Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 7: Meeting with scales

Air head moves

After spending four days on water the party finally reached their destination, Vandania’s Scale. Knowing they can’t carry too much weight else they would look suspicious the party hid the raft along with their stolen Hippogriff eggs in an area far from the city. They then proceeded to go towards the city to look for trouble. Their first stop was the Jewellers shop were the Shop Keeper upon seeing Aureval got angry saying that the Vasilvoks were not to be trusted. Aureval was sent out by the party as they sold the items they had stolen from Moradin’s Boon. The party after selling most of their stolen goods headed to the General store to acquire more items, there the shopkeeper showcased his newest wares, the party amazedby the iShard a KaramazaiKhvotheKlan (KKK) product for communicating long distances bought two of them for future use, they even bought a pair of bag of holdings to hold their goods. The party then headed to the arms & armor shop to buy a few magical armors and items. With everything taken care of the party headed to the inn to rest. Yuriel parted ways with the party saying he had found something he had been on a quest for and left the continent on a ferry.


Saquib Saquib

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