup they had forgotten the paddles, thinking thecurrent would do its job they relaxed, then the second hiccup came when they reached a sharp turn and knew the only way to avoid crashing is to either paddle or to anchor. Tying a pickaxe to the rope the party started throwing the axe towards the shore so as to pull themselves to dry land after failed attempts by the entire party except Yuriel the party began to panic, Yuriel sensing the atmosphere asked what happened, Daedlus just handed the pickaxe instead of an answer and asked him to throw witha ll his might, with Nikholash’d grace the pickaxe struck solid earth and was secured the party quickly grabbed the rope and pulled the raft to shore. Once on dry land they began making a paddle for better maneuvering. Once again they set out on the river, when night began to fall the party decided it would be better if they camp for every night thus making sure that they are always well rested. They set up camp for the night near a mountain during the night they heard whispers in primordials that sounded like croaks they thought of investing but were afraid it will be trouble so they rested keeping watch in turns for any activity. The entire night passed withonly the sound of agroup of cratures croaking in the distance. In the morning they decided to investigate the source of the croaking as they neared the place they thought the sounds were coming from they found tracks left by a webbed creature the party now at full alert followed the tracks until they dissapeared into the river. Assuming the trail had gone cold they headed back to camp but were suddenly stopped by violent croaking on turning around they found the source to be a gang of Bullywogs that were emerging from the river, they seemed to be agressive so the party drew arms the Bullywogs noticing the threat drew their own crude weapons charged at them. With each side trading heavy blows the party finally killed the Bullywogs. Yuriel who was quite hungry at this point voted that they should eat their foes, the party not able to find fault in his words agreed. They roasted the legs they chopped feet of the fallen Bullywogs and enjoyed a good hearty dinner of frogs legs. they packed the rest of the bullywogs onto the raft for the coming days. Theparty returned back to the river and moved onwards towards their target Vandania’s Scale

Chapter 5 : Moradin's ''Boom''
Eggs, Jewels & Dynamites

After reaching the city of Athos the group looked around for things to do, they visited the general store to sell a few of their stolen goods. The store keeper a grumpy dwarf bought a few of the ores from them so that he may sell it to the blacksmith and earn a profit, the party bought a few wine bottles and inquired if the store keeper knew of any alchemist, he informed them his buddy was one and called the buddy asking for the party to wait as he would be there in a minute. The alchemist a hyper dwarf came bubbling with excitement Shadow inquired if he had a few goodnight tinctures, the alchemist fished a few vials from his pocket and inquired how many they wanted. Shadow bought a few and pocketed them they asked the alchemist if he had dynamites too, the alchemists eyes lit up as he informed them he had a stockpile he wanted to sell Shadow bought a centuryand a half of dynamites for a reasonable price and left the alchemist happy. Daedlus in the meantime headed for the main council building to inquire about the statues they found assuming they were part of the dwarven treasury. The Treasurer luckily was standing on the steps of the building, he approached Daedlus upon overhearing he was looking for him. The treasurer informed Daedlus that the statue were stolen from the Main Altar of the city, Daedlus thanked him and as he was leaving the Treasurer inquired how they acquired such a treasure, Daedlus told him there tale (cleaned up so that they look like good guys). The treasurer overjoyed that he had found just the people he wanted for a task that the council recently had trouble with, he informed them that the Hippogriffs of the kingdom were on a decline and the only mating pair they had just escaped, as they were adventurers he asked if they could try tocapture a pair of hippogriffs or get them eggs so they may replenish their favourite mounts. Daedlus agreed and asked them to give them a cart to carry the Hippogriffs the next day as they wished to rest. The council member gave him keys to one of the guest houses for the party to rest and bid farewell.

On the other side of the capital city Shadow and the rest of the party were busy plotting methods to gain some wealth instantly, they planned to use Aureval who looked noble to take a bottle of wine to the jeweller make a hefty purchase and celebrate with the jeweller with a glass of goodnight tinctured wine. As they both would be knocked out the rest can loot the shop. Everyone agreed with the plan. The shop thankfully empty at this time of the night was about to be closed, Aureval entered the shop and dumped the parties entire collection of treasure and asked the price to sell the ‘’loose change’‘, overjoyed that he had just hit the jackpot the store owner changed the sign to closed so that he can negotiate with ease. After reaching a settlement Aureval proposed a toast and produced the tinctured wine, the store owner brought glasses and both toasted to a good deal, upon drinking both fell down knocked out due to the tincture. Shadow who was watching the scene secretly, picked the stores lock and hustled the party in. he then proceeded to lock and draw all the shades. The party spent the next few minutes pocketing the mist precious looking items. They went to the back and found a safe in the arms of a angel statue, looking carefully they noticed the entire region around the statue and the statue were a trap. They started defusing each trap one by one. Even after the care they took the statue trap was triggered as it started shooting ray after at them, unable to think of a way to reach the statue without triggering the rest of the traps, Yuriel picked Aureval up and threw him at the statue thus destroying one of its ray shooying eyes and waking Aureval up. Aureval noticing the weird situation around him panicked but was calmed down by Shadow so that he may not trigger any unfound traps, once calm Aureval diffused the statue trap while shadow and the party diffused the other traps. Shadow picked the safe and pocketed its precious contents. the party with pockets full left the shop while Shadow proceeded to wake the store keeper up. Once awake the store keeper jolted up and saw the signs of the robbery, Shadow lied that he had just entered the shop and seeing him lying down woke himup. The store keeper checked the precious stones, the safe and seeing all empty wailed. He fell down on his knees and screamed, Shadow trying to comfort him said ’’It’s not like evrything is stolen’’, ’’You’re right’’ The store keeper jumped up and ran behind the desk knocking the wood in a pattern as he did this Shadow turned invisible and followed, the store owner then opened a trap door that magically appeared behind the desk Shadow followed, upon seeing inside Shadow gasped as within the hidden the room were four good sized statues of gold with precious stones adorning them, the store owner relieved his most precious items were not stolen went back out of the door to look for the stranger who woke him up. Shadow inspected the statues podiums for traps upon finding none he knocked on the trap door with a crossbow ready as the store owner opened the door to check why a noise was coming from within Shadow let loose a bolt to the heart of the Store keeper. Hiding the corpse in the hidden room Shadow dragged the statues out and called upon the party to help move the goods. Before they left Shadow wrote in the stores Ledger book ‘Faceless’ with blood and left it open right in the middle of the room. The party then proceeded to meet Daedlus at the designated point. The party then rested for the night in the guest house.

The next day Daedlus went to the council building to get the cart and details for the quest. He asked the councilman to show a shortcut out of the caverns, the councilman informed him that he would send a helper to show them the secret passsage out and gave him two badges representing that they were allies of the Dwarves of Moradin’s Boon. With the cart loaded with stolen goods hidden underneath a few sheets of cloth they waited for the guide, the guide came a bit late and apologized for the delay he led them to the shortcut and explained the way out and how to come back in, thebadges were keys to unlock the magical stone door that hid the enterance.
They followed the trail in the mountains for almost half a day and stopped when they felt the ground rumble a bit. Confused and assuming it to be a quake they stayed still readying for protection maneouvers. When nothing happened they started moving but just as they took a few steps the ground right underneath them rumbled a bit. They thought for a while and now assumed that a creature was tunneling under them and it seemed to be following their movement. Daedlus picked up a dynamite and lit it throw it far away and bait the underground creature but due to the wind and him slipping a bit the dynamite fell near his feet, the party took cover as the dynamite exploded. The underground creature surfaced screaming in a weird manner, it was an insect like giant creature with claws. It attacked the party for disturbing it, that party retaliated and felled the beast. They rested and took care of the wounds and proceeded to go in the direction the Dwarves had assumed Hippogriffs would be found. They camped for the night looking around for clues and discussing the region in which they would find Hippogriffs. The next day they heard screeches of eagles coming from a distance, the party remembering their encounter with hippogriffs realized it wasn’t an eagle but a hippogriff, they climbed the mountain from which the screech had come from upon reaching a crevice they found a huge nest with eggs. Aureval remembering reading about hippogriffs instantly recognized them as hippogriff eggs. ‘’If there are eggs there would be…’’ Yuriel began to say but was stopped by a ear piercing screech from the skies. The Parent Hippogriffs and one child had returned to the nest, the party preapred themselves to capture the beasts. They aimed for the wings causing the hippogriffs to land and attack after various exchange of claws, beaks and swords the party finally managed to knok all three of the beast unconscious. They inspected the beasts and noticed the child was also a female so they slaughtered it and packed it for food, while making the hippogriff parents forcefully swallow Goodnight tinctures to keep them asleep. They picked up the eggs and loaded everything on the cart and headed back to Moradin’s Boon. After reaching the enterance to the secret passage the party decided that Aureval and Gall would guard the treasure that they stole from the jeweler and other places, they left provisions for them to spend the night in a cave and left for the enterance to Athos.
They headed straight for the council building after reaching the city, informing the guards that they were given a quest by the council. The council head an elf hurried to meet them and thank them for doing the city a huge favor. He invited them to a banquet that would take place in their honor during the night. Accepting the invite they left for the guest house there they found that the wine cellar was stocked with the best alcohol there was. The party bagged a few and rested, in the evening a female dwarf came to escort them to the council hall for the banquet. Yuriel flirted with the dwarf as they went to the hall. The banquet was extravagant with a lot of food, wine and ale present, Music was played by a band of elves and dwarves. The council toasted to the success of the Re-Breeding Programme and thanked the Party for their help, they were awrded Obsidian weapons for their help and the entire hall cheered them. Under the influence of alcohol Yuriel drunkenly started shouting out praises of himself and belittling the dwarves a pair of guards came to quiten him but he refused for a while upon threatning that he will be thrown out he went silent and sat down.
After the banquet Yuriel roamed the halls of the council building and found a council man in the hallway discussing some politics he approached him, introducing himself he asked the councilmans forgiveness for being rude in the hall. The Councilman said it was alright as he was drunk, they started talking Yuriel discovered that the councilman was incharge of Food & Hunting, The Councilman informed that the banquet had caused the stockpile to be reduced to just a days worth of food and that due to the cities love for only meat and alcohol it was always tough to find food in the mountains. Yuriel asked for ways he could learn more about the Kingdoms history and was directed towards the central library Upon reaching the library he met Shadow who was leaving it with maps in hand. Yuriel entered the library and read books on the history of the city and was impressed by the religious activities he dug deeper and found mentions of the olympian war he grabbed the book for later reading, he bumped into The coucilman incharge of mining who apologized for the bump, yuriel finding this as an opportunity to learn more about tyhe history of the city sat down with him and started talking, the councilman happy to meet a person interested in the history of the kingdom humored him by staying.

Daedlus on the other hand met with the Councilman incharge of the military after the banquet and started discussing war and battle feeling tired of standing the Warlord invited Daedlus to his mansion. Daedlus was in awe as he entered the warlords home seeing the statues depicting various warriors and the plants that adorned his garden. They entered the Warlords study and they went into a deep discussion about war tactics but were suddenly silenced by the sound of an explosion the warlord got up on the other side of town the Miner Councilman was puzzled as both knew no mining was taking place that day. Daedlus and Yuriel knowing full well what was going on tried to distract them and to make them think it was a miner who was behind schedule and as it was just one explosion it was probably just that, believing in the strangers the councilmen settlked down. Soon another explosion took place but the councilman knowing it was far and most probably from the other towns let it be. After a while more explosions took place but all of them were muffled and seemed far off. Yuriel and Daedlus took their leave from their respectful councilmen and headed for the main enterance while heading there an explosion took place very near to the city Daedlus & Yuriel screamed ‘The Faceless’ as they ran for the enterance they met Shadow who stood ready the moment they were past the enterance Shadow lit the dynamites that he had set up causing the entire enterance to collapse and be covered. The party then ran for the exit ocassionaly meeting sections that seemed to have been closed in a similar fashion they turned towards Shadow who was grinning and knew it that he had blocked the enterance of every village of Moradins Boon sealing them in their cavern. they dodged most of the traps that were set up to stop unwanted visitors but triggered a few thankfully they were able to disable them before they caused them heavy damage. Finally reaching the cavern enterance they turned around as Shadow set uop the last Dynamite circuit and destroyed the final enterance sealing the dwarves of the cavern.

They reached the cavern where they had left Aureval, Gall and the treasure, they explained them what had happened and they had a good laugh. They settled in the cave for the night to see what the next day has to offer.

Chapter 4 : We found nothing
Gold and Dynamites

Previously Our Adventurers had split up while climbing the mountains of Domini Peaks. Shadow, Daedlus, Gall and Aureval encounter a band of ghouls devouring some travellers they attck the undead abominations and search for a place to rest for the night, they enter a cave after Gall and Aureval fall into a pit trap the party look carefully before moving around inside. They find a treasure hoard……….

The party wakes after a good sleep, they begin to look around for the ones that had split up and gone in a different direction. After a few minutes of searching they find Finkel Bottom, Thotaam and Adrion the party share with each other the happenings of the previous night, Shadow and group hide the fact that they found treasure. Thotaam and Adrion after a long discussion decide that they will be leaving the party, Thotaam promises that their paths may cross again someday. Finkel also expresses his desire to leave Gall enraged by the fact that the party size had decreased kicks Finkel, the kick manages to knock Finkel Bottom causing him to tumble down the edge of the cliff, "Ooops " exclaimed Gall as the party watched in horror FInkel being ripped apart by the sharp edges and blunt force he sustained as he tumbled down. The party shout at Gall for a few minutes for killing a fellow party member, Gall explains it was an accident and he didn’t mean to throw him off the cliff he adds that Finkel was leaving anyway so it didn’t matter much.

The party after a few awkward agreements that no one would kill any one among the party finally head towards Moradin’s Boon. On their way to the cavern entrance the party heard a shriek of an eagle as they look up they notice the shrieks were coming from Hippogriffs, having read about them in his islands library Daedlus suggests that the party act like worms to lure them. The party attempts the bluff and it works the hippogriffs begin to descend before they could understand what was wrong the party launched attacks on the hippogriffs and surrounded them making it difficult for them to fly off.The party launched attack after attack and finally felled both the beasts, they cooked the creatures and ate a hearty meal packing the leftovers for later. As the party resumed their journey Shadow notices smoke rising at a distance, deciphering that it is coming from a campfire the party slowly and cautiously approaches the camp. Upon reaching the camp site, Shadow goes ahead to scout and finds a dark skinned man lying with his eyes closed. Cracks across the strangers body and seemed to be filled with glowing magma, he slowly approaches him the man gets up and readies himself asking whether ‘Friend or Foe’, ‘Neither’ replied Shadow as he comes nearer from within the tent an elf exits and is surprised to see a stranger in their camp they introduced each other with hands at their weapons ready to strike at a moments notice. Moments later tyhe rest of the party enter the camp area, they question Shadow to know whether it’s safe or not. The party then introduces themsleves and asks the two campers why the were her, they inform the party that they too were adventurers looking for a way to earn some coin and fame, during the entire conversation Shadow randomly poked Yuriel (The Magma Soul Genasi) with a stick while Lordran (The Elf) kept eyeing hm, Daedlus invited them to join their party which they accepted. After looking at Shodow continuously poke Yuriel, Aureval assumed it to be a game and joined, frustrated Yuriel suddenly turned into magma causing the sticks to catch fire Shadow picked the sticks and flung them into the forest after a minute they see the sticks had caused a tree to catch fire and the flames were now spreading, the party panicked and quickly packed the camp and ran in the direction of the cavern. After a day of hiking the party finally reach Moradin’s Boon’s entrance, Shadow decides to be the scout along with Aureval while the party would follow them at a distance. The party followed Aureval and Shadow slowly as they walked stealthily, as they went past a turn Lordran noticed that Yuriel was missing as he stoped to look around a pair of hands grabbed him and pulled him into the turning they had avoided Daedlus now noticing two people missing walked back to see three dwarves who had captured and restrained Yuriel and Lordran. Lordran and Yuriel struggled to escape the hands of the Dwarves as Daedlus tried to negotiate their release Lordran wiggled free and prepared his weapon aiming at the dwarf who had grabbed him Daedlus also drew his sword aiming at the other Dwarf Yuriel turned on his magma aura causing the dwarf that held him to wince away in pain and the party now circled around the dwarves Gall also joined at this moment, the Dwarves now afraid that the party may overpower them try to negotiate a way to escape unharmed. Daelus asks the dwarves about Moradin’s Boon, the leader among them informs them that it is a cavern system that forms the dwarven kingdom, with various villages and towns at various points of the twisting mining caverns and a main capital city deep in the belly of the mountain. Daedlus asks for the Dwarf to lead them to the city as they wish to sell their wares and look for work. The dwarf judged them from head to toe and seeing that they were sincere accepts to lead them till there.
Meanwhile Shadow and Aureval moved forwrad in the cavern they approaced a turned a glanced about seeing miners with a couple of guards they took the other turn and again chanced upon a freshly digged area Shadow turned invisible as he went into the area, he saw two dwarves both having their backs turned to him mining. He slowly crept to one of them and picked his pocket finding a few coins and trinklets, he checked the barrels that were in the middle of the room. The barrels had ores and a couple of boom sticks (Dynamites) Shadow picked a few sticks and a couple of ores and proceeded to pick pocket the other dwarf, Aureval now bored outside the new crevice decided to peak in at this moment Shadow lost his concentration he picked the pocket but the dwarf felt him causing him to turn around and notice Aureval assuming him to be the perpetrator the dwarf felt for his pouch finding it missing he started screaming ‘’Thief, Thief’’ as he ran after Aureval. Aureval retraced his steps to the enterance while Shadow and the dwarves followed him. They bumped into the rest of the party who had just finished their discussion and looked weirdly at Aureval. Shadow went a few steps forward and turned back visible and joined the confusion. The dwarves accused Aureval of stealing while Daedlus and the rest tried to prove his innocence after a lot of heated discusssion they emptied Aurevals pockets to prove he wasn’t a thief the dwarves seeing that he held nothing of theirs agreed that they must forgotten where they kept their coin or may have dropped it somewhere. They returned back to their work apologizing for their accusations. The three dwarves that had made the deal with Daedlus told that the miners sometimes went cuckoo mining all day. The leader among them lead them into the cavern system, as they passed many dwarves mining and went deeper they noticed that the one who lead them seemed to press a couple of butons at certain points on closer examination Yuriel deciphered that the buttons deactivated traps so to allow safe passage. After about an hour of slythering about in the cavern they finally reached an arc adorned two statues of Dwarves holding their Hammers up high and supporting an arc. four dwarves stood at the base, they seemed to be the gate guards. The dwarf that lead them explained the situation to the guards , the guards nodded and moved aside opening the big gate and allowing itno the Capital city of Athos.

Did You say Ghosts
And we are out of this city.

The party has just gotten rid of the thugs that seemed to be selectively terrorizing near the temple of Nikholash. Wolfric tells the party about the history of the kingdom, ie., he stated that the new mad reclusive and indifferent King conquered this region in the name of the Nikholash during the time when he was sane. The king broke all the temples and churches and forced most his subjects to pray only to Nikholash. After a while two more temples emerged one for the Raven Queen where the dying went to pray and the other for Melora where travelers prayed for safe voyage. Thotaam had joined the assassins guild which gave him his first assignment which was to slay and bring the head of the thug leader. With his dying breath the thug leader threatened the party that ‘The faceless shall not rest’.

Chapter 2
Here Take Head
After finally completing their first quest the party seemed quite happy but the happiness was short lived as Paavu said goodbye to the party as her goddess Sheevarash had other plans for her. Wolfric seeing that the kingdom was lenient and had tonnes of magical tomes and books that were untouched said his goodbyes to the party to quench his thirst for more knowledge. Ben still in elf form thanked the group for the opportunity to kill people and burning the bakery and disappeared into the shadows. The rest of the party headed towards the assassin’s guild to claim their reward.
While on the way to the guild Thotaam’s eyes fell upon Lauriana (Hamadriad, Druid) who seemed to be arguing with a merchant about the prices for the all the fruits and vegetables being too low assuming her to be fierce woman Thotaam joined the argument siding with Lauriana. After a few heated words they moved away from the merchant, Thotaam asked her if she was interested in joining the party. As they spoke the crowd around them seemed to be pointing towards them some started running away, they realized Thotaam still carried the head of the Thug leader in his hands with no cover. In minutes a troupe of guards arrived and questioned them, on learning that they had taken care of the thug threat the guards felt disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to get any bonus so they tried asking for a bribe to let them go but Thotaam and Daedlus scared them away. As they headed towards the guild Thotaam tried picking Lauriana up and carry her on his shoulders, scared of what he will she changed her shape into a small wyrmling scaring Thotaam and causing him to run through the streets knocking a few pedestrians. Lauriana jumped off and transformed back to herself calming Thotaam.
They reached the guild, at the gate they were stopped by the guard but Aureval and Thotaam told him that they were with them. On entering were greated by the Master and learned that the guild was currently understaffed that is why they were given the task with no clues. They received a new assignment along with their reward, the quest was to get rid of the bandits and ghosts haunting the roads to other cities. Not knowing much about how to kill ghosts they headed towards the library to gain more info.

Chapter 3
Have you heard of our Lord tormentor Orcus?
After a quick trip to the library the party headed towards the gates of the kingdom on their way they were lured by the music of an ongoing show. A gnome was playing his harp and entertaining the crowd with his song on seeing the party approach he introduced a few lines about them in his song. After his show the gnome jumped down and approached the party introducing himself as Finkel Bottom (Gnome, Bard). As the party was discussing this a dwarf with his warhammer raised to the sky roamed the streets distributing fliers saying “The end is nigh, The end is here, Save yourselves join us in praying to our Lord tormentor Orcus”. The dwarf approached them and asked if they would like to join the church but the party refused and instead offered him a chance to join their group as he seemed pretty strong. He accepted introducing himself as Torquemada (Dwarf, Invoker) and they headed to the nearest tavern to rest for a bit, All the time Aureval maintained his distance from Torquemada. Thotaam stayed outside the tavern preferring the open air, the group sat down and discussed their plans, late in the evening they left the kingdom and followed the road after a few hours they heard rustling in the forest and far in the distance they saw a few torches being snuffed. They prepared for battle carefully searching the forest to know who they were facing off. They shot a few lit arrows in random directions and learned the position of a few of the attackers they charged and fought with magic and arms. Many of the rebels fell easily but a few seemed too hard to be put down so Daedlus released a fire breath. After killing the thugs they noticed that the forest was now on fire due to Daedlus’s breath attack with the flames now spreading in every direction due to the denseness of the forest. Finkel remembered a river nearby north of their position so they ran in that direction. Daedlus swam across the river with a rope in hand while the rest tied it to a tree the party crossed the river with the ropes aid with Thotaam coming last after untying the rope and bringing it along with him.

Me caveman
After safely reaching the banks the party looked back at the flames. A huge tree which was on fire fell to this side of the bank crushing Torquemada the party tried extinguishing the flames but by the time they removed the tree off him Torquemada was already dead. A human approached them seeing them in trouble but was too late before he could provide any assistance sad he couldn’t he promised to aid them in their adventure if possible the party readily accepted hs offer and he introduced himself as Adrion (Human, Ranger). Far in the distance they heard laughter on looking in the direction they saw a Goliath basking in the heat of the flames, He turned towards them and approached them introducing himself as Gall Denar (Goliath, Barbarian) upon seeing the corpse of Torquemada he picks it up and rips it letting the blood spray over his body seeing the wasted blood Aureval looks disappointed and the rest looked at him disgustingly.
The party look around for shelter as it had turned to night time they moved in the direction of Domini Peaks hoping to finding a good cave. They climbed the nearest mountain, during their climb the party split up Thotaam, Adrion and Finkel Bottom went in one direction while Shadow, Aureval, Daedlus and Gall took another path.
Shadow and group upon reaching the peak noticed a couple of ghouls busy eating corpses silently they tried to sneak up on them but Daedlus and Aureval made too much noise due to their equipment. The ghouls heard them causing the party to charge towards them. With Aureval and Gall missing a lot of their hits the party seemed to be loosing the fight but Shadow managed to turn the tide by striking perfectly with his crossbow. After destroying the ghouls the party searched around and found a cave near the corpses that the ghouls were feeding upon on entering they noticed the ground seemed a bit off. AUreval and Gall paid no mind to it walked in falling into a pit trap, Gall managed to slow his fall managing to reduce the impact but Aureval fell hard. Using a rope Shadow and Daedlus pulled them out and they resumed exploring the cave. On going deeper they found a treasure hoard that contained rubies, emeralds and golden statues.

Oh! Look Shiny!!
This is how we meet

Months after the KKK started building their empire a new band of adventurers was formed in the port of the Kingdom of Sysvani.
Thotaam(Goliath, Rogue) was trying to steal from a merchant who was watching over as his crew was unloading his cargo, he was caught in the act. Paavu (Human, Hybrid Gighter/Cleric) saw this happen and intervened saving Thotaam from jailtime. Paavu asked him if he wanted to earn some gold by transporting her luggage to the inn nearby to which Thotaam agreed. Daedlus Gorgedraw (Dragonborn, Warlord) was in the vicinity and upon seeing Thotaam considered him as a worthy opponent to duel with. He challenges him but is stopped by Paavu who prefers that her stuff reaches to the inn first. They postpone the fight for a later date, Wulfric (Human, Wizard) had heard them discussing the duel and thought of it as a good opportunity to earn some easy gold by starting a betting but felt dissaapointed when they decided to postpone. Wulfric tried pushing Daedlus into Thotaam to instigate the fight but didn’t manage to even budge him, Daedlus turned around and looked angrily at him to escape Wulfric offered to pay for their drinks if they let him go, everyone agrees and Thotaam picks Wulfric up and places him on his shoulder.
As they headed towards the tavern/inn a silver looking humanoid caught Thotaam’s eye, he notiuced that the creature seemed to be following them. The creature, Ben (Changeling, Assasssin) was tailing them as they looked like interesting people. Thotaam screams “Look Shiny!” and charges towards Ben, not knowing what to do Ben stands frozen and then runs into an alley nearby, Thotaam and the rest of the party follow suite. As they were charging through the streets they passed by Shadow (Revenant, Assassin) who follows them into the alley. While charging through the alley Thotaam almost drops Wulfric but grabs him just before he hits the pavement after which Wulfric leaps out of safety. Thotaam now caught up with Ben jumps and grabs him like a sword. The rest of the party gather around him and state that he has to let go of Ben but he refuses the party get ready to use force but Shadow intervenes saying that if they want to get to Thotaam they have to go through him. Thotaam calmly says " I let go of shiny for more shiny", the party toss a few silver to him and he releases Ben from his grip who runs away. The party tired after the chase head to the tavern again, they notice posters they had missed while charging through the alley they see numerous posters of wanted poster, army recruitement poster, missing poster and poster for jhoining the ambassador program. Shadow grabs one of the wanted posters, and the party heads to the tavern. Ben meanwhile changes his appearance to that of an elf and follows to the tavern. Everyone enters except Shadow who is stopped by a noble looking priest in red, Aureval (Vryloka, Invoker) greets him and says “We undead should stick together” Shadow considers it and tells him to follow as they head towards the assassin’s guild. In the tavern the group orders a couple of drinks and Wulfric tries to get some information about the kingdom. He learns that the current king had conquered the city afew years back in the name of Nikholash, he had destroyed every temple and erected a few for Nikholash instead. Slowly as the dusts of war settled two more temples emerged one dedicated to the Raven Queen and another for Melora. The king in his initial years was active in politics but had slowly turned suspicious of everyone and started living a reclusive life, he had handed over the reigns for ruling the city to his advisors and now remained locked in his keep allowing only very visitors to meet him. The party drank to its fill and Thotaam in his drunken haze headed towards the Assassin’s guild with Ben following him.
In the assassin’s guild Shadow learns that the wanted poster is for the Master of all assassin’s guilds ‘Jedi, Shade Slayer’ and there was no actual bounty by the assassin’s guild. The poster was placed by the KKK as they were angered by his actions against them. Shadow proceeds to buy a few vials of poison using Aureval’s money, he makes a make shift spear for him using a dagger he coated with the poison they just bought and Aureval’s Quarterstaff. They head back towards the tavern, they see Thotaam on their way who Greets them but they ignore him as he stumbles around in his drunken state. Thotaam reaches the Guild and proceeds to meet the Guild master so as to join them. The guild master takes a test to determine his worth, he asks him to manage to get behind him without making a noise as he closes his eyes. Thotaam not only silently creeps behind him but also manages to remove the masters cloak and shirt, impressed by his skills the Guild master accepts him into the guild and gives him an assignment to get him the head of the leader of a Band of thugs that seem to be terrorizing the city. Thotaam leaves the guild and chances upon Ben in elf form who was stopped by the Gate Guard he invites him to join in his quest. As they leave the guild’s ground they smell fresh cake and proceed to find the source. They approach the bakery Thotaam tries stealing a cake and is stopped by the Baker with a whack with a spoon. Thotaam angered smashes the baker to death, Ben and Thotaam and Ben search the baker and the bakery for loot and then pick a dozen cakes. They douse the bakery with flammable liquid and burn it down. Happy with the cakes in their arms and coins in their pocket they return to the tavern.
In the tavern the group have been asking around for unusual happenings and learn that a group of masked men have been killing people selectively around the Main temple of Nikholash, the victims are usually devotees of Nikholash. When Thotaam returns the group share info and start planning ways to kill the masked bandits. They decide that they would hide in barrels that they asked the bartender to provide while two of them (Aureval and Shadow) would act as merchants selling cakes so as to make a donation in the Temple of Nikholash. Thotaam being too huge for a barrel suggested he would hide in the area nearby.
With the trap set the party began executing it, after a few hours of standing in the area near the temple they were approached a group of people who looked angrily at them when the streets where empty. The group asked questions about their wares and intentions and upon learning that thy were collecting money for Nikholash got ready to attack them.
The party jumped out of the barrels and sliced through the thugs. The party killed the thugs, saving the leader for last with his dying breath the leader spoke “You will never be able to end the faceless, we will return with vengeance” as Thotaam pulled out his head from his body.


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