Cities and Towns of Tapabahi

The continent is divided into four kingdoms, The Yuan Tai called ‘Naag’, The Goblins & kobolds called ‘Nupian’, The Gnolls called ‘Thref’ and The Lizard folk called ‘Kosmor’.

Naag Kingdom

Population:30,129 & unknown number of slaves

Government:Queen Akisea Saz-xuk (F, Yuan-Ti) & Hissing Council

  • Meister of Arcane: Ephiaraus ( M, Medusa )
  • Coin-mistress: Phaethali (F, Yuan-Ti )
  • The Emerald Guards Commander: Isisia ( F, Medusa )
  • The Whisperer: Eustotheos ( M, Yuan-Ti )

Guards: Watch (341); Patrol (140); Army (2,578)

Residents:Yuan-Ti (Major), Medusa (Minor), Cockatrice (Pets), Kobold (Minor)

Economy: The city exports poisons, custom magical items,Corn, Deer, Glass, Quail and Reindeer.

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 25 %

Brought to glory by the Medusa Queen Hersafa Saz-xuk that ruled them a decade after the War of Olympia, this is the city of the Yuan-Ti. With Serpentine columns adorning the city and Ziggurats erected to praise Zehir this city is the capital city of the Yuan-Ti kingdom. The city has ramps instead of stairs for ease of travel for Yuan-Ti with serpentine lower bodies.

Tri-Gorb City


Government: Stratocracy; War-Chief Truz Doomcrusher (M, Hob-Goblin) & Green Council

  • Hoard-Lord: Mogvunk ( M, Goblin )
  • Lord of The Bronze Gauntlet: Loilgokx ( M, Goblin)
  • High Priest: Eamtisb ( M, Goblin )
  • Silent Listener: Flamkish ( M, Goblin )

Commander:Loilgokx ( M, Hob-Goblin )

Guards:Watch (178), Patrol (69), Army (498)

Residents: *Goblin (Major)

Economy: The city exports Weapons, Bracelets, Chickens, Leather, Snakes, Spinach and Yarn.

Selling/Buying Tax: 15 – 20 %

This is the capital city of the Goblinoids. Famous for their war-tactics and discipline in battle they are the most feared warriors in the kingdom. Ruled by the Hob-Goblin Warchief Truz along with his trusted commander/advisors this city constantly aims to kill the dragon that seems to hunt its citizens.

Statutue of the Naaga Queen

This statue depicts the first queen of the Yuan-Ti. There have been various sightings of a divine rainbow serpent that seems to guard this statue.

Wayu Harbor


Government:Kleptocracy; Captain Tarka (F, Kobold) & Black Flag Council

  • Booty Lord: Marre ( M, Kobold )
  • The Spyglass: Kelradrig ( M, Kobold )
  • Captain of The Mers-Kiss: Vusgregu (F, Kobold )
  • Cartographer Extraordinaire: Nadrulirk ( M, Kobold )

Guards: Watch (131), Patrol (78), Army (582)

Residents: Kobold (Major), Goblin (Minor)

Economy: The city exports Asparagus, Dogs, Doves and Tobacco.

Selling/Buying Tax: 5 – 10 %

The city is part of the Goblin kingdom, its residents are majority Kobolds. The famous Kobold pirate Jack Fang is said to visit this city often. The Harbor is ruled by a council of pirates who follow a fixed code set by the Pirate Coven of The Kraken centuries ago.

Dhuandar Harbor


Government:Stratocracy; War-Lord Trergolb (M, Goblin) & Wave Council

  • Blade Master: Crermotrin ( M, Kobold )
  • Coin Conjurer: Nazraksa ( F, Kobold )
  • Lord Concocter: Krordet ( M, Hob-Goblin )
  • Captain of the Grey Current: Az (F, Barghest)

Guards:Watch (108), Patrol (68), Army (415)

Residents:Goblin (Major), Barghest (Minor), Kobold (Minor)

Economy: The city exports Ale, Pepper and Wine.

Selling/Buying Tax: 10 – 15 %

This city is also part of the goblin kingdom. It is the Kingdoms main navy port, it houses all of the warships of the kingdom. Ruled by the Retired Warlord Trergolb.

Port Yuna

Population: *6,172

Government:Democracy; Scale Council

Commander: Xuthotheos (M, Yuan-Ti)

Guards:Watch (78), Patrol (47) Army (346)

Residents:Yuan-Ti (Major), Slaad

Economy: The city exports Apples, Deer, Fish and Olives.

Selling/Buying Tax: 5 – 10 %

The only city other than the capital that is under the Yuan-ti. This city is overrun by Zehir cultists and Yuan-Ti. The Yuan-Ti have employed the insane slaads to do some of the labor work. It is ruled by a small council.

Port Bhrum

Population:4,179 and unknown number of slaves

Government:Diacracy; Gabranth & Vandran (M & F, Gnoll)

Commander:Labrar (M, Gnoll)

Guards:Watch (51), Patrol (34) Army (184)

Residents:Gnoll (Major), Human (Minor), Elf (Minor), Dwarf (Minor)

Selling/Buying Tax: 20 – 30 %

The last city of the gnolls. It is known as the slavers city as the gnolls operate as pirates and slavers, slowly growing their army of slaves so as to take over the continent. The gnolls are ruled by the Duo called ‘’The Stalking Wolves’’ Gabranth & Vandran.

Dupak Town


Government:Patriarchy; Chief Elbrodge (M, Kobold)

Commander:Lulmanvious (F, Drakkoth)

Guards:Patrol (8), Army (55)

Residents: Drakkoth (Minor), Kobold (Major)

Economy: The city exports Bananas.

Selling/Buying Tax: 15 – 25 %

The town is the home to kobolds who worship the Black Dragon of the lake. They are part of the Goblin kingdom. They are ruled by the Tribe Chief Elbrodge.

Chanak Town


Government:Magocracy; Shaman Zephethe (M, Lizardfolk)

Commander:Mssolly (M, Witchlight Lizardfolk)

Guards:Patrol (16) Army (67)

Residents:Witchlight Lizardfolk (Major), Ssuran (Major)

Economy: The city exports Aquamarine and Strawberries.

Selling/Buying Discount: 5 – 10 %

Home to Lizardfolk who have learned a few arcane tricks and are proficient in a few arcane rituals. They are said to be more hungry for magical items than humanoid flesh. The town is under the leadership of the shaman Zephethe.

Bakhlan Town


Government:Diarchy; Lord Thanisius (M, Lizardfolk), Shaman Cephitus (M, Lizardfolk)

Commander:Zara (F, Ssuran)

Guards:Patrol (19) Army (59)

Residents:Lizardfolk (Major), Ssuran (Minor)

Economy: The city exports Cloth, Clothing and Wood.

Selling/Buying Tax: 5 – 10 %

Lizardfolks of high intelligence live in this town, they do not revere travelers as food unless they are goblinoids. They have a deep hatred for the mighty goblins. The Town is led by Thanisius and follow the shamanic ideals of Cephitus.

Binju Village


Government: Autocracy; Lord Helosee “Glutton” (M, Lizardfolk)

Commander:Theolmelnorn (M, Dragonspawn)


Residents:Lizardfolk (Major), Dragonspawn (Minor)

The residents of this village are highly territorial Lizardfolk and intelligent Dragonspawns. They are said to feast upon all who enter their region.The village is under the rule of The Glutton Helosee.

Forked Temple


Government:Theocracy; Prophetess Prisiphis (F, Medusa)

Commander:Hespaestus (M, Yuan-Ti)


Residents:Medusa (Major), Yuan-Ti (Major)

Selling/Buying Tax: 25 – 30 %

The main temple of Zehir in the comtinent. The High Priestess of this temple is a medusa named Prisiphis who had blinded herself for Zehir and was blessed by sight. The Yuan-Ti Kingdom listens to her advice and orders unquestioningly. The kingdom in reality is under the Lord Ibysotheos who himself only listens to Prisiphis.

Chonch Lighthouse

Population: 30 & unknown number of prisoners

Government:Autocracy; Guardian Selisa (F, Medusa)

Commander: Selali (F, Yuan-Ti)

Guards: 12

Residents:Medusa (Minor), Yuan-Ti (Major)

Selling/Buying Tax: 25 – 30 %

This small settlement around the lighthouse is also the prison for the Yuan-Ti kingdom. The Prison Head is a Medusa named Selisa.

Bheem Lighthouse

Population: 34

Government: Magocracy; Warlock Zeldelx (M, Goblin)

Commander: Narch (M, Goblin)

Guards: 4

Residents: Goblin (Major), Norker (Minor)

Selling/Buying Tax: 5 – 10 %

One of the outposts of the Goblin Kingdom, it is said thae the residents spy on the entire continent using magic and artifacts. The Lighthouse functions under the warlock Zeldelx.

Cities and Towns of Tapabahi

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