Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 6: Frogs legs

Rapids & Bullies

After resting in the cave for the night the party decided they should head for Vandania’s Scale that seems to be at a close proximity, hoping to avoid the long route by road the party started building a raft to float using the river and reach the city in just a few days rather than a week. The party decided to build a sturdy raft as there were no shop to buy one, after spending hours building and putting the radt together the party finally set out on the river, Yuriel scared of water sat in the middle of the raft with a blindfold on. After setting out in the river they met their first hiccup they had forgotten the paddles, thinking thecurrent would do its job they relaxed, then the second hiccup came when they reached a sharp turn and knew the only way to avoid crashing is to either paddle or to anchor. Tying a pickaxe to the rope the party started throwing the axe towards the shore so as to pull themselves to dry land after failed attempts by the entire party except Yuriel the party began to panic, Yuriel sensing the atmosphere asked what happened, Daedlus just handed the pickaxe instead of an answer and asked him to throw witha ll his might, with Nikholash’d grace the pickaxe struck solid earth and was secured the party quickly grabbed the rope and pulled the raft to shore. Once on dry land they began making a paddle for better maneuvering. Once again they set out on the river, when night began to fall the party decided it would be better if they camp for every night thus making sure that they are always well rested. They set up camp for the night near a mountain during the night they heard whispers in primordials that sounded like croaks they thought of investing but were afraid it will be trouble so they rested keeping watch in turns for any activity. The entire night passed withonly the sound of agroup of cratures croaking in the distance. In the morning they decided to investigate the source of the croaking as they neared the place they thought the sounds were coming from they found tracks left by a webbed creature the party now at full alert followed the tracks until they dissapeared into the river. Assuming the trail had gone cold they headed back to camp but were suddenly stopped by violent croaking on turning around they found the source to be a gang of Bullywogs that were emerging from the river, they seemed to be agressive so the party drew arms the Bullywogs noticing the threat drew their own crude weapons charged at them. With each side trading heavy blows the party finally killed the Bullywogs. Yuriel who was quite hungry at this point voted that they should eat their foes, the party not able to find fault in his words agreed. They roasted the legs they chopped feet of the fallen Bullywogs and enjoyed a good hearty dinner of frogs legs. they packed the rest of the bullywogs onto the raft for the coming days. Theparty returned back to the river and moved onwards towards their target Vandania’s Scale


Saquib Saquib

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