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  • Eadochas

    The land of the corrupted also called the " _Land of Winter_ '' due to its never-ending winter. It is the home of the Formorians and other twisted creatures. Due it's harsh winter most of the denizens live in cities hidden within caverns or have massive …

  • Land Features of Eadochas

    The following are some of the important l;and features of the continent and their details: h3. **Mountains and Hills** **Krypa Cave** The cave is the enterance to the capital city o the drows within the Underdark. The cavern is riddled with twist …

  • Water Bodies of Eadochas

    The following are important water bodies of the continent: **Vatn Vandr** The lake is home to Kuo-Toa tribes who worship Aboleths as their God. The lake also has a few humongous insect creatures that attack passer byes.

  • Cities and Towns of Eadochas

    The continent is divided into two kingdoms that have formed a pact with each other. One kingdom is that of the Teiflings the other of the Drows. h3. **Tl’indhym City** **Population:** 24,213 **Government:** Mistress Xharlion Hon’t’tar (F, Drow) …