Realm of Nikholash

Chapter 9: Welcome to SteamPUNK

Ninjas are real

Waking up after the battle the previous the trio (Daedlus, Kai’er’ii and Aureval) head back to the city, they roam around to get familiar with the city, by evening they had explored a major part of the city finding all the shortcuts tired from travelling they headed back to the inn/tavern where Aureval had booked rooms for them. Upon entering the tavern they were greeted by an argument between two towns people one of them seemed to be covered from head to toe. After minutes of arguing the covered person (Ultramecia, Changeling/Draconian Assassin) gave up with her arms raised, unknown to whoever was watching them she took this opportunity to pinprick the other and poison him. As she turned around walked away the person collapsed and died. Kai’er’ii upon seeing this rushed to the fallen person only to realise she was too late, the trio and all people hudled around the body trying to figure out how he died all fingers pointed to Ultramecia who was seen by all to be arguing with the victim Daedlus and Aureval approached Ultramecia and questioned her, she defended herself by saying it may alcohol poisoning as the person was a heavy drinker the Inn keeper confirmed that the dead person was a very heavy drinker so all suspicions were removed from Ultramecia. Kai’er’ii thought it would be a good idea to call the guards as they were innocent and the killer should be caught Ultramecia hid in the shadows while Kai’er’ii summoned a group guards whoi happened to be patrolling nearby. The guards upon entering started asking around about the scennario, they checked the body finding a prick on the victims body the three guards decided it was murder and one of the people in the room ahd done the murder so they issued a lockdown no one would get in and no one would get out.
All the tavern patrons were made to stand in line in the reception/dining area. Ultramecia who was hiding in the corner changed faces and joined the line. Twenty people were present in the inn/tavern excluding the inn keepers and crew, the bartenders and inn keeper were first to be questioned so as to free them so they can resume their activities. One of the guards left to check everyones rooms upstairs, one guard stood at the door to make sure no one left and the last guard questioned everyone one by one. After taking care of the workers the guard shifted to the patrons, Daedlus and Kai’er’ii argued with Daedlus blaming Kai’er’ii for the current situation and Kai’er’ii stating it didn’t matter as they were innocent. The guard kept telling them to stop the arguments, Kai’er’ii tired asked for permission to sit to which daedlus facepalmed the guard on the other ignoring Daedlus agreed. Ultramecia seeing that the guard was randomly searching people too got scared as she had the weapon and poison on her looking to make sure no one was looking in her direction placed the items in the pocket of the person beside her, the person noticed and turned to her. Ultramecia gave him the ‘If you tell on me I’ll kill you’ glare which mad the person scared and remain quite. As the investigation was taking too long Kai’er’ii lied to the guards that she had seen a Halfling run outside the tavern when she was going to get the guards, the guards believing her story asked her the direction of his escape, she lied again saying he had gone left the guards hurried out removing the lockdown to pursue the invisible murderer. Ultramcia breathing a sigh of relief took back her items from her neighbour and gave him a couple of coins to keep him quite.
As the guards left the patrons and workers started discussing the victim whose body was taken by a pair of guards after the investigation and who the murderer would have been. they discussed theories on how he was killed, Daedlus finding this interesting joined the conversation. Aureval took some food and went to the corner to quitely eat, Kai’er’ii on the other feinting she was tired went upstairs she started looking into each room trying to find things to steal she found a locked chest in the room beside hers. She picked it and found a golden statue and a dagger which she pocketed.
After a few minutes of conversation Daedlus and Aureval left to see the Mecha-House which according to information they got from people on the street was the factory in which Warforgeds were created. Kai’er’ii came down stairs after they had left after looking around she remembered Daedlus had shown interest in the Mecha-House so she too headed there, Ultramecia followed her as she knew Kai’er’ii had called the guards. Daedlus and Aureval upon reaching the gates of the Mecha-House were stopped by the guard who informed them only authorized personnelle were allowed inside. After much thinking Aureval remembered his family the Vasilvok’s had connections with the makers of the Warforged so they questioned the guard if they could meet the manager. The guard asked their names (Daedlus lied he was Aureval’s bodyguard) and contacted the manager through the iShard, upon hearing the Vasilvok name asked the guard to bring them in immediately. The guard opened the gate for them and saluted Aureval, a kobold awaited to guide them to the managers office. Kai’er’ii reached the gates right after they had entered the facility she looked around and was questioned by the guard about her business in the region. She asked him if he had seen ‘Lord Aureval & Daedlus’ he asked if they were friends to which she replied (a lie) that she was Lord Aureval’s advisor. The guard opened the door for her and she too was led to the managers office by a kobold upon reaching the office she met Aureval & Daedlus who were waiting for the manager to be free from work. The trio entered the room after afew minutes, the manager a red Dragonborn named Rakayanz apologized for the delay as he offered them seats infront of an obsidian table that glowed like magma. Rakayanz questioned Aureval as to why he was here as the business with the Vasilvok’s was going good, Aureval lost for words looked towards Daedlus and Kai’er’ii. Kai’er’ii filling in for Aureval explained to Rakayanz they were’nt there to complain but just to inspect and see how the warforged were created, sensing Rakayanz liked her she flirted a bit as she asked about the factory and his work as a manager. After some discussion she asked for a tour of the factory to which Rakayanz agreed happily. They moved through the maze of corridors the entire time Rakayanz and Kai’er’ii flirted while Aureval looked around in wonder and Daedlus kept his guard. They finally reached a humungous Stone door behind which they sensed muffled hammering and clanks of metals, Rakayanz placed his hand on the door which triggered its magical lock mechanism, Rakayanz turned around with his back to the door as he announced ‘’Welcome to the Drakonca Factory of Warforged’’ as thedoor opened the party was suddenly blinded by the glow of magma, deafened by the sounds of hammers & metal and engulfed in the heat of the forges. The party looked in awe as they saw dwarves hammering on metal, dragonborns brething fire on metals, goblins scurrying arround & some tinkering with some mechanical gadgets and kobolds hurrying around transporting materials from one place to another. Rakayanz moved forward and the party followed as he shouted about what each part of the factory was and who worked on what, Kai’er’ii around his arm and snuggled close as they moved through the humungous factory. Halfway through tyhe tour Kai’er’ii pulled Rakayanz’s arm and motioned it was too hot and she wanted to go out. Rakayanz looked back at the rest of the group told them he would be back after escorting the lady out. Rakayanz kissed kai’er’ii’s hand as he parted with her in the hallway, she headed for the office the moment he left, she began searching Rakayanz’s room for anything magical or hidden when she found nothing she left a note on the table for him to meet her for a date after. Rakayanz continued with the tour after which they returned back to the office where he found the note from Kai’er’ii. Daedlus and Aureval made there way back to the inn/tavern after everything was done.
Ultramecia who was following Kai’er’ii since the tavern incident followed her to the Mecha-House she was also stopped by the guard at the gate she tried to bluff her way past but failed. So she tried an indirrect approach making sure none of the guards were looking she used the steam issuing from the factory to stealthily make her way to the top of the factory she watched the tour from the windows present on the top of the factory and noticed Kai’er’ii getting close to Rakayanz. She remained hidden from view during the entire tour and saw Kai’er’ii leave the factory mid-way. After the group had left she again stealthily made her way out of the factory premises. On her way to a tavern a crow came to her delivering a message asking her to assassinate Rakayanz as he was an advisor to the Dragonborn representative in the council and the Guild wanted it’s own representative instead of him. She returned back to the factory only to see Rakayanz leave it, she stealthily followed him. Rakayanz unaware of the follower due to his feeling of bliss as he headed to his first date in many years. Ultramecia followed him to the tavern where Rakayanz was to meet Kai’er’ii disguising herself as a Dragonborn. She watched as Kai’er’ii and Rakayanz flirted. After sometime Kai’er;ii took Rakayanz by the hand and dragged him out of the tavern, Ultramecia stealthily followed as they made their way to the top of a mountain. Rakayanz and Kai’er’ii’s awkward courtship was beeing watched by Ultramecia as she hid from them. When it started to turn dark Rakayanz took Kai’er’ii to his house (followed by Ultramecia in the shadows). Kai’er’ii spent the night with Rakayanz as lovers, Ultramecia waited in the dark for her opportunity to strike.
In the morning Kai’er’ii woke upto the smiling face of Rakayanz, she cooked him breakfast as she coaxed secrets of the factory out of him. Rakayanz informed her of the factory being were parts were created and shipped to Moradins Boon for assembly and transfered back to Vandania’s Scale, he told her how he was incharge of the entire procedure and that there mages who binded souls to the assembled warforged. He informed her that the factory was set up by Drakon ‘The Undying’ during the age of Orrinhatch and that some say he still lives away from society. Ultramecia sat there hidden from all taking notes, waiting for her target to be alone.


Saquib Saquib

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