Shadow, The Night's Blade

Revenant, Assassin


In his past life he grew up as an orphan never knowing who his parents were. The town he was raised in was filled with cheat’s and thieves he quickly learned to not trust anyone and had to steal to survive the harsh town, he got in fights daily over the smallest scraps of food.

The town was in the middle of a desert the nearest town was about a 4 days travel to the north making supplies arrive about once a week. The price of food was insane since we had no way to produce it in the town it had to be ordered from the north. Some people hunted at night when the desert was more forgiving, others tried eating cacti to survive both seemed to work for certain people.
When he left on the porch of the orphanage he seemed to have the mark of the raven queen upon his forehead written in blood from orcs. Some people say its a bad omen to have him around, who knows they may be right. He was always feared because of this and my strange birthmark, which seems to be a raven shaped mark upon his right shoulder.

He learned to steal and cheat my way threw anyone to survive in this town and found a assassin guild leader Withen, The black of night and he offered to train him if he didn’t mind killing people he was 15 at the time and simply agreed. The next day he stopped by the orphanage and adopted him taking him away from that desert and began training for about 2 years before Shadow’s first real assignment.

Shadow, The Night's Blade

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