Daedalus Gorgedraw

Dragonborn, Warlord


A tall reddish-gold scaled Dragonborn, he is covered in a gleaming enchanted scale mail from his torso to legs. His arms lay bare his powerful muscles, and his hazel eyes gleam with spirit. His endearing smile looks friendly but his teeth warn anyone that he is not to be simply trifled with. A gold-colored rondache with many scratches fits neatly into his right hand and a sharpened adamantine sword of dwarven-make in his left. A long scar runs along the right side of his face.

Personality Traits:
Passionate, cheery. Enjoys good fights, respects strong people. Is in constant search of adventure and great battles/duels, and enjoys reading and hearing of them.

“I listen to opinions, but I’d rather judge people with my own eyes and ears. Any who deserve my respect will receive it.”
“Fights are of two kinds. Those with words, and those with swords. Both are important.”
“Those who die for a cause are cowards. Those who live for them are the ones who truly care.”


Growing up on a remote island, Daedalus never knew his family, but rather, grew up in a small orphanage. At an early age he joined the island’s navy and quickly showed potential. He trained hard and practiced, challenging whoever he could in order to test himself.
Spending many years on various ships, he became much tougher as he honed his skills in military and seafaring arts. He quickly rose to the position of a Navy Captain and assumed control over his own ship and crew. It was said that there was never an incident or fight that continued for more than a second if he caught wind of it. He grew in popularity as a captain with a certain integrity in battle, and unshakable ideals.
Once becoming a full-fledged Warlord, feared and respected by his subordinates and other captains, Daedalus found himself at a loss of opponents. The island was now too small for him, and offered him no further way of improving himself. So, he left it all behind in order to pursue his own goals of becoming even stronger, in mind and body, and battling with the best of the best.

Daedalus Gorgedraw

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