Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 10: Death of a God

All we need is gold

After saying her goodbyes to Rakayanz Kai’er’ii headed to the tavern to meet up with the rest of the group, Ultramecia stayed behind waiting to make the killing move. Upon entering the tavern she found Aureval and Daedlus having breakfast and a light conversation with a stranger. The stranger upon seeing that Kai’er’ii was friendly with his adventure-mates introduced himself as Shadow. The party decided they still had some business left in the town so they split up. Aureval and Kai’er’ii heading to the Mecha-house again to meet up with Rakayanz and Shadow and Daedlus heading to the Jewelers shop. Before entering the shop both Daedlus and Shadow disguised themselves so that no one would recognize them, Daedlus stayed at the door to keep a look out while Shadow entered the shop. Shadow placed all of his hoard on the table to ask for its price, the dragonborn pleased with the precious stones answered he could give it in coins or they could just exchange goods. Shadow looked around the shop and found ear-rings he assumed Kai’er’ii would like and asked for it, after that he asked for the most precious thing the shopkeeper had. With a glitter in his eye the shopkeeper ducked down behind the counter and produced an Cold Obsidian Cube the cube seemed to have no cuts and looked like one solid piece. The shopkeeper then ran his fingers across one edge and drew a pattern on one side then another on the adjacent side, the cube hissed as it opened and showcased its insides. WIthin the obsidian cube was a rams skull made up of platinum and each of its eye sockets had a Diamond in them. Shadow ran his fingers upon the precious item and found the sudden urge to buy it no matter what, the skull looked a bit battered so he asked it’s origin and was informed it was part of a long forgotten artifact called Frostmourne and it was the most unique piece there was, the shopkeeper was willing to sell one of the diamonds for Shadow’s entire Hoard. Shadow already planned ahead and acted generous by giving him a bottle of fine wine along with the hoard, the shopkeeper pleased proposed a toast to seal the deal he produced two glasses and poured the wine toasted to a good deal and drank the wine, Shadow sipped but didn’t swallow the moment the tincture hit the shopkeeper and he collapsed he spat the drink and looked around. Bagging the Obsidian cube and it’s contents, his old hoard and the new earrings. He went behind the counter and searched for things to steal, he found a huge glass cabinet that had various types of jewellery he checked for traps and found just one wire attached to the cabinet he cut it causing the alarm to ring. Daedlus heard the alarm, so he made his way to the window at the back of the building. Shadow quickly bagged all the jewellery in the cabinet which wasn’t much. Two Warforged Guards barged in the shop while Shadow jumped to the counter near the window Daedlus was near. He quickly lit a Dynamite and threw it at the guards caught unaware they couldn’t react and took the full force of the explosion, the unconcious shopkeeper lost a limb and was now bleeding under a pile of rubble. The Guards being semi-mechanical survived with many of their parts now just hanging from their bodies as they moved towards Shadow through the pile of rubble. Shadow not seeing the window punched the wall and made a hole to see Daedlus standing ready, Daedlus whispered through the hole that there was a window right beside Shadow as they exchange hushed arguments the guard drew closer. When they were just a feew feet away Shadow waved goodbye as he teleported to Daedlu’s position and they both ran into the streets in different directions. The Guards Roared in frustrationa s the thugs escaped. After running for a short distance the duo removed their disguise and walked calmly to the tavern to rest, guards roamed the streets looking for the perpetrators.
On the other side of the city Aureval left Kai’er’ii at Rakayanz’s office as he made his way to someplace unknown to the party. He returned to the inn late in the evening to meet Shadow and Daedlus who seemed to be quite happy with their day. Kai’er’ii spent the night with Rakayanz as lovers who would have to part sadly. Ultramecia still waited in the shadows to make her move, weirdly she never found the right time.
The next Kai’er’ii woke up early left a note saying her goodbyes to her Dragonborn lover. As Kai’er’ii left Ultramecia sneaked in and took her shape as she walked close to him he woke from his sleep and smiled at Ultramecia thinking of her to be Kai’er’ii, she drew her dagger kept it hidden as she moved close as Rakayanz got up to hug her and kiss her. Ultramecia stabbed his neck spraying blood everywhere, he gasped shocked at the events that were unfolding. Ultramecia reverted back to her original form and repeated stabbing him in the neck as he tried his best to defend but couldn’t, he finally was summoned by the Raven Queen as a puddle of blood formed around him, Ultramecia wiped the dagger on the sheets and cleaned up the place as much as possible, she then walked out whistling as she sent the message to the guild to inform them the job was done.
Shadow left the group to visit the Asassins Guild he took a look around looking at the faces carefully, he had bought a doppleganger mask the previous night. He saw a Shadar-Kai training a few people in the ground, he left without a word and changed his appearance to that of the Shadar-Kai. He went back to the tavern and met with Aureval, Daedlus and Kai’er’ii who were now all discussing plans for leaving the wown. Just as Shadow sat down a young Dragonborn boy approached him ‘’Guild master’’ he said and handed Shadow a parchment. The boy walked away, Shadow read the letter it was adressed to the Asasssins Guild Master and was asking his aid to find the perpetrators who had destroyed and robbed the jewellers shop. He Pocketed the paper and looked around he saw a guard standing at the doorway looking in his direction, Shadow nodded to him the guard assuming it was gesture that he would take the task bowed slightly and left. Shadow turned towards the party and said ‘’We need to leave today’’ before anyone finds out I am a fake.‘’ The party left the tavern and headed to the tailor to get some clothes as Kai’er’ii looked like she would freeze if it got cold, Aureval headed to the temple for some reason. They entered the shop to see an old human woman stitching some clothes she shouted upon seeing customers and the store owner a Dwarf Dragonborn women came speaking at quite speed muttering under her breath. She looked at the customers and clapped her hands ""What Can I do for you? The name is Koliaar’’ without waiting for answer she started measuring Daedlus with a string. Daedlus pointed at Kai’er’ii and asked if she had something for her. Koliaar grabbed Kai’er’ii and dragged her to the backroom she made her on a comfortable chair as she poured wine for her asking what type of gown she would like. Kai’er’ii thanked her for the offer but as she was a traveller she would prefer something that could withstand a bit of rough use and had earthen colors. Koliaar informed that she may have just the thing, she shuffled through various clothes in trunks and hangers and finally fished out a dress that had earthen colors and seemed to have a cloaked as an accessory that was lined with fur, it looked easy on he eyes and stylish, Kai’er’ii loved it and asked for the price. Koliaar having taken a liking to Kai’er’ii told a low price, Kai’er’ii put the dress and cloak on and walked out of the room followed by the shopkeeper. Daedlus gave a nod of approval to the clothes bought and then asked Koliaar if she had any formal dress for Dragonborns, laughing she said she had plenty of Trozakka’s (Formal dress of Dragonborns) as it was after all a Dragonborn city, she gave him one his size and told the price. Shadow paid the cost and a very generous tip, the shop owner smiled and whispered ‘’ He awaits at the raven’‘. As the party left Shadow stayed behind to get more info, he questioned Koliaar more and she said ’’ He calls for you at the end of Ravens Claw. Far away beyond the sea. The Shadow Queens hides from the world as she whispers him words of death.The Claws of Grazzt await your coming for the night is young and all must be covered in the shadows of blood.‘’ WIth this Koliaar pushed him out of the store, Shadow walked till he met the guard from the morning he stood beside him and asked if there was any progress, Shadow nodded glumly and said ’’The Faceless’’, the guards eyes went wide in horror as he asked if he was sure Shadow nodded, the guard hurriedly left him to deliver the news. Shadow walked until he met the rest at that exact moment Aureval came into he seemed to be lost in thought and a bit sad he walked slowly the party shouted for him he looked up and smiled and joined them they walked around shopping for other items for the way. During the entire time Aureval repeatedly said they had to leave now, after a few hours of walking they finally stopped Aureval repeated ‘’We have to leave now’’ he walked a few steps and suddenly collapsed.


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