Jedi Shade Slayer


Commander of the guards of the Shadar-kai queen and Master of the Assassin’s. He is known to be sneaky and quick witted. He is considered one of the best assassin’s by all the guilds but the world doesn’t know about his assassin position.


He was trained from birth in the arts of Assassination. He has helped many a kingdoms to fall and rise from the shadows. On reaching the age of 10 he killed his master who was the then Master of Assassin’s and ran away. All the guilds start hunting for him but whoever managed to gain even a bit info about him was erased. After years chasing his shadows the guilds finally gave up on searching for him. Until one day he appeared in the midst of the meeting of all the guilds none knew why they were called to the meeting each assumed it was held by the other guild but the true reason was that it was the perfect trap set by Jedi. He killed all of the guild heads except the Master of assassin’s whom he forced to transfer his powers to him. He had now gained the respect and fear of all the Assassin’s and was now known as the Darth Jedi Master of Assassin’s. He was eventually caught by the Shadar-kai Queen herself, she tortured him for days each day he tried to escape but his attempts were thwarted by her. She squeezed out his life story from him impressed by his determination to escape and his story she offered a place among her guards which he accepted and slowly rose to be Commander.
In the war of the four kings he was captured by the KKK when they captured his kingdom but escaped and plotted his revenge. He tried sacking the Orc kingdom but was thwarted, he then proceeded to free his queen and kingdom . He was succesful and thus began the war of the 4.

Jedi Shade Slayer

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