Divided among four conflicting species, this continent is known for its poisons and swampy forests. The residents of this island are mainly reptilians. The denizens of these continents have been said to hold secrets that allow one to travel to the Plane of Sea.

They are the only continent to have a direct link to another continent. They had constructed a bridge to connect the continent to Beatus Aestate just years after the War of Olympia. The guards protecting the way are all from this continent.

The continent contains four factions, The Yuan-Ti called ‘Naag’, The Goblins & Kobolds called ‘Nupian’, The Gnolls called ‘Thref’ and The Lizard folk called ‘Kosmor’. The Gnoll faction is the minority in the continent and is now at the brink of extinction. The Lizard Folk though savage in nature have established well structured settlements. The Goblins and Kobolds have divided among themselves the land and the sea, while the Kobolds handle sea affairs the Goblins take care of Land affairs. The Yuan-Tai hold majority of the land of the continent and are the guardians of the bridge that connects the continent with Beatus Aestate.

Ruling Family: The Doomcrusher (Goblin & Kobold), The Flame-Paw (Gnoll), The Yizzik (Lizard Folk) & The Saz-xuk (Yuan-Ti)

Thieves/Assassin’s Guild: Death’s Warsong

Allies: Eadochas Islands & Stokeni Kolasi Isles


Currency Name
Copper Stones
Silver Nails
Electrum Eggs
Gold Scales
Platinum Quadcrown
Astral Diamonds Eyes
Continent Exchange Rate
Aestatian + 0 %
Eadochas + 5 %
Grimmig + 1 %
Hadesume – 2 %
Fuegotern + 10 %
Stokenisi - 5 %

Terrain Features:
Cities and Towns
Land Features
Water Bodies



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