Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 11: We be Pirates

Boats, Boats, Boats!!

With an unconcious Aureval the party headed back towards the Kingdom of Sysvani. They had rented a couple of horses and a carriage to make the travel easier, Ultramecia who chanced upon them as they were leaving town stealthily followed them assuming there would be gold and riches to be scavanged wherever these weird people would head to. They stopped and made camp during the night. Shadow, as the party was setting camp, noticed a slight shuffle of bushes a small distance from them. He headed towards it to investigate, Ultramecia who was the reason for the shuffle quickly transformed into a little girl and approached the now inquisitive Shadow who was still wearing the mask of the Shadar-Kai Guild Master. As they met Ultramecia in her timid form informed Shadow that she had heard a lot about him and that she wished to join their little party, Shadow thought for a while and agreed. Instead of following shadow back to camp Ultramecia maintained her distance and made a seperate camp. After a few days of travel Aureval woke up and came to his senses none of the party members questioned him how he knew that Orcus was dead and why was it important. They passed through the forest that had been burnt accidentally by Daedlus. Upon reaching the gates of Sysvani they were halted by ‘The Men of The Tower’ which were the guards of the gates and watchers from the walls keeping the Kingdom safe. They questioned them about their purpose, the party informed they were just going to be shopping and travelling through. They entered after a quick check by the guards, while travelling through the roads they saw a higher no. of guards than they were used to, upon questioning a few passer by’s they learned this was due to the mad king who had overreacted over the bakery fire and had made guards compulsarily patrol the roads. Shadow & Aureval left the party to search for the black market while Kai’er’ii, Daedlus and Ultramecia (Disguised as alittle girl) headed to shop for equipment and rent a boat.

Daedlus and Kai’er’ii after getiting the right equipment headed to port with a lil Ultramecia skipping beside them. Upon enquiring about boat rents for heading up the coast they learnt the prices were very cheap compared to their home continents and islands, questioning about they decided that it would be good if they bought their own ship. Once they bought a good ship they asked a few magicians of the ‘Kraken Crack’ who specialised in enchanting ships with alrms and other quick & cheap magical effects. They waited in the nearby inn as it would take a day to complete the enchantments. They informed the other duo of their position via the iShard.
Shadow and Aureval were having a tiring day as they had walked for hours in the streets with no luck. As they gave up hope and decided to call it a day they noticed a tiefling attempting to pickpocket, The tiefling caught their eye and motioned them to remain silent as he pocketed three bags of gold from various passer by’s, he made his way to them winking he thanked them for keeping quiet. Shadow smiled and said he had done a few sleight of hands in his day, he asked him if he by anychance knew of a black market. The tiefling laughed and said he could actually lead them to it as he was an employee of the Faerie Shack the most prestigious black market where one could buy or sell just about anything legal and illegal for a good price. The tiefling lead them through narrow alleys and dark corners until they reached the part of the city that had very modest building. They followed him to a quite plain looking building made of oak wood. The tiefling lead them to the front door which had a very lightly engraved sigil, he knocked in a pattern and a peep hole opened, they saw light brown angry eyes peek through and ask ’’What’chya want??‘’, the tiefling replied ’’Some old frog bones’’ the peep hole closed and the door swung open they were greeted by a rather richly dressed Dwarf , ‘’ You can wait in the Lounge one of our Merchants will call you to his office’’ . They said thanks to the Tiefling and followed the Dwarf to the Lounge, the interior of the house very well decorated with golden chandeliers lighting up everything, Vases that looked like old artifacts on wooden tables with gold trimmings, paintings of various historical events decorating the walls and silver lined sofas for people who were waiting. As they waited for the call they noticed a few people waiting with them each holding some very extraordinary object, an Elf ocassionaly came and called out a name for their appointment. After a few minutes of wait the Elf came into the Lounge calling Shadow’s name, the duo followed the elf to a medium sized room that had been too highly decorated to be an office of a merchant of the black market. The duo were greated by a pale Tiefling in purple fine set of clothes, he asked what they were seeking to do buy or sell. Shadow produced the stolen golden statues and jewels from both Moradin’s boon and Vandania’s Scale and inquired about the price fascinated by how they were able to acquire such beautiful Dwarven and Draconic work the Teifling gave a higher price than they expected, they told him that they were in fact stolen but didn’t spill the details. After making the transaction Shadow produced the Black Obsidian Box which contained the skull of Frostmourne the Teifling looked at the box with a weird look, as soon as Shadow opened it the Teiflings eyes gre wide and he jumped from across the room and shut the box saying ‘’You must never open this box. I don’t want anything to do with this.‘’ Upon questioning why, the Teifling informed them that Frostmourne’s every part is a source for the Lich KIng to spy upon this world. He further added that the Lich King would do anything to get his hands back on the parts of his Greatsword that were taken from him during the War of Olympia. The Lich King cultists were everywhere gathering secrets influencing lords and searching for the parts, the only reason the Lich King couldn’t get the parts himself was due to the fact they were in the Material plane and gods were’nt allowed to intervene. The Teifling said his goodbyes hurriedly after the explanation and showed them the exit. The duo headed to the inn the rest of the party were staying. The party swapped stories as they ate a meal.

After a good nights rest the party set sail at the crack of dawn.Kai’er’ii who was a bit sick stayed below quarters, being a bit short of hand they weren’t able to acheive full speed. They had sailed just out of sight of the port when they saw several smaller boats in pursuet them. They slowed a bit as they took a better look, the riders of the boat shouted out ‘’Stop in the name of the King.’’ Daedlus murmed ‘’They alwways say that’’ the party questioned back as to why. The pursuers said that they were working for the king and it would be wise if they stopped. As the boats came closer the party noticed that the pursuers were all wearing masks that looked like withered faces of corpses. The pursuers shouted again that they had something that belonged to the king, the party confused asked which king and what item. The pursuers, Nine in total were distributed among four small boats now had two boats on either side of the ship and said The Lich King. Upon hearing this the party immediately drew weapons and prepared to stop them at any cost. The Pursuers threw ropes as they prepared to board. Daedlus and Shadow who were closest to the sides quickly tried cutting the ropes Shadow wasn’t fast enough and two of them boarded. Daedlus upon hearing Shadows shout turned around and tried vanquishing the two boarders. While the party was busy handling the two boarders three other boarded from the unmanned side, the party enraged sliced and diced through the boarders. The ship was still moving due to the wind but in a haphazard manner, crashed into one of the boats throwing two of the pursuers overboard. Ultramecia threw a few vials of Alchemical fire upon the boat that had the remaining pursuers and put it ablaze this caused the sailors to attempt to put it out, upon failing to do so for a few minutes they jumped overboard. After a few blows being traded between the party and the boarders the party threw some overboard and killed the rest, finally breathing a sigh of relief as reset the course of the ship and headed into the vast sea.


Saquib Saquib

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