Realm of Nikholash

Oh! Look Shiny!!

This is how we meet

Months after the KKK started building their empire a new band of adventurers was formed in the port of the Kingdom of Sysvani.
Thotaam(Goliath, Rogue) was trying to steal from a merchant who was watching over as his crew was unloading his cargo, he was caught in the act. Paavu (Human, Hybrid Gighter/Cleric) saw this happen and intervened saving Thotaam from jailtime. Paavu asked him if he wanted to earn some gold by transporting her luggage to the inn nearby to which Thotaam agreed. Daedlus Gorgedraw (Dragonborn, Warlord) was in the vicinity and upon seeing Thotaam considered him as a worthy opponent to duel with. He challenges him but is stopped by Paavu who prefers that her stuff reaches to the inn first. They postpone the fight for a later date, Wulfric (Human, Wizard) had heard them discussing the duel and thought of it as a good opportunity to earn some easy gold by starting a betting but felt dissaapointed when they decided to postpone. Wulfric tried pushing Daedlus into Thotaam to instigate the fight but didn’t manage to even budge him, Daedlus turned around and looked angrily at him to escape Wulfric offered to pay for their drinks if they let him go, everyone agrees and Thotaam picks Wulfric up and places him on his shoulder.
As they headed towards the tavern/inn a silver looking humanoid caught Thotaam’s eye, he notiuced that the creature seemed to be following them. The creature, Ben (Changeling, Assasssin) was tailing them as they looked like interesting people. Thotaam screams “Look Shiny!” and charges towards Ben, not knowing what to do Ben stands frozen and then runs into an alley nearby, Thotaam and the rest of the party follow suite. As they were charging through the streets they passed by Shadow (Revenant, Assassin) who follows them into the alley. While charging through the alley Thotaam almost drops Wulfric but grabs him just before he hits the pavement after which Wulfric leaps out of safety. Thotaam now caught up with Ben jumps and grabs him like a sword. The rest of the party gather around him and state that he has to let go of Ben but he refuses the party get ready to use force but Shadow intervenes saying that if they want to get to Thotaam they have to go through him. Thotaam calmly says " I let go of shiny for more shiny", the party toss a few silver to him and he releases Ben from his grip who runs away. The party tired after the chase head to the tavern again, they notice posters they had missed while charging through the alley they see numerous posters of wanted poster, army recruitement poster, missing poster and poster for jhoining the ambassador program. Shadow grabs one of the wanted posters, and the party heads to the tavern. Ben meanwhile changes his appearance to that of an elf and follows to the tavern. Everyone enters except Shadow who is stopped by a noble looking priest in red, Aureval (Vryloka, Invoker) greets him and says “We undead should stick together” Shadow considers it and tells him to follow as they head towards the assassin’s guild. In the tavern the group orders a couple of drinks and Wulfric tries to get some information about the kingdom. He learns that the current king had conquered the city afew years back in the name of Nikholash, he had destroyed every temple and erected a few for Nikholash instead. Slowly as the dusts of war settled two more temples emerged one dedicated to the Raven Queen and another for Melora. The king in his initial years was active in politics but had slowly turned suspicious of everyone and started living a reclusive life, he had handed over the reigns for ruling the city to his advisors and now remained locked in his keep allowing only very visitors to meet him. The party drank to its fill and Thotaam in his drunken haze headed towards the Assassin’s guild with Ben following him.
In the assassin’s guild Shadow learns that the wanted poster is for the Master of all assassin’s guilds ‘Jedi, Shade Slayer’ and there was no actual bounty by the assassin’s guild. The poster was placed by the KKK as they were angered by his actions against them. Shadow proceeds to buy a few vials of poison using Aureval’s money, he makes a make shift spear for him using a dagger he coated with the poison they just bought and Aureval’s Quarterstaff. They head back towards the tavern, they see Thotaam on their way who Greets them but they ignore him as he stumbles around in his drunken state. Thotaam reaches the Guild and proceeds to meet the Guild master so as to join them. The guild master takes a test to determine his worth, he asks him to manage to get behind him without making a noise as he closes his eyes. Thotaam not only silently creeps behind him but also manages to remove the masters cloak and shirt, impressed by his skills the Guild master accepts him into the guild and gives him an assignment to get him the head of the leader of a Band of thugs that seem to be terrorizing the city. Thotaam leaves the guild and chances upon Ben in elf form who was stopped by the Gate Guard he invites him to join in his quest. As they leave the guild’s ground they smell fresh cake and proceed to find the source. They approach the bakery Thotaam tries stealing a cake and is stopped by the Baker with a whack with a spoon. Thotaam angered smashes the baker to death, Ben and Thotaam and Ben search the baker and the bakery for loot and then pick a dozen cakes. They douse the bakery with flammable liquid and burn it down. Happy with the cakes in their arms and coins in their pocket they return to the tavern.
In the tavern the group have been asking around for unusual happenings and learn that a group of masked men have been killing people selectively around the Main temple of Nikholash, the victims are usually devotees of Nikholash. When Thotaam returns the group share info and start planning ways to kill the masked bandits. They decide that they would hide in barrels that they asked the bartender to provide while two of them (Aureval and Shadow) would act as merchants selling cakes so as to make a donation in the Temple of Nikholash. Thotaam being too huge for a barrel suggested he would hide in the area nearby.
With the trap set the party began executing it, after a few hours of standing in the area near the temple they were approached a group of people who looked angrily at them when the streets where empty. The group asked questions about their wares and intentions and upon learning that thy were collecting money for Nikholash got ready to attack them.
The party jumped out of the barrels and sliced through the thugs. The party killed the thugs, saving the leader for last with his dying breath the leader spoke “You will never be able to end the faceless, we will return with vengeance” as Thotaam pulled out his head from his body.


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