Manishrawak Zard

Shardmind, Swordmage; Brother of Shedward Zard


A light blue colored shardmind, He usually dons a Full plate armor and horned helm with one of its horns broken. He usually hides his face with a torn grey scarf which is according many who have and haven’t seen it say its shattered. The armor isn’t able to hold his shards that seem to protrude out of them.


He is the first of the Zard triplets, gaining sentience only seconds before Shedward and Erishti. While his brothers chose to stay together since birth he maintained his distance. He found his calling when he met a drow who seemed to be engaged in combat, she was gracefully landing blow after blow on her targets even as she was wounded heavily. He helped her take care of her foes, after which he asked her to train him in way of the blade. She introduced herself as Shurlochar and took him to her home in the City of Hun’rahel deep in the Shadowdark as a favor for helping her but didn’t take the initiative of teaching him. Manishwarak roamed the streets while she was away, until the day he visited the Temple of Lolth that was served by the Myund family in the courtyard he saw priestresses practicing the same moves he saw Shurlchar use. He approached them to inquire if they would teach him. They accepted him as a student in the swordmage ways on certain conditions. He spent his time learning from the Myund Sisters and obeying the contract that was forged between them, he acted as their blade taking care of buisnesses where they couldn’t risk being seen. Once he had learned all he could he left their Temple thanking them for the help they provided and now wandered the mortal plane to search for why how came into being but he is still seen sometimes lurking in the Underdark and its mirrors carrying out massacres in the name of the Drows.

Manishrawak Zard

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