Cities and Towns of Grimmig

The entire continent is under the rule of the The Dreadlords of Exitium.

Blutrunstrigen Kingdom


Government:Lord Athamasins Adamache (M, Vampire) & Fanged Council

Commander:Callidora (Army, F, Vampire), Lycurgus (Watch, M, Lycanthrope)

Guards:Watch (103), Patrol (43) Army (687)

Residents:Vampire (Minor), Githyanki (Minor), Lycanthrope (Major), Dwarf (Minor), Orc (Minor)

The City was once the capital city of the Vampire Kingdom but after the Dreadlords of Exitium took over it was promoted to the capital city of the continent due it’s strong defense. The City was built by the self-exiled Vasilvok Prince who after being turned into a Vampire by the first Vasilvok Lord Rauveal ran away from the kingdom he called home. The prince changed his name into Alucard Adamache and settled down in these lands. He spread his taint among the travellers and slowly the settlement grew as more turned into vampires or vampiric spawn. After a few years of feeding on innocent travellers and brave adventurers, the vampires who had all taken on the name Adamache calmed down from their blood crazed thirst and formed a pact that would stop the unnecesary killing and feeding on innocents. This pact led to the formation of a peaceful vampire settlement which slowly grew and eventually formed into the Blutrunstreigen Kingdom.

The Kingdom is home to a flock of peaceful vampires and people exiled from their city or continent and those seeking refuge from forces pursiuing them. A few packs of Lycanthropes joined the kingdom due to the kingdoms acceptance of all humanoids.

Sklave City


Government:Magii Council

Commander:Xujarek (M, Orc)

Guards:Patrol (53) Army (476)

Residents:Orc (Major), Human (Minor), Half-Orc (Major)

The last surviving remenant of the Orc Empire. The surviving Orcs of the Dragonborn and Orc Empire of Orrinhatch after wandering for a few years pillaging what they could finally settled in the area near the mountain range of Grimmig Continent. Having lost the a massive amount of their horde the Orcs decided to setlle down and build their strengths. After the Dreadlords of Exitium arrived in the continent they found potential in the Orcs as certain arcane secrets of Orrinhatch’s Empire had been left with them. The Dreadlords began the slow rise of the Orc city by aiding the implementation of druidic, arcanic and divine magic in the daily lives of the Orcs. Eventually it turned into the main industrial city of the continent. It was the city in which the first K-Shop (Dreadlords of Exitium owned) was opened.

The city is currently on its way to become the most influential city of the continent. The city was among the first to become the Dreadlords of Exitium Bannermen. The city is currently governed by a Magii Council which has representatives of arcane, divine, druidic and warriors.

Einhorn Harbor


Government:Lord Council

Commander:Samga (F, Goliath)

Guards:Patrol (76) Army (543)

Residents:Githyanki (Major), Goliath (Major), Human (Minor), Elf (Minor)

One of the settlements which the Githyanki had migrated to after the exile imposed on them after the War of Olympia. The Githyanki’s of this city are known to love a very lavish lifestyle with a few of the families competing against each other in manners of popularity, wealth and guards.

The port is also home to Goliaths whose herds had decided to settle down rather than live a nomadic lifestyle. The Goliath leaders have started imitating the Githyanki lords and have given into the lavish lifestyle those who couldn’t compete either employed as guards or labourers. The Council and many of the rich Githyanki families are in good terms with the Dreadlords of Exitium due to unknown reasons. There have been a few rumors that some of the Githyanki lords are hiding some very dark secrets.

Gefalsch Harbor


Government:The 10 Families

Commander:Jarvald (Patrol, M, Lycanthrope), Biger (Army, M, Goliath)

Guards:Patrol (54) Army (381)

Residents:Lycanthrope (Major), Goliath (Major), Human (Minor)

The Ruling Lycanthrope families are loyal to the Dreadlords of Exitium . The harbor is a safe haven for Lycanthropes and shifters from the entire realm. The harbor was founded by the earliest Lycans who had migrated from the Adamache Kingdom due to the severe need of ports for allowing trade from waterways into the adamache empire. As the years passed by the port expanded and increased in size.

The ten families that currently rule the city have been rulers since the founding of the city. Each of the families have been given responsibilitoes in which the other families can’t intefere. They have managed to create a very peaceful environment and have been able to make the trade of this city boom tremendously.

Port Loscher


Government:Lady Haldis (F, Githyanki)

Commander:Chulumn (M, Goliath)

Guards:Patrol (230) Army (1,158)

Residents:Goliath (Major), Githyanki (Minor)

The port was established by the Goliaths who had allied with the Adamache Kingdom. After the war of Olympia the Githyanki that were exiled from the Astral sea seeked refuge in the continent of Grimmig and were welcomed with open arms by the Goliath. As time passed by the Githyanki gained equal footing within the city and helped improve the port from the crude Goliath ways to the refined Githyanki ways. The Githyanki established ports for the Airships which they began manufacturing with the aid of the Goliaths. The city is also known to be a manufacturer of weapons for the continent.

Port Adler


Government:Council of 3

Commander:Yanisin (Watch, M, Skulk), Nawkaw (Army, M, Tulgar)

Guards:Patrol (61) Army (437)

Residents:Lycanthrope (Major), Tulgar (Major), Skulk (Minor), Teifling (Minor)

The port is under the charge of a joint lordship between the Lycanthropes and Tulgars. Due to the tension between the ruling families there have been many assassination attempts and political scheming so as to gain power over the other.

Willen Town


Government:Bellatrix Thjadhild (F, Lycanthrope) & Family

Commander:Wagrut (M, Ogre)


Residents: *Ogre (Major), Lycanthrope (Minor)

The town ruled by a Lycanthrope family constantly scared of when their Ogre subkects may snap and kill them all. To sate the savageness of the Ogres the Lady had installed fighting pits allowing the ogres to battle each other and thus keep the family safe from the Ogre’s thirst for blood.

Hobel Town


Government:President Dahya (F, Githyanki)

Commander:Khallak (M, Githyanki)

Guards:Patrol (39) Army (273)

Residents:Githyanki (Major), Skulk (Minor), Teifling (Minor)

The town once ruled by Teifling family which was massacred in the dead of the night. The Githyanki’s took the opportunity to take over and become rulers they have been searching for the murderers of the previous ruling family so as to rise in the eyes of the public and gain their support.

Flimmern Bog


Government:War chief Gnarfard (M, Tulgar) & Soul Council

Guards:Patrol (31) Army (228)

Residents:Tulgar (Major), Gith (Minor)

The small settlement of Tulgars who follow shamanic traditions. they have allowed a few weak Gith’s to take refuge within their settlements. The old Tulgar shamans had taught the gith ways to bind souls back into a Tulgar body, the Gith now help them in this task.

Menschen Post


Government:Mephisto Israfen (M, Half-Elf)

Guards: ??

Residents:Hommunculus (Major)

A small settlement that lies among the wild. Hidden within its belly are treasures and artifacts collected by an immortal Bard who spent his lifetime gathering them. He has left Guards that kill anything that approaches the fort; only the worthy may be able to take what has now been left alone for centuries.

Cities and Towns of Grimmig

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