Realm of Nikholash

Did You say Ghosts

And we are out of this city.

The party has just gotten rid of the thugs that seemed to be selectively terrorizing near the temple of Nikholash. Wolfric tells the party about the history of the kingdom, ie., he stated that the new mad reclusive and indifferent King conquered this region in the name of the Nikholash during the time when he was sane. The king broke all the temples and churches and forced most his subjects to pray only to Nikholash. After a while two more temples emerged one for the Raven Queen where the dying went to pray and the other for Melora where travelers prayed for safe voyage. Thotaam had joined the assassins guild which gave him his first assignment which was to slay and bring the head of the thug leader. With his dying breath the thug leader threatened the party that ‘The faceless shall not rest’.

Chapter 2
Here Take Head
After finally completing their first quest the party seemed quite happy but the happiness was short lived as Paavu said goodbye to the party as her goddess Sheevarash had other plans for her. Wolfric seeing that the kingdom was lenient and had tonnes of magical tomes and books that were untouched said his goodbyes to the party to quench his thirst for more knowledge. Ben still in elf form thanked the group for the opportunity to kill people and burning the bakery and disappeared into the shadows. The rest of the party headed towards the assassin’s guild to claim their reward.
While on the way to the guild Thotaam’s eyes fell upon Lauriana (Hamadriad, Druid) who seemed to be arguing with a merchant about the prices for the all the fruits and vegetables being too low assuming her to be fierce woman Thotaam joined the argument siding with Lauriana. After a few heated words they moved away from the merchant, Thotaam asked her if she was interested in joining the party. As they spoke the crowd around them seemed to be pointing towards them some started running away, they realized Thotaam still carried the head of the Thug leader in his hands with no cover. In minutes a troupe of guards arrived and questioned them, on learning that they had taken care of the thug threat the guards felt disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to get any bonus so they tried asking for a bribe to let them go but Thotaam and Daedlus scared them away. As they headed towards the guild Thotaam tried picking Lauriana up and carry her on his shoulders, scared of what he will she changed her shape into a small wyrmling scaring Thotaam and causing him to run through the streets knocking a few pedestrians. Lauriana jumped off and transformed back to herself calming Thotaam.
They reached the guild, at the gate they were stopped by the guard but Aureval and Thotaam told him that they were with them. On entering were greated by the Master and learned that the guild was currently understaffed that is why they were given the task with no clues. They received a new assignment along with their reward, the quest was to get rid of the bandits and ghosts haunting the roads to other cities. Not knowing much about how to kill ghosts they headed towards the library to gain more info.

Chapter 3
Have you heard of our Lord tormentor Orcus?
After a quick trip to the library the party headed towards the gates of the kingdom on their way they were lured by the music of an ongoing show. A gnome was playing his harp and entertaining the crowd with his song on seeing the party approach he introduced a few lines about them in his song. After his show the gnome jumped down and approached the party introducing himself as Finkel Bottom (Gnome, Bard). As the party was discussing this a dwarf with his warhammer raised to the sky roamed the streets distributing fliers saying “The end is nigh, The end is here, Save yourselves join us in praying to our Lord tormentor Orcus”. The dwarf approached them and asked if they would like to join the church but the party refused and instead offered him a chance to join their group as he seemed pretty strong. He accepted introducing himself as Torquemada (Dwarf, Invoker) and they headed to the nearest tavern to rest for a bit, All the time Aureval maintained his distance from Torquemada. Thotaam stayed outside the tavern preferring the open air, the group sat down and discussed their plans, late in the evening they left the kingdom and followed the road after a few hours they heard rustling in the forest and far in the distance they saw a few torches being snuffed. They prepared for battle carefully searching the forest to know who they were facing off. They shot a few lit arrows in random directions and learned the position of a few of the attackers they charged and fought with magic and arms. Many of the rebels fell easily but a few seemed too hard to be put down so Daedlus released a fire breath. After killing the thugs they noticed that the forest was now on fire due to Daedlus’s breath attack with the flames now spreading in every direction due to the denseness of the forest. Finkel remembered a river nearby north of their position so they ran in that direction. Daedlus swam across the river with a rope in hand while the rest tied it to a tree the party crossed the river with the ropes aid with Thotaam coming last after untying the rope and bringing it along with him.

Me caveman
After safely reaching the banks the party looked back at the flames. A huge tree which was on fire fell to this side of the bank crushing Torquemada the party tried extinguishing the flames but by the time they removed the tree off him Torquemada was already dead. A human approached them seeing them in trouble but was too late before he could provide any assistance sad he couldn’t he promised to aid them in their adventure if possible the party readily accepted hs offer and he introduced himself as Adrion (Human, Ranger). Far in the distance they heard laughter on looking in the direction they saw a Goliath basking in the heat of the flames, He turned towards them and approached them introducing himself as Gall Denar (Goliath, Barbarian) upon seeing the corpse of Torquemada he picks it up and rips it letting the blood spray over his body seeing the wasted blood Aureval looks disappointed and the rest looked at him disgustingly.
The party look around for shelter as it had turned to night time they moved in the direction of Domini Peaks hoping to finding a good cave. They climbed the nearest mountain, during their climb the party split up Thotaam, Adrion and Finkel Bottom went in one direction while Shadow, Aureval, Daedlus and Gall took another path.
Shadow and group upon reaching the peak noticed a couple of ghouls busy eating corpses silently they tried to sneak up on them but Daedlus and Aureval made too much noise due to their equipment. The ghouls heard them causing the party to charge towards them. With Aureval and Gall missing a lot of their hits the party seemed to be loosing the fight but Shadow managed to turn the tide by striking perfectly with his crossbow. After destroying the ghouls the party searched around and found a cave near the corpses that the ghouls were feeding upon on entering they noticed the ground seemed a bit off. AUreval and Gall paid no mind to it walked in falling into a pit trap, Gall managed to slow his fall managing to reduce the impact but Aureval fell hard. Using a rope Shadow and Daedlus pulled them out and they resumed exploring the cave. On going deeper they found a treasure hoard that contained rubies, emeralds and golden statues.


Saquib Saquib

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