One of the Lords of KKK


A deva avenger who is trying to form one of the largest kingdoms there is. His thirst for conquests doen’t end at countries or continents he wishes to conquer the world. But he isn’t ruthless, it is known that every city/town/village taken over by him has been progressing better than the rest of the kingdoms. He has been creating a buisness as well as militant empire that researches new ways to help as well as destroy people.


One of the fallen warriors during the Rise of Nikholash he traveled the world aimlessly until he met Khvote. He trained Khvote in combat and strategies and together they roamed the earth looking for adventure. One day Karamazai had a thought that the world won’t listen or take his aid so he must conquer and force his will so that the world may attain peace by hating or loving him. So he has started his mission on conquering the world. He started from the Orcs empire taking over them city by city. In his travel he met a Wise Fire Elemental who was at his end. The elemental asked him to tell an interesting tale so he may die peacefully, Karamazai told his own and tale and he was trying to achieve, upon hearing his story the elemental wished to help him. Karamazai asked him to grant him immunity to fire. The elemantal said that it would come at a price. The beauty with which gods made him would be lost, Karamazai accepted this saying this a very tiny sacrifice for the cause. The elemental transfered all his energy into him causing Karamazai to become the first Eternal Flame Deva, he now looked as if he had no face/head it was replaced by a flaming skull. He now rides the lands on his Flaming Nightmare with trail of fire left behind.


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