The land of the corrupted also called the " Land of Winter ‘’ due to its never-ending winter. It is the home of the Formorians and other twisted creatures. Due it’s harsh winter most of the denizens live in cities hidden within caverns or have massive walls to protect themselves from the cold winds. The residents have found ways to enter the Underdark and the Plane of earth due to the massive amount of tunneling they do to protect themselves from the cold.

Other Details:

Ruling Family: The Hon’t’tar

Thieves/Assassin’s Guild: The Brood

Allies: Hadesu No Tsume & Tapu Tabahi

Currency Names
Copper Clubs
Silver Fangs
Electrum Daggers
Gold Claws
Platinum Chills
Astral Diamond Shards
Continent Exchange Rates
Aestatian -5%
Grimmig -4%
Hadesume -7%
Fuegotern -5%
Stokenisi -10%
Tapabahi -5%

Terrain Featrures

Land Features
Water Bodies
Cities and Towns



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