Shedward Zard

The advisor and guide of the KKK


A pink Shardmind Psion who seems to be well versed in the worlds secrets. He has a lot of knowledge about the terrains and all creatures found in every corner of the world.


He was formed around the time of the Rise of Nikholash he has no idea about his origin. He only remembers that he was once a mere shard on the shelf of a powerful mage and suddenly he had sentience and a movable humanoid body. There were two others with him who he considers his brothers. He has spent centuries searching for them and the purpose of his existence but hasn’t been very successful.
He learned the art of the Psions in temple of Ilsensine in the Mindflayer kingdom deep in the Underdark. He was readily accepted among the Illithad community as the elder brain had commanded them to. the reason for his acceptance is unknown. Many of the priests in that community say it was due to Ilsensine himself vouching for him as he had plans for him.
After learning all he could from the Illithads he went back to the material plane and roamed around to find a purpose during this wandering he met Karamazai and Khvote, impressed by the bond they shared he asked if he could join them and since then he has been in their company silently advising them and guiding them in times of need.

Shedward Zard

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