Aureval Vasilvok

Vryloka, Invoker


He is a bit of an air head who sees everything as a new experience. He has read hair and eyes and dresses in noble clothings which has borders that contain the raven queens sigil enclosed within a red rose


Belonging to the Noble family of Vasilvok, Aureval learned the ways of the Invoker from the priests in his Kingdom. He learned of the power Raven Queen had over all the living creatures as she could grant death to anyone anytime, he became a devout of her and chose to be an Invoker drawing his power from the Queen of Winter and Death, he believes in the existence of the other Gods but believes the Queen to be the one for him and his people. He was sent out into the world by his Lord Father who wanted him to escape the noble life and live a life of adventure so as to experience the various secrets that life had to offer.

Aureval Vasilvok

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