Water Bodies of Aestatian

River of Jehova

Infested by reptilian creatures whose stench can be smelled from afar.

Lolka River

It is said Unicorns often come to these rivers to have a drink. Not many believe these tales. But majority of the travellers agree they have heard loud croaking noises in the region that sounded like they were being emitted from very large frogs.

Syxa River

Overrun by crocodiles this swampy river is one of the least taken waterway. There have been sightings of skeletons encased in gelatenous lumps on the shores of the river.

Rake River

Tales speak of beautiful fey creatures which dwell around these waters toying with any who pass by. Many travellers have heard songs emiting from the the thickets that border the lakes during seasonal changes.

Lake Imperio

Home to slimy creatures who enslave any who dare come too close to these waters. SOme state these creatures have been there since the dawn of time.

Lake Chorn

Home to three different tribes of Kuo-Toa who pray to alien gods. These tribes are known to fight amongst themselves to prove that their deity is the one true deity. There have been sightings of various structures depiscing their deities within the settlements, one of them has a huge vessel that pours water upon a weird structure constructed in the shape of a water elemntal; the second has various trees and shrubs planted together in the shape of a dragon; and the third has a stautue made of flesh depicting a deformed Ape.

Lake Animus

This river is rumoured to hold a portal to the Elemental Chaos but none have been able to pass the guardian to prove of its existence.

Water Bodies of Aestatian

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