Cities and Towns of Aestatian

The Following are all of the major Cities, towns and village of Beatus Astate Insula

KIngdom of Sysvani

Population: 8,542

Government: Autocracy; Mad King Vinkel Lytton (M, Human) & Whispering Council

  • Lord Hand: Carsten (M, Human)
  • Commander of The Divine Gate: Michael (M, Human)
  • Mage Arcanum: Nungatten (F, Gnome)
  • Coin Keeper: Leofwear (M, Dragonborn)

Guards: Patrol (58); Army (987)

Residents: Human (Major), Dragonborn (Minor), Dwarf (Minor), Elf (Minor), Gnome (Minor)

Economy: It exports Green bean, Oranges and Swords

Selling/Buying Tax: 20 – 30 %

Ruled by the Mad King Lytton this city kingdom was conquered by him in the name of Nikholash just a few years ago. He at first was very involved in the politics of his kingdom but in the recent years he has become reclusive only allowing a few to meet him. He has handed over the reigns to his trusted advisors while he stays within his keep. There are only a few temples in this kingdom as Lytton detroyed the others when he conquered it. The main tample is for Nikholash, there is a temple for the Raven Queen where the old, frail, sick and those at deaths door go to worship. The temple dedicated to Melora is near the port as the Merchants and sea farers go there to worship for safe passage.

The economy of this metropolis is still growing.

Vandania’s Scale

Population: 6,338

Government: Plutocracy; Lord Tazbroth & Brazen Council

  • Industrial Moghul: Rakayanz (M, Dragonborn)
  • Ministeress of Foreign Affairs: Tiyya Vea (F, Dragonborn)
  • Commander of The Diamond Blades: Lacious (M, Dragonborn)
  • Keeper of Magic: Saxgisl (M, Dragonborn)

Guards: Patrol (85); Army (627)

Residents: Dragonborn (Major), Dwarf (Minor), Warforged (Guardians), Elf (Minor)

Economy: It exports Warforged Guards, Chickens, Iron, Leather and Arcane items.

Selling/Buying Discount: 5 – 10 %

City of the Dragonborn, ruled by a council of elected members who rule till they retire or are removed due to a vote of no confidence in them. The city is mostly known for its arcane items, Iron Mines and battle wares. It is the place where all of the worlds Warforged bodies are assembled. The council is influenced by the main Draconic council, the current dragonborn head of the Sysvani council is the representative for all the Dragonborns in the ‘Jevrath’-Main Council.

Moradin’s Boon

Population: 15,984

Government: Mord Council

  • Commander of The Bronze Gauntlet: Ilvbellil Ironhand (M, Dwarf)
  • Keeper of Internal Affairs: Calarandir (M, Elf)
  • Lord of Coin: Glegan Bronzethumb (M, Dwarf)
  • Mine-Master: Nafur Goldfeet (M, Dwarf)
  • Mistress of Bonds: Vulirin Platinumeye (F, Dwarf)

Guards: Patrol (89); Army (449)

Residents: Dwarf (Major), Elf (Minor)

Economy: It exports Armor, Griffons, Jewels and Metals.

Selling/Buying Discount: 10 – 20 %

The Cavern Kingdom of the Dwarves also known as the Forge of Athol . Many people don’t dare enter the caverns for fear of being lost in the mines that slither within the entire mountain. The visitors have to pass the labyrinthine mines before they can reach the main city ‘Darezmalin’. There are various settlements present in various corners of the mines but The Darezmalin is the heart of Moradin’s boon. The Entire Moradin’s boon has a council that meets at Darezmalin every second week on, the council is made up of Dwarves and elves that helped improve the city and bring it to its current glory.

Weaver Cavern

Population: 217

Government: Isocracy; Council of 4

  • War Weaver: Scharra (Weaver)
  • Arcane Weaver: Narajoff (Weaver)
  • Coin Weaver: Lukhsa (Weaver)
  • Dimension Weaver: Walgoin (Weaver)

Guards: 24

Residents: Weaver (Major), Xorn (Guardians)

Economy: No Export.

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 20 %

The last surviving home of the Weavers. It holds the greatest library in the realm containing information about the mortal plane and the other planes. The denizens are really protective of the information they have gathered. There are portals to every plane present within this center of knowledge. The scholars within it carry out various experiments and research whose purpose is unknown. There is no leader among the weavers as all consider each other equal.

Moving Timber

Population: 42

Government: Autocracy; Headmistress Sharama Nurin (F, Eladrin)

Commander:Gylas Sunindun (M, Eladrin)

Guards: 8

Residents: Eladrin (Major), Dryads (Major), Elf (Minor), Hounds (Pets/Guardians)

Economy: The Settlement doen’t Export.

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 20 %

Center of training for the druids this settlement is untouched by anyone. If one looks closely they can see dryads tending to the forest and its creatures. Not all druids can enter it as the dryads are really protective of this virgin land.

Icarus’s Labyrinth

Population: 4,574

Government: Monarchy; Lord Drujak IronHoof (M, Minotaur) & Horned Council

  • Commander of The Steel Path: Zandris Ironfist(F, Minotaur)
  • The Arcane Lord: Polwran Elfbane (M, Minotaur)
  • Maze Guardian: Duuter Boulderfist (F, Minotaur)
  • Hoard-Keeper: Xennere (M, Rakshasa)

Guards:Patrol (25); Army (274)

Residents: Minotaur (Major), Dragonborn (Minor), Rakshasa (Minor)

Economy: It exports Pigeons, Steel, Stone, Tapestries and Wine.

Selling/Buying Discount: 10 – 20 %

City of the Minotaur ruled by Drujak IronHoof, 15th to hold the title of ruler of this city. The city is constructed like a humongous maze surrounding the dreaded labyrinth known as the ‘Asylum of The Horned’. Prisoners and criminals are thrown into this labyrinth to walk within the dark corridors forever. No one knows what lies within this labyrinth.

Shire of Goodwill

Population: 1,585

Government: Gerontacracy; Elder Council

  • Valpher (M, Halfling)
  • Theryola (F, Halfling)
  • Yesora (F, Halfling)
  • Tobias (M, Human)
  • Scarlette (F, Human)

Commander:Jarri Adler (F, Halfling)

Guards: 32

Residents: Halfling (Major), Elf (Minor), Human (Minor), Drake (Pets/Guardians)

Economy: It exports Pepper, Silk, Fish and Turkeys.

Selling/Buying Discount: 10 – 20 %

A peaceful and friendly fishing town that welcomes its visitors with open arms. The Shires major decisions are taken by a group of elders.

Hidden Bog

Population: 199

Government: Diacracy; Mera Grosko & Colodomir ‘The Poltergeist’ (F & M, Gnome)

Commander: Hoch Vandek (M, Gnome)

Guards: 12

Residents: Gnome (Major), Satyr (Major)

Economy: It exports nothing.

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 20 %

The tree village home to the trickster gnomes. They love to trick travelers and passerby’s who come near this settlement. Many have tried to stop them but they have been thwarted by tricks and illusions. The gnomes are said to be lead by Colodomir ‘The Poltergeist’.

Port Mox

Population: 6,217

Government: Plutocracy; Guild Master Sigefroy Bronzechin(M, Dwarf) & Guild Council

  • Merchants Guild Head: Fashi Leea (F, Half-Elf)
  • Construction Guild Head: Evaryan (M, Elf)
  • Arcane Guild Head: Claroy (M, Human)

Commander: Seledra Fivre (M, Half-Elf)

Guards: Watch (66); Patrol (35); Army (297)

Residents: Elf (Major), Half-Elf (Minor), Dwarf (Minor), Human (Minor), Wolf (Pets/Guardians)

Economy: It exports Hide, Wood, Tapestries, Cloth, Felt and Yarn.

Selling/Buying Discount: 0 – 5 %

One of the major trading ports of the continent. They are known for exquisite items that they sell and export. Governed by Sigefroy and his council.

Andravar’s Blessings

Population: 17,903

Government: Theocracy; High Priest Zebarr (M, Human) & Holy Council

  • Priest of Arcanum: Downey (M, Halfling)
  • Warrior Priestess: Cae Sureko (F, Half-Elf)
  • The Mute Priest (Spies & Treasury): Alyssan (M, Halfling)
  • The Travelling Priestess (Foreign Affairs): Blaise (F, Human)

Guards: Watch (137); Patrol (57); Army (1,686)

Residents: Human (Major), Halfling (Major), Half-Elf (Minor), Dragonborn (Minor), Aasimar (Minor)

Economy: It exports Leather, Tubs, Bracelets and Cloth

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 20 %

The holy city of all who worship Nickholash. The pope of Nickholash resides within this holy city teaching priests and disciples in ways on how to please the supreme god. Within the Main temple lies a ruby that resembles a blood drop, it is said this artifact is the blood Nickholash shed during the God War.

Shimmering Temple

Population: 124

Government: Council of 13

  • Priest of Bahamut & Tiamat: Rassahi (M, Dragonborn)
  • Priest of Erathis & Lady of Pain: Tesfin (M, Minotaur)
  • Shaman of Gruumsh: Aragak (M, Half-Orc)
  • Priestess of Lolth: Neerstin (F, Drow)
  • Priest of Moradin: Amdus (M, Dwarf)
  • Priest of Asmodeus & Ilsensine: Mavxes (M, Tiefling)
  • Priestess of Avandra & Yondolla: Belyola (F, Halfling)
  • Priest of Sehanine: Fylabin (M, Eladrin)
  • Priestess of The Raven Queen: Kayey (F, Deva)
  • Priest of Pelor: Alberto (M, Human)
  • Priestess of Garl Glittergold: Celwyn (F, Gnome)
  • Priestess of Melora: Tinelbis (F, Wilden)
  • Priestess of Ioun : Inarie (F, Elf)

Commander: Dharusa (M, Deva)

Guards: 52

Residents: Deva (Major), Human (Minor), Elf (Minor), Dwarf (Minor), Half-Orc (Minor), Halfling (Minor), Gnome (Minor)

Economy: It exports nothing.

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 20 %

Another holy city dedicated to the fallen gods of the God War. This is also the birthplace of Devas who are sworn to protect the priests and holy men who have set out for a noble cause. It contains temples dedicated to almost all the major gods and goddesses except Nickholash.

Gathering Moss

Residents: Mosslings (Major)

Hidden deep within the swamps this ruined town is still avoided as many who enter it seem to lose their memory or their life. These were one of the regions heavily effected by the spellplague.

Ruins of Uldane

Population: 24

Government: Autocracy; Pharaoh Exyva (Mummy Lord)

Commander:Waryx (M, Lich)

Guards: 9

Residents: Mummy (Major), Lich (Minor), Sphinx (Guardians)

Once a mighty kingdom this city is now in ruins with only its massive pyramids and ziggurats still standing. Tales tell that these are still haunted by the residents that once occupied it.

Rake Village

Population: 874

Government: Autocracy; Lady Aryava (F, Lamia)

Commander: Taff Dalloran (M, Warforged)

Guards: Patrol (8); Army (43)

Residents: *Human (Major), Teifling (Minor), Dragonborn (Minor), Warforged (Guards), Gnome (Minor)

Economy: It exports Clay, Honey bees and Wheat.

Selling/Buying Tax: 5 – 10 %

A small village ruled by the Lady Aryava. The city is well guarded by Warforged made by the Dragonborns of Vandania’s scale. The villagers lock themselves up in their houses during the night as there have been many random killings during the shadow of the dark even after the security offered by the Warforged.

Fiery bliss

Population: 9,792

Government: Trade Council

  • Mistress of Gems: Ferhemri (F, Phoelarch)
  • Moghul of Scrolls: Meakos (M, Tiefling)
  • Don of Arms: Gacaq M, Phoelarch)
  • Leader of Drapes: Kivaj (M, Phoelarch)
  • Captain of Barges: Shanirith (F, Tiefling)
  • Leader of Wheels: Valrakas (M, Tiefling)

Commander: Mispione (F, Teifling) & Dharlynx (M, Phoelarch)

Guards: Patrol (87); Army (689)

Residents: Teifling (Major), Phoelarch (Major)

Economy: It exports Apples, Bags, Buckets and Reindeer.

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 20 %

This port is the home to the shunned Phoera. No one approaches it for fear of being attacked by the chaotic residents. A few Teifling families have also taken residence after an alliance was forged between them and the Phoera. The city is jointly ruled by a Phoera and Teifling council.

Port Arthus

Population: 7,529

Government: Autocracy; Lord Haruki (M, Human)

Commander: Ettard Farneth (M, Human) & Misha Sari (F, Half-Elf)

Guards: Watch (21); Patrol (12); Army (212)

Residents: Human (Major), Halfling (Minor), Elf (Minor), Half-Elf (Minor), Dwarf (Minor), Doppelganger (Minor)

Economy: It exports Cord, Corn, Fleece and Nails.

Selling/Buying Discount: 10 – 20 %

One of the important ports of the continent. It has been recently hit by many thugs. The guards have tried to capture the thief but have failed to get even a clue each time. They have no idea who is doing the thefts. The port is ruled by Lord Haruki.

h2. Ianic’s City

Population: 10,344

Government: Civil Government; Grove Council

  • Keeper of Hearts (Internal Affairs): Amorwën (F, Eladrin)
  • Lady of Prosperity (Trade): Ellyjobel (F, Gnome)
  • Sehanine’s Chosen (Religious Affairs): Eowáwiel (F, Elf)
  • Commander of The Iron Star (Guard): Anasinma (F, Elf)
  • Master of the Bridge (Foreign Affairs): Anil-Garil (M, Elf)
  • Magus Dominus: Elrebrildur (M, Eladrin)

Guards: Watch (26); Patrol (103); Army (1,517)

Residents: Elf (Major), Gnome (Minor), Eladrin (Minor)

Economy: It exports potions, Mulberries, Rats and Wine

Buying & Selling Discount: 5 – 10 %

The beautiful city of the elves. It is known for its architecture which integrates nature into the built structures. The city is ruled by the Elven Council.

The Chaos

Residents: Elementals (Major), Earthquake Dragon (Minor)

The ruins of an old kingdom that now overrun by Elementals who have taken residence within it. The elementals are the result of experiments that went wrong. The previous residents all died due to the failed experiments by mages during the spellplague leaving behind a tear in the plane leading to the outer planes. A few elementals entered the mortal realm before the tear was closed and now they reside in this region wrecking havoc.

Shard Harbor

Population: 273

Government: No Governing Body

Commander: Valdis (Nerra)

Guards: 83

Residents: Shardmind (Major), Nerra (Minor), Weaver (Minor)

Economy: Exports nothing

Buying/Selling Tax: 10 – 20 %

Port of the military Nerras & Shardmind. They are the only city allied to the Weavers aiding them in their quest for knowledge. They are the ones who created the portals that are housed within Weavers Cavern. The city has no rulers but has a set of rules that all follow unquestionably.

Cities and Towns of Aestatian

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