Erishti Zard

Shardmind, Shaman; Brother of Shedward Zard


Yellowish in color, he looks like a cyclops Shardmind. His appearance has recently gone changes but long ago he looked similar to Shedward. He emits a certain aura that feel similar to what one feels in nature. He changes emotions like trees change due to weather.


He gained sentience along with Shedward, they traveled the world together for a few few years after their birth but parted ways. While Shedward went to the mindflayers Erishti went to the Wildens to gain knowledge. He understood the power of nature and learned the shamanic ways from various tribes around the world. The Fey started calling him the “Crystal of the Feywild”. He has been seen in various regions but has never been tracked down.

During the age of the four kings he had aided Jedi Shade Slayer in his quest to overthrow the KKK from Raven Queens Harbor and had succeeded. Erishti said his goodbye to Jedi after the battle started destroying areas that were portals to the Feywild. It is said he has taken upon the task of establishing more links to the feywild by restoring the world to its natural state making it a perfect mirror so as to cross the veil.

Erishti Zard

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