Jovem Terra Calendar


  • Nickol - Named after the Supreme God Nickholash. This depicts the starting of the year and the begining of spring.
  • Erathon - Named after the God Erathis. The name depicts the starting of civilization after The Cold Nights.
  • Bahama - Named after the Dragon God Bahamut. The naming was done so as this was the month the dragonborn first came into being.
  • Sehana - Named after the Godess Sehanine. The Elves named the month as it was when Corellon was captured and Sehanine wept for him.
  • Mordon - Named after the God Moradin. The month is named in honor of the Dwarves who aided in the War of Olympia.
  • Pelko - Named after the God Pelor. The month was named to depict the coming of summer, Season of the sun.
  • Graz - Named after the Demon Graz’zt. The name was given by a band of cultist that had spread all over the world to depict the tyranny of the sun, even after the cult died the name stayed and was adopted by all.
  • Tiamok - Named after the Dragon Queen Tiamat. Many say that the Dragon Queen breathes fire from all five heads during this month causing the weather to heat up.
  • Aranha - Named after the Godess Avandra.The month was named to depict change of the trees and the world at the beginning of Autumn.
  • Zohirar - Named after the God Zehir. It was named as legend says Zehir spread his poison on earth making everything die.
  • Lolro - Named after the Drow Godess Lolth. It was named so as people similied the winter snow spreading to the Spider Queen spreading her web over the world.
  • Ravena - Named after the Godess Raven Queen. It was named so to depict the coldest of the Hibernal Season.


  • Prenerval- Also known as Pre-spring or Season of Birth, it starts in the Month of Nickol and ends in the month of Erathon.
  • Vernal- Also known as spring or Days of Sowing, it starts in the month of Bahama and ends in the month of Mordon.
  • Estival- Also known as High Summer or Awakening of the Sun, it starts in the month of Pelko and ends in the month of Graz.
  • Scrotinal- Also known as Late summer or Burning Heat, it starts and ends in the month of Tiamok.
  • Autumnal- Also known as Autrumn or The Change, it starts in the month of Aranha and ends in the month of Zohirar.
  • Hibernal- Also known as Winter or The Cold Nights, it starts in the month of Lolro and ends in the month of Ravena.

Days of the Week

  • Nokhday- The day signifies the begining of the week hence it is named after the Supreme God Nikholash.
  • Garday- The day when everyone ends the weekly holiday by spending coin in bars, taverns, etc. It is named after Garl Glittergold.
  • Meloday- The day sailors mostly leave port to begin trading. This is named after the Godess Melora.
  • Annday- Named in honor of the protecting Giants, the name derives its roots from Annam the God of Giants.
  • Yonday- Named after Yondollah. The naming has no meaning hidden behind nor any lore.
  • Lichday- Named after The Lich King, the day depicts when most governments and councils sit to discuss the coming weeks plan and issues that have risen up.
  • Rovday- Named after the Raven Queen to depict the end of the week.


Each kingdom has it’s own festivals but all have the following festivals in common:

20th Bahama
The Summer Equinox also known Vernal Dawn to celebrate the coming of spring. People plant seeds & trees and various festivals are celebrated.
21st Pelko
The Summer Solistice also known as The Eternal Sola. The people of the world go to theatres to watch plays and Operas. It is also the festival of Epics and songs.
23rd Aranha

The Winter Equinox also called Day of Reaping as it is the Harvest festival. People hold banquets, they drink and eat their fill in hope of a good harvest.

22nd Ravena

The WInter Solistice also called Rauveal day in honor of the Son and Champion of the Raven Queen. This day many exchange gifts and light bonfires to drive away the winter.

Jovem Terra Calendar

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