Land Features of Aestatian

Mountains & Hills

Domini Peaks

The largest mountain range in the continent. The mountain is home to the dwarves who mine it for its rich metal ores. There have been sightings of Hippogriffs and Gryphon’s in these mountains. But due to the availability of ores Umber Hulks are also common in these parts.

Mount Ira Deorium

These Mountains are said to be infested by drakes that harm any who dare to climb it. Many Thri-keen tribes have made a settlemnt within this mountain.

Mount Olympus

These Mountains are the home to the weavers and their sanctum of knowledge. There is a tale that states that the sword Devourer that belongs to the Lich King of Secrets was once entombed in a case of ice within these mountains protected by a tyranny of white dragons.

Deserts, Forests and Swamps

Etenim Moor (Swamp)

These swamps are filled with ferocious Bears and Boars.

Puragatio Silvarum (Forest)

Within these forests the travelers hear the deadly hoots that are followed by them being trailed by a bear like creature. A large population of tigers have migrated to these thickets. There have been rumors that the forests is tended by ancient tree herders.

Forest of Memorium (Forest)

These forests are filled with holes littered with bones around them. Some say a worm like creature attacks from the ground below leaving behind only holes and skeletons. Apes very common in these regions. There have been sightings of a younger dragon in these regions.

Beatus Pomario (Forest)

Home to reptilian creatures and Panther like creatures that are deadly hunters.

Saltus Virtuis (Forest)

This forest is the hunting ground of venomus reptiles that resemble drakes. There have been sightings of a dragon within these forests.

Desertus Spiritum (Desert)

This Desert is infested by Beetles of various sizes. Travelers often die due to the beautiful mirages the sands conjure. Sand storms are very common in these deserts.

Land Features of Aestatian

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