Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 5 : Moradin's ''Boom''

Eggs, Jewels & Dynamites

After reaching the city of Athos the group looked around for things to do, they visited the general store to sell a few of their stolen goods. The store keeper a grumpy dwarf bought a few of the ores from them so that he may sell it to the blacksmith and earn a profit, the party bought a few wine bottles and inquired if the store keeper knew of any alchemist, he informed them his buddy was one and called the buddy asking for the party to wait as he would be there in a minute. The alchemist a hyper dwarf came bubbling with excitement Shadow inquired if he had a few goodnight tinctures, the alchemist fished a few vials from his pocket and inquired how many they wanted. Shadow bought a few and pocketed them they asked the alchemist if he had dynamites too, the alchemists eyes lit up as he informed them he had a stockpile he wanted to sell Shadow bought a centuryand a half of dynamites for a reasonable price and left the alchemist happy. Daedlus in the meantime headed for the main council building to inquire about the statues they found assuming they were part of the dwarven treasury. The Treasurer luckily was standing on the steps of the building, he approached Daedlus upon overhearing he was looking for him. The treasurer informed Daedlus that the statue were stolen from the Main Altar of the city, Daedlus thanked him and as he was leaving the Treasurer inquired how they acquired such a treasure, Daedlus told him there tale (cleaned up so that they look like good guys). The treasurer overjoyed that he had found just the people he wanted for a task that the council recently had trouble with, he informed them that the Hippogriffs of the kingdom were on a decline and the only mating pair they had just escaped, as they were adventurers he asked if they could try tocapture a pair of hippogriffs or get them eggs so they may replenish their favourite mounts. Daedlus agreed and asked them to give them a cart to carry the Hippogriffs the next day as they wished to rest. The council member gave him keys to one of the guest houses for the party to rest and bid farewell.

On the other side of the capital city Shadow and the rest of the party were busy plotting methods to gain some wealth instantly, they planned to use Aureval who looked noble to take a bottle of wine to the jeweller make a hefty purchase and celebrate with the jeweller with a glass of goodnight tinctured wine. As they both would be knocked out the rest can loot the shop. Everyone agreed with the plan. The shop thankfully empty at this time of the night was about to be closed, Aureval entered the shop and dumped the parties entire collection of treasure and asked the price to sell the ‘’loose change’‘, overjoyed that he had just hit the jackpot the store owner changed the sign to closed so that he can negotiate with ease. After reaching a settlement Aureval proposed a toast and produced the tinctured wine, the store owner brought glasses and both toasted to a good deal, upon drinking both fell down knocked out due to the tincture. Shadow who was watching the scene secretly, picked the stores lock and hustled the party in. he then proceeded to lock and draw all the shades. The party spent the next few minutes pocketing the mist precious looking items. They went to the back and found a safe in the arms of a angel statue, looking carefully they noticed the entire region around the statue and the statue were a trap. They started defusing each trap one by one. Even after the care they took the statue trap was triggered as it started shooting ray after at them, unable to think of a way to reach the statue without triggering the rest of the traps, Yuriel picked Aureval up and threw him at the statue thus destroying one of its ray shooying eyes and waking Aureval up. Aureval noticing the weird situation around him panicked but was calmed down by Shadow so that he may not trigger any unfound traps, once calm Aureval diffused the statue trap while shadow and the party diffused the other traps. Shadow picked the safe and pocketed its precious contents. the party with pockets full left the shop while Shadow proceeded to wake the store keeper up. Once awake the store keeper jolted up and saw the signs of the robbery, Shadow lied that he had just entered the shop and seeing him lying down woke himup. The store keeper checked the precious stones, the safe and seeing all empty wailed. He fell down on his knees and screamed, Shadow trying to comfort him said ’’It’s not like evrything is stolen’’, ’’You’re right’’ The store keeper jumped up and ran behind the desk knocking the wood in a pattern as he did this Shadow turned invisible and followed, the store owner then opened a trap door that magically appeared behind the desk Shadow followed, upon seeing inside Shadow gasped as within the hidden the room were four good sized statues of gold with precious stones adorning them, the store owner relieved his most precious items were not stolen went back out of the door to look for the stranger who woke him up. Shadow inspected the statues podiums for traps upon finding none he knocked on the trap door with a crossbow ready as the store owner opened the door to check why a noise was coming from within Shadow let loose a bolt to the heart of the Store keeper. Hiding the corpse in the hidden room Shadow dragged the statues out and called upon the party to help move the goods. Before they left Shadow wrote in the stores Ledger book ‘Faceless’ with blood and left it open right in the middle of the room. The party then proceeded to meet Daedlus at the designated point. The party then rested for the night in the guest house.

The next day Daedlus went to the council building to get the cart and details for the quest. He asked the councilman to show a shortcut out of the caverns, the councilman informed him that he would send a helper to show them the secret passsage out and gave him two badges representing that they were allies of the Dwarves of Moradin’s Boon. With the cart loaded with stolen goods hidden underneath a few sheets of cloth they waited for the guide, the guide came a bit late and apologized for the delay he led them to the shortcut and explained the way out and how to come back in, thebadges were keys to unlock the magical stone door that hid the enterance.
They followed the trail in the mountains for almost half a day and stopped when they felt the ground rumble a bit. Confused and assuming it to be a quake they stayed still readying for protection maneouvers. When nothing happened they started moving but just as they took a few steps the ground right underneath them rumbled a bit. They thought for a while and now assumed that a creature was tunneling under them and it seemed to be following their movement. Daedlus picked up a dynamite and lit it throw it far away and bait the underground creature but due to the wind and him slipping a bit the dynamite fell near his feet, the party took cover as the dynamite exploded. The underground creature surfaced screaming in a weird manner, it was an insect like giant creature with claws. It attacked the party for disturbing it, that party retaliated and felled the beast. They rested and took care of the wounds and proceeded to go in the direction the Dwarves had assumed Hippogriffs would be found. They camped for the night looking around for clues and discussing the region in which they would find Hippogriffs. The next day they heard screeches of eagles coming from a distance, the party remembering their encounter with hippogriffs realized it wasn’t an eagle but a hippogriff, they climbed the mountain from which the screech had come from upon reaching a crevice they found a huge nest with eggs. Aureval remembering reading about hippogriffs instantly recognized them as hippogriff eggs. ‘’If there are eggs there would be…’’ Yuriel began to say but was stopped by a ear piercing screech from the skies. The Parent Hippogriffs and one child had returned to the nest, the party preapred themselves to capture the beasts. They aimed for the wings causing the hippogriffs to land and attack after various exchange of claws, beaks and swords the party finally managed to knok all three of the beast unconscious. They inspected the beasts and noticed the child was also a female so they slaughtered it and packed it for food, while making the hippogriff parents forcefully swallow Goodnight tinctures to keep them asleep. They picked up the eggs and loaded everything on the cart and headed back to Moradin’s Boon. After reaching the enterance to the secret passage the party decided that Aureval and Gall would guard the treasure that they stole from the jeweler and other places, they left provisions for them to spend the night in a cave and left for the enterance to Athos.
They headed straight for the council building after reaching the city, informing the guards that they were given a quest by the council. The council head an elf hurried to meet them and thank them for doing the city a huge favor. He invited them to a banquet that would take place in their honor during the night. Accepting the invite they left for the guest house there they found that the wine cellar was stocked with the best alcohol there was. The party bagged a few and rested, in the evening a female dwarf came to escort them to the council hall for the banquet. Yuriel flirted with the dwarf as they went to the hall. The banquet was extravagant with a lot of food, wine and ale present, Music was played by a band of elves and dwarves. The council toasted to the success of the Re-Breeding Programme and thanked the Party for their help, they were awrded Obsidian weapons for their help and the entire hall cheered them. Under the influence of alcohol Yuriel drunkenly started shouting out praises of himself and belittling the dwarves a pair of guards came to quiten him but he refused for a while upon threatning that he will be thrown out he went silent and sat down.
After the banquet Yuriel roamed the halls of the council building and found a council man in the hallway discussing some politics he approached him, introducing himself he asked the councilmans forgiveness for being rude in the hall. The Councilman said it was alright as he was drunk, they started talking Yuriel discovered that the councilman was incharge of Food & Hunting, The Councilman informed that the banquet had caused the stockpile to be reduced to just a days worth of food and that due to the cities love for only meat and alcohol it was always tough to find food in the mountains. Yuriel asked for ways he could learn more about the Kingdoms history and was directed towards the central library Upon reaching the library he met Shadow who was leaving it with maps in hand. Yuriel entered the library and read books on the history of the city and was impressed by the religious activities he dug deeper and found mentions of the olympian war he grabbed the book for later reading, he bumped into The coucilman incharge of mining who apologized for the bump, yuriel finding this as an opportunity to learn more about tyhe history of the city sat down with him and started talking, the councilman happy to meet a person interested in the history of the kingdom humored him by staying.

Daedlus on the other hand met with the Councilman incharge of the military after the banquet and started discussing war and battle feeling tired of standing the Warlord invited Daedlus to his mansion. Daedlus was in awe as he entered the warlords home seeing the statues depicting various warriors and the plants that adorned his garden. They entered the Warlords study and they went into a deep discussion about war tactics but were suddenly silenced by the sound of an explosion the warlord got up on the other side of town the Miner Councilman was puzzled as both knew no mining was taking place that day. Daedlus and Yuriel knowing full well what was going on tried to distract them and to make them think it was a miner who was behind schedule and as it was just one explosion it was probably just that, believing in the strangers the councilmen settlked down. Soon another explosion took place but the councilman knowing it was far and most probably from the other towns let it be. After a while more explosions took place but all of them were muffled and seemed far off. Yuriel and Daedlus took their leave from their respectful councilmen and headed for the main enterance while heading there an explosion took place very near to the city Daedlus & Yuriel screamed ‘The Faceless’ as they ran for the enterance they met Shadow who stood ready the moment they were past the enterance Shadow lit the dynamites that he had set up causing the entire enterance to collapse and be covered. The party then ran for the exit ocassionaly meeting sections that seemed to have been closed in a similar fashion they turned towards Shadow who was grinning and knew it that he had blocked the enterance of every village of Moradins Boon sealing them in their cavern. they dodged most of the traps that were set up to stop unwanted visitors but triggered a few thankfully they were able to disable them before they caused them heavy damage. Finally reaching the cavern enterance they turned around as Shadow set uop the last Dynamite circuit and destroyed the final enterance sealing the dwarves of the cavern.

They reached the cavern where they had left Aureval, Gall and the treasure, they explained them what had happened and they had a good laugh. They settled in the cave for the night to see what the next day has to offer.


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