Ruled by the Shadar-kai Queen, this continent is known for its secrets and well trained assassins. The shadow creatures and fey reside here. The violent Dagon is trapped within the confines of one of the mountains of this continent. This continent has many points in which it is connected to the Feywild. Some say this is due to the peace it attained under the reign of the Shadar-Kai Queen others say it’s because long ago this was a place where they fey frolicked.

Other Details:

Ruling Family: The Yarzihzum

Thieves/Assassin’s Guild: Scarlet Ravens

Allies: N/A

Currency Name
Copper Piercings
Silver Tatts
Electrum Ravens
Platinum Blades
Astral Diamond Eyes
Continent Exchange Rates
Aestatian +5%
Eadochas +10%
Grimmig +6%
Hadesume +3%
Fuegotern +15%
Tapabahi +5%

Terrain Details:

Cities and Towns
Land Features
Water Bodies



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