Supreme God


He looks like an elven vampire, pale skin and brown hair. He has fangs that seem to enhance his look as a vampire. He has many scars on his body that seem to be signs of torture. He dresses in Noble clothings. He is of medium size (6’4’’) but can increase or decrease his size at will. He is known to be smooth enough to make one kill himself without even flinching or knowing what he was doing. He lives in the mortal plain on an island that floats around the world.


KNown as the current Supreme God as he had defeated the Gods in The Cataclysm. Not much of his past is known.

There are rumors that spread in the nine hells starting that he was once a sword of the gods fighting for them and rendering their judgment. He never served one God he heard all the Good and Neutral Divine beings. He made a mistake that caused a kingdom that was meant to be the center of worship to be destroyed and its residents massacred. This caused him to fall in the eyes of the gods, after years of hearing the divine words and loosing them in a second caused him to go mad he suicided not able to live the void left in his life. He was sent to hell as none of the gods wished to take him in their domain. Asmodeus personally took the reign for torturing him. He was allowed to roam the nine hells to see the torture witness people be defiled and corrupted with no way of saving them. It is said he planned during his years of torture he researched about the power of the gods, in his study he found that Asmodeus drew his from the evil shard in the Abyss. He found a way to enter the abyss without Asmodeus knowing. Taking the help of Thrizdun, The Chained One he learned of the shards location, many say he promised release others say he made a deal with The Elemental Eye that on his escape he would plant the shard in the astral sea. He is said to have absorbed the powers of the Shard something Asmodeus never tried and thus he became a God and a force to be reckoned with.

Another story tells of a king who had pleased Corellon by his deeds and actions that Corellon granted him a wish. The king wished to be among the Gods so he was granted Divine-hood , But this new gained power corrupted him he planned and planned ways to overthrow all the gods so as to be the king of them all.

There are many stories that tell of his time before the catclysm but all of these are just stories no one knows what part is true or which story is true.


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