It’s known as the Continent of Savagery. The Continent was once ruled by four Lords who had divided the continent amongst themselves. The Lords usually had small skirmishes between themselves when one of them overstepped into the others borders. A few years ago the Orc Warchief was given a proposition by the still young Dreadlords of Exitium who had made a business model to improve the kingdom by opening a few shops. The shops made a lot of progress and soon they rose to be one of the richest people in the continent with their money they recruited an army and soon began forming alliances with cities they thought that would help them progress. The business now spread across all the continents funding them there was nothing that could stop them.

The continent is home to Shifters, Orcs, Ogres, Onis and Half-Breeds. The cities now are mostly under the rule of the Dreadlords of Exitium.

Ruling Family: Dreadlords of Exitium

Thieves/Assassin’s Guild: Lich’s Eye

Allies: N/A

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