One of the Lords of KKK


He has dried blood-colored skin and black energy lines that run across his entire body. He has a few ruddy shreds on the head as of rust. He prefers to not take part in combat due tro his lazy attitude.


He met Karamazai and Khvote in their early years of adventuring. He prefered to be in the sidelines rather than upfront. When Karamazai proposed the plan to conquering the world he supported him completely knowing that world needed some sort of order as currently it was in chaos. He was assigned to rule the Orc kingdom while Karamazai and Khvote went on to conquer more regions.
During the war of four he did not take part willingly. He was forced into the war when Jedi entered his palace with the help of a portal and surrounded him with a large group of warriors.
He is currently still in the Orc kingdom building an army to aid the KKK cause.


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