Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 4 : We found nothing

Gold and Dynamites

Previously Our Adventurers had split up while climbing the mountains of Domini Peaks. Shadow, Daedlus, Gall and Aureval encounter a band of ghouls devouring some travellers they attck the undead abominations and search for a place to rest for the night, they enter a cave after Gall and Aureval fall into a pit trap the party look carefully before moving around inside. They find a treasure hoard……….

The party wakes after a good sleep, they begin to look around for the ones that had split up and gone in a different direction. After a few minutes of searching they find Finkel Bottom, Thotaam and Adrion the party share with each other the happenings of the previous night, Shadow and group hide the fact that they found treasure. Thotaam and Adrion after a long discussion decide that they will be leaving the party, Thotaam promises that their paths may cross again someday. Finkel also expresses his desire to leave Gall enraged by the fact that the party size had decreased kicks Finkel, the kick manages to knock Finkel Bottom causing him to tumble down the edge of the cliff, "Ooops " exclaimed Gall as the party watched in horror FInkel being ripped apart by the sharp edges and blunt force he sustained as he tumbled down. The party shout at Gall for a few minutes for killing a fellow party member, Gall explains it was an accident and he didn’t mean to throw him off the cliff he adds that Finkel was leaving anyway so it didn’t matter much.

The party after a few awkward agreements that no one would kill any one among the party finally head towards Moradin’s Boon. On their way to the cavern entrance the party heard a shriek of an eagle as they look up they notice the shrieks were coming from Hippogriffs, having read about them in his islands library Daedlus suggests that the party act like worms to lure them. The party attempts the bluff and it works the hippogriffs begin to descend before they could understand what was wrong the party launched attacks on the hippogriffs and surrounded them making it difficult for them to fly off.The party launched attack after attack and finally felled both the beasts, they cooked the creatures and ate a hearty meal packing the leftovers for later. As the party resumed their journey Shadow notices smoke rising at a distance, deciphering that it is coming from a campfire the party slowly and cautiously approaches the camp. Upon reaching the camp site, Shadow goes ahead to scout and finds a dark skinned man lying with his eyes closed. Cracks across the strangers body and seemed to be filled with glowing magma, he slowly approaches him the man gets up and readies himself asking whether ‘Friend or Foe’, ‘Neither’ replied Shadow as he comes nearer from within the tent an elf exits and is surprised to see a stranger in their camp they introduced each other with hands at their weapons ready to strike at a moments notice. Moments later tyhe rest of the party enter the camp area, they question Shadow to know whether it’s safe or not. The party then introduces themsleves and asks the two campers why the were her, they inform the party that they too were adventurers looking for a way to earn some coin and fame, during the entire conversation Shadow randomly poked Yuriel (The Magma Soul Genasi) with a stick while Lordran (The Elf) kept eyeing hm, Daedlus invited them to join their party which they accepted. After looking at Shodow continuously poke Yuriel, Aureval assumed it to be a game and joined, frustrated Yuriel suddenly turned into magma causing the sticks to catch fire Shadow picked the sticks and flung them into the forest after a minute they see the sticks had caused a tree to catch fire and the flames were now spreading, the party panicked and quickly packed the camp and ran in the direction of the cavern. After a day of hiking the party finally reach Moradin’s Boon’s entrance, Shadow decides to be the scout along with Aureval while the party would follow them at a distance. The party followed Aureval and Shadow slowly as they walked stealthily, as they went past a turn Lordran noticed that Yuriel was missing as he stoped to look around a pair of hands grabbed him and pulled him into the turning they had avoided Daedlus now noticing two people missing walked back to see three dwarves who had captured and restrained Yuriel and Lordran. Lordran and Yuriel struggled to escape the hands of the Dwarves as Daedlus tried to negotiate their release Lordran wiggled free and prepared his weapon aiming at the dwarf who had grabbed him Daedlus also drew his sword aiming at the other Dwarf Yuriel turned on his magma aura causing the dwarf that held him to wince away in pain and the party now circled around the dwarves Gall also joined at this moment, the Dwarves now afraid that the party may overpower them try to negotiate a way to escape unharmed. Daelus asks the dwarves about Moradin’s Boon, the leader among them informs them that it is a cavern system that forms the dwarven kingdom, with various villages and towns at various points of the twisting mining caverns and a main capital city deep in the belly of the mountain. Daedlus asks for the Dwarf to lead them to the city as they wish to sell their wares and look for work. The dwarf judged them from head to toe and seeing that they were sincere accepts to lead them till there.
Meanwhile Shadow and Aureval moved forwrad in the cavern they approaced a turned a glanced about seeing miners with a couple of guards they took the other turn and again chanced upon a freshly digged area Shadow turned invisible as he went into the area, he saw two dwarves both having their backs turned to him mining. He slowly crept to one of them and picked his pocket finding a few coins and trinklets, he checked the barrels that were in the middle of the room. The barrels had ores and a couple of boom sticks (Dynamites) Shadow picked a few sticks and a couple of ores and proceeded to pick pocket the other dwarf, Aureval now bored outside the new crevice decided to peak in at this moment Shadow lost his concentration he picked the pocket but the dwarf felt him causing him to turn around and notice Aureval assuming him to be the perpetrator the dwarf felt for his pouch finding it missing he started screaming ‘’Thief, Thief’’ as he ran after Aureval. Aureval retraced his steps to the enterance while Shadow and the dwarves followed him. They bumped into the rest of the party who had just finished their discussion and looked weirdly at Aureval. Shadow went a few steps forward and turned back visible and joined the confusion. The dwarves accused Aureval of stealing while Daedlus and the rest tried to prove his innocence after a lot of heated discusssion they emptied Aurevals pockets to prove he wasn’t a thief the dwarves seeing that he held nothing of theirs agreed that they must forgotten where they kept their coin or may have dropped it somewhere. They returned back to their work apologizing for their accusations. The three dwarves that had made the deal with Daedlus told that the miners sometimes went cuckoo mining all day. The leader among them lead them into the cavern system, as they passed many dwarves mining and went deeper they noticed that the one who lead them seemed to press a couple of butons at certain points on closer examination Yuriel deciphered that the buttons deactivated traps so to allow safe passage. After about an hour of slythering about in the cavern they finally reached an arc adorned two statues of Dwarves holding their Hammers up high and supporting an arc. four dwarves stood at the base, they seemed to be the gate guards. The dwarf that lead them explained the situation to the guards , the guards nodded and moved aside opening the big gate and allowing itno the Capital city of Athos.


Saquib Saquib

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