The Modern Age

The Modern Age

The Modern Age is the present age, starting with the rise of the Vrylokan empire of Akuma.

Recent Times

The power vacuum left behind by Haque, Pharloo and Io’phinthal allowed Akuma to rise as a new Vrylokan empire, uniting many different peoples.

The first skull lords arose from the ashes of the Black Tower of Vuresnia, either created intentionally by the human necromancer or came forth spontaneously from the foul energies of his fallen sanctum.

The eladrin city of Ianic in the Prime Plane was created several hundred years ago in the waning days of the eladrin empire.

Centuries ago, an elf wizard by the name of Cwell created spells that she used in conjunction with her familiar, a dragonling named Cava. She founded what became known as the Cavalian school of magic.

The minotaur city of Icarus’s Labyrinth rises under the leadership of the Gulainvar Ironhoof.

The Faction War erupts in the planar city of Sigil when the Fated faction unsuccessfully tries to overthow the Lady of Pain. The faction of Mercykillers split once more into the Sodkillers and Sons of Mercy.

The night hag Grigwartha led her coven to create the first boneclaw via a ritual that combines ogre parts with oni souls “over a century ago”.

The hobgoblin Kizark Lonk formed an alliance with the kobold and established an empire in the continent of Tapu Tabahi ending the reign of the Yuan-Ti.

Majo Coven is built by the lich hag Nephyre so as to have a centre for all the hags to convene, she forms a pact with Rauveal Vasilvok to settle in his lands in exchange for protecting the Oracle.

Mining begins in the mountains of Domini Peaks as Moradin’s Boon, The Cavern Kingdom of the Dwarves also known as the Forge of Athol is established.
The last surviving Weavers after the Spellplague establish a cavern city within Mount Olympia in the material plane. It holds the greatest library in the realm containing information about the mortal plane and the other planes. There are portals to every plane present within this center of knowledge.

The holy city of all who worship Nikholash, Andravar’s Blessings is established.
The council of 13 is formed with a ziggurat built to keep them safe is constructed. The 13 begin looking after the divine activities of the Prime Plane.

War of Four

A Century after the Rise of Nickholash the story of the War of Olympia had all but forgotten. It is now only whispered among the archangels, the mortals have forgotten the imprisoned. A group known as the Hamixe’s Seers, comprising of a Deva named Karamazai, a Longtooth named Khvote, a Genasi named Twerkmaster and Shardmind named Shedward as leaders went out on a quest of carving their own kingdoms. They initially began from Khvote’s home city. They went from city to city spreading their philosophy and gaining supporters. They overthrew lords and ladies and within months had a sizable army at their command. They met with various kings and queens asking for their support if not granted they sacked the kingdom, in their journey they met a Shadar-kai guard by the name Jedi Shade slayer, not liking his attitude they knocked him out and imprisoned him in a trap filled cavern, unbeknownst to them Jedi was the commander of the Royal Guard and trained assassins. Jedi escaped using his assassin and rogue skills, on escaping he met a small group of Shadar-kai royal guards informing him that the Queen had asked for his help in overthrowing the Hamixe’s Seers from her kingdom. Jedi assembled a band of warriors from among his assassin students and went around from kingdom to kingdom asking them to join their banners with his so as to overthrow the now rapidly growing kingdom of the Hamixe’s Seers.

The Modern Age

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