Land Features of Grimmig

The following are the details of all the land features of this continent:

Mountains & Hills

Rimaxxon Peaks

The peaks are the nesting and hunting grounds of Rocs. There have been sighting of Underdark creatures roaming the peaks.

Lowen Cave

The cavern is littered with discarded armors and arms that show heavy signs of rusting. Many say that the cave has beasts that eat entire armors in a gulp while others speaks of weird balls that seem to speak nonsense.

Sterbern Cave

The cavern is home to Ettn Tribe and a few spider loving creatures.

Zungfertig Cavern

The cavern is the gathering point of a Cult lead by a Deathpriest. Majority of the cultist are Death Giants and Galeb Duhrs who are patiently waiting for their Lords return.

Forests, Swamps and Deserts

Ubermachtig Moor

The Moor is haunted by warriors and criminals that had been killed once by the elemental guardians of the Moor and now they protect it instead of the Elementals who have passed on. There are wild Worgs that also roam this Moor

Spaltung Forest

The forest has been the spot for many wars, the warlock of the post has sent his creations to collect the corpses and bring them to him for experimentation. The creations still roam the forest looking for corpses and sometimes making some.

Ode Forest

The Forest is protected by the Treant Grove that has taken the responsibilty of keeping it safe. They are mostly friendly but if the forest is harmed they take action. Many who have entered the forest sometimes see hounds chasing them these hounds seem to bring ill omen along with them.

Remaining Forest Areas

The forest are home to many small tribes of Tulgar who prefer the nomadic life. The treees in many regions hide the tainted Tanarukks who were tainted during the God War.

Land Features

Synthilpsi Mouth

The Lagoon is surrounded by statues that come to life when someone approaches its center. There have been rumors that beneath the calm lagoon surface lies a cavern that holds many dark secrets.

Land Features of Grimmig

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