Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 8: Don't You Croak at me!!

Flight of the eggs

The next day Shadow left to explore the city as Gall said his goodbye to the party as he found there were troubles in his home town and him being part of the army council had to return to take care of them, Aureval and Daedlus spent their roaming around the streets, while walking around a cloaked stranger approached them she looked a bit out of place. She had approached the party as she sensed some magic from the armor Daedlus was wearing, assuming Daedlus to be a lord she acted as well behaved as possible, Daedlus cleared her doubts of himas he introduced himself as a strong adventurer. Aureval assuming she may be just looking for a lord introduced himself as one. Daedlus and the stranger who introduced herslef as Kai’er’ii (Half-Elf, Sorcerror) excahnged a few words and found out they had somethings in common. With a few bickering taking place between Aureval and Daedlus the atmosphere around them calmed and Kai’er’ii thought them as friendly people she inquired if they could help her find some adventure in her life as she was tired of studying sorcerry and was now ready to explore the world, Aureval jumped at the opportunity to invite her into their group which they now had dubbed ‘The Outsiders’. Hungry for some food the trio now headed to the nearest Tavern/Inn, the inn a was clean but had thick clouds of smoke due to the heavy smoking by its patrons. The bar maid a golden dragonborn came to take their order, after asking for their vest wine and food the group now started doing small talk so as to bond better. The Bar maid returned doing a few tricks while serving the trio earning a good tip from them.
After the meal Aureval proceeded to book a room for the party to stay while Daedlus and Kai’er’ii left to explore, Kai showing off her skills flew them around until they were far away from the city, Daedlus recognizing the place as the area where they had hid their raft decided to check up on it. With Kai’er’ii weirdly being clumsy with her own fly skill and Daedlus acing the landing even though it being his first time landed near the spot they hid their raft. Daedlus noticed signs of disturbance hurriedly checked the raft only to find the eggs had been stolen. Informing Kai’er’ii of the stolen eggs started brainstorming knowing Aureval had a sharp eye Daedlus sent Kai’er’ii to pick him up by the time time they returned it was noon. Aureval was overjoyed with the entire flying sensation as Kai’er’ii flew him to the spot where Daedlus was. The trio after searching for some time found tracks they followed them with Aureval being in the lead, feeling warm Aureval jumped into the river to cool down and splashed water at the other two, Daedlus angry at his antcs while Kai’er’ii laughed. The trio now done with distractions followed the tracks to a cave far off from the city. It was now almost evening they heard a few Croaks and Grunts from within, recognizing the croaks to be from a Bullywog and the stench from the cave to those described in books to be those of Troglodytes the trio now planned for a solution to get back the eggs.
They put Aureval as bait sitting near a campfire a short distance from the cave and postioned infron t of it. Daedlus and Kai’er’ii used the sorrounding natural rocks to hide themselves from view and prepared to attack whoever would come out. A few violent croaks and Roars escaped from the cave to inform them of incoming action. Just as the Cave dwellers left the cave Daedlus and Kai’er’ii began their assault the Bullywogs and Troglodytes who came out of the cave were soon overpowered and cried for help, a pair of Bullywogs emerged from the river behind Aureval to aid their allies. After what felt like half an hour the party finally managed to kill all the enemies. They went into the cave to explore and found that the thieves had set up a ritual using the eggs as a sacrifice to communicate with Yan-C-Bin. Tired from the battle the party set up camp for the night near the cave itself.


Saquib Saquib

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