The following is the list of the Deities of Jovem Terra:

Nickholash – The Supreme God of Jovem Terra, all deities and primordials, even those who operate in other spheres and planes, are subject to him

Major Gods

The Greater Gods & Godess represent all the major races and are under the rule of Nikholash the Supreme God. They form The Yynkovonial Council which takes all the major divine decisions.

  • Nikholash – (??) Supreme God of Annihilation, Creation, Knowledge, Dreams & Power.
  • Annam – (Unaligned) Greater God of Plants, Philosophy & Poetry. Called ‘The Prime’ Patron of Trolls, Ettins, Ogres & Giants.
  • Asmodeus – (Lawful Evil) Greater God of Tyranny & Domination. Known as Lord of Devils. Patron of all Devils.
  • Avandra – (Lawful Good) Greater Godess of Change, Luck, Trade & Travel. Also Known as ‘The Maiden’
  • Bahamut – (Lawful Good) Greater God of Justice, Nobility, Music & Protection. Also Known as ‘King of the good Dragons’.
  • Bane – (Lawful Evil) Greater God of Fear, Conquest & War.
  • Erathis – (Unaligned) Greater God of Civilization, Invention & Law.
  • Garl Glittergold – (Neutral Good) Greater God of Humor, Trickery & Gem-cutting. Also Known as The Sparkling Wit. Patron of Gnomes.
  • Gruumsh – (Chaotic Evil) Greater God of Turmoil, Conquest & Strength. Also Known as ’He Who Never Sleeps. Patron of Orcs.
  • Ilsensine – (Lawful Evil) Greater God of Underdark, Psionic Magic. Also known as ‘The Great Brain’. Patron of Mind-Flayers.
  • Ioun – (Unaligned) Greater God of Arcane Knowledge, Prophecy & Skill.
  • Lolth – (Chaotic Evil) Greater God of Spiders, Assassins, Shadows, Lies & Chaos. Also known as ‘The Spider Queen’. Patron of Drows.
  • Maglubiyet – (Neutral Evil) Greater God of War & Courage. Also known as ‘The Battle Lord’. Patron of Goblins.
  • Melora – (Unaligned) Greater Godess of Wilderness, Sea & Arts .
  • Moradin – (Lawful Good) Greater God of Metal-craft, Stonework & Smithing. Also called ‘Dwarf-Father’. Patron of Dwarves.
  • Pelor – (Neutral Good) Greater God of Sun, Light, Healing & Summer. Also knwon as ‘The Shining One’.
  • Sehanine – (Unaligned) Greater God of Moon, Love & Autumn. Patron of Elves.
  • Tiamat – (Lawful Evil) Greater God of Destruction, Greed, Vengeance. Also known as ‘The Dragon Queen’. Patron of Chromatic Dragons.
  • The Raven Queen – (Unaligned) Greater Godess of Death, Fate & Winter.
  • The Lady of Pain – (Unaligned) Greater Godess of Portals.
  • The Lich King – (Chaotic Evil) Greater God of Secrets, Undead & Necromancy. Also known as ‘The Cold One’.
  • Torog – (Lawful Evil) Greater God of Torture & Imprisonment. Also known as ‘The One who Crawls’.
  • Yondalla – (Lawful Good) Greater God of Family, Fertility & Spring. Also known as ‘The Nurturing Matriarch’. Patron of Halflings.
  • Zehir – (Lawful Evil) Greater God of Poison, Darkness, Serpents. Patron of Yuan-Tai.

The Dukes and Duchess of The Nine Hells of Baator

These beings kept their distance from everyone during the Olympian war waiting for one of the three sides to grow stronger or for all to weaken so they may take over everything but due to Nikholash’s rise to power and the defeat of the Primordials, Demons and Gods &Godesses of the Astral sea they reluctantly bowed to Nikholash.

  • Dispater – Duke of Dis and Avernus. Lesser Deity of Torture.
  • Mammon – Duke of Minauros. Lesser Deity of Greed.
  • Belial – Duke of Phlegethos. Lesser Deity of Pain and Lust.
  • Levistus – Lord of Stygia. Lesser Deity of Vengeance.
  • Glasya – Duchess of Malbolge, Princess of Hell. Lesser Deity of Beauty.
  • Baalzebul – Duke of Maladomini. Lesser Deity of flies and lies.
  • Mephistopeles – Duke of Cania. Lesser Deity of Charm and cold.
  • Asmodeus - Lord of Nessus, King of Hell, Prince of Evil. Greater Deity of Tyranny & Domination

The Archomentals

After the fall of many of the Archomentals the Princes of Evil & Good joined forces. After their defeat in the Olympian war they returned to their planes and now build an army to overthrow the gods and godesses.

  • Ogremoch – The Archomental Prince of Evil Earth creatures. He resides within Plane of Earth
  • Yan-C-Bin – The Archomental Prince of Evil Air creatures. He resides within Plane of Air
  • Zaamun Rul – The Archomental Prince of Good Fire creatures. He resides within Plane of Fire
  • Ben-hadar – The Archomental Prince of Good Water creatures. He resides within Plane of Water
  • Bwimb – The Archomental Prince of Ooze creatures. He resides within Plane of Ooze
  • Ehkahk – The Archomental Prince of Smoke Creatures. He resides within Plane of Ash
  • Chlimbia - The Archomental of Magma Creatures. He resides within Plane of Magma

The Abyssal Lords & Ladys

The amount of layers of the abyss decreased after the Age of Orrinhatch due to the powers of the Black Shard, Nikholash upon becoming Supreme God killed alot of the Demons leaving only a few to rule the abyss. As Demogorgon is currently imprisoned The Pale night took over as Princess of Demons.

  • Abraxas – The Unfathomable. His Domain are Magic words, arcane secrets & talismans He resides in Death’s Reward
  • Ahrimanes – Chief of the Cacodaemons. His Domain are Exiles & wanderers. He resides in Ahriman-abad
  • Aldinach – Lady of Change. Her Domain is Transformation. She resides in The Blood Rift
  • Alrunes – The Soothing Spirit. Her domain are Protection & sisterhood. She resides in Green Abyss
  • Barbu – The Unwelcome. His domain are Discord & ruined peace. He resides within The Arc of Eternity
  • Baphomet – Prince of Beasts. His domain are Minotaurs & beasts. He resides within The Endless Maze
  • Charun – The Hammerer. His domain is Massacres. He resides within the Fleshforges
  • Graz’zt – The Dark Prince. His domain are Tyrants, despots, guile & debauchery. He resides within the Azzagrat
  • Gresil – Custodian of Records. His domain is Abyssal lore. He hides within The Wells of Darkness 
  • Haagenti – Lord of Alchemy. His domain is Alchemy. He brews within Garavond
  • Jubilex – The Faceless Lord. His domain are Oozes, slimes, and jellies. He slithers around in Molor
  • Lolth – Demon Queen of Spiders. Her domain are Drow, spiders . She spins her web in The Demonweb Pits
  • Malcanthet – Queen of the Succubi. Her domain are Succubi & hedonists. She seduces within Shendilavri
  • Pale Night – The Mother of Demons, Princess of Demons. Her domain are Motherhood & Demonkind. She protects Androlynne. She is also the Current head of the Demon Lords.
  • Sess’lnnek – He is god to the lizardfolk. His domain are Civilization & Dominion. He crawls in The Phantom Plane
  • Yeenoghu – Prince of Gnolls. His domain is Gnolls. He resides in Yeenoghu’s Realm
  • Zuggtmoy – Demoness Lady of Fungi. Her domain are Fungi, Rot & Decay. She grows in Shedaklah

Dwarven Pantheon

The Dwarven Pantheon is headed by the Greater God Moradin

  • Berronar Trusilver – (Lawful Good) Intermediate goddess of safety, truth, home and healing.
  • Dumathoin – (Lawful Neutral) Intermediate god of Exploration and mining.
  • Hanseath – (Chaotic Neutral) Intermediate god of carousing and alcohol.
  • Laduguer – (Lawful Neutral) Intermediate god of Magic weapons, artisans and duergar.
  • Vergadain – (Chaotic Neutral) Intermediate god of Wealth.
  • Dugmaren Brightmantle – (Chaotic Good) Intermediate god of scholarship and discovery.
  • Moradin – (Lawful Good) Greater god of Creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft and stonework.

Drow Pantheon (Dark Seladrine)

The Dark Seladrine is headed by Lolth.

  • Eilistraee – (Chaotic Good) Intermediate goddess of Song, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting & moonlight
  • _Kiaransalee_  – (Chaotic Evil) Intermediate goddess of Slavery, undeath & vengeance
  • Lolth – (Chaotic Evil) Greater goddess of Spiders, darkness, chaos & assassins
  • Vhaeraun – (Chaotic Evil) Intermediate god of Thievery, drow males & evil activity on the surface

Dragon Pantheon (Dragon Council Heads)

The Dragon Gods and Godesses are all considered equal, they also act as the heads of the Dragon council having the power to veto any decision taken by the council.

  • Aasterinian – She looks like a huge brass dragon who is always grinning. She is the Greater God of Play, invention and pleasure
  • Bahamut – Looks like a massive, long and sinuous dragon with silver-white scales and blue, catlike eyes. He is the greater God of Justice, Protection, Music & Nobility
  • Chronepsis – He appears as a colorless dragon with dull, decaying skin through which yellowed bones poke. He is the Greater god of Fate and Judgment
  • Faluzure – He looks like a vast and sleek, with silver-edged scales of midnight blue and vestigial wings. He is the Greater God of Energy Draining, Decay, and Exhaustion
  • Tiamat – SHe has five-heads (black, blue, green, red, white) and a multicolored hide. She is the Greater Godess of Destruction, greed and Vengeance.
  • Sardior – He looks like any ordinary Gem Dragon. He is the Greater God of psionics.

Elven Pantheon (Seladrine)

The Seladrine is headed by Sehanine as Corellon was caught and imprisoned during the Olympian war for going against Nikholash.

  • Hanali Celanil – (Chaotic Good) Intermediate godess of Romantic love & beauty
  • Sehanine Moonbow – (Chaotic Good) Greater godess of Illusion, Knowledge, Moon & Oracle. 
  • Rillifane Rallathil – (Chaotic Good) Intermediate god of Protection, Woodlands, Nature & Druids
  • Solonor Thelandira – (Chaotic Good) Intermediate god of Archery & hunting

Giant Pantheon

The Giant Pantheon is headed by Annam, these gods and godesses are worshipped giants, Trolls, Ogres, Ettins and Treants.

  • Annam All-Father – (Unaligned) Greater god of Poetry, Plants & philosophy
  • Hiatea – (Unaligned) Intermediate god of Nature, agriculture, hunting, females & children.
  • Iallanis – (Neutral Good) Intermediate god of Love, mercy & beauty
  • Stronmaus – (Neutral Good) Intermediate god of sky, weather & joy
  • Grolantor – (Chaotic Evil) Intermediate god of Hunting & combat.

Gnome Pantheon (Lords of the Golden Hills)

The Gnome Pantheon is headed by the Greater God Garl Glittergold.

  • Baravar Cloakshadow – (Neutral Good) Intermediate god of llusions, protection & deception.
  • Callarduran Smoothhands – (Unaligned) Intermediate god of Protection, earth & mining.
  • Garl Glittergold – (Neutral Good) Greater god of Humor, trickery & gemcutting.
  • Segojan Earthcaller – (Neutral Good) Intermediate god of Earth & nature
  • Urdlen – (Chaotic Evil) Intermediate god of Greed & blood, worshipped by Spriggans.

Halfling Pantheon (Yondalla’s Children)

The Halfling Pantheon is headed by the Greater Godess Yondalla.

  • Sheela Peryroyl – (Unaligned) Intermediate godess of Nature, agriculture & weather
  • Urogalan – (Unaligned) Intermediate god of Earth.
  • Yondalla – (Lawful Good) Greater Godess of Fertility, Family & Spring

Orc Deities (War Council)

The Orc Pantheon is headed by the Greater God Gruumsh
  • Gruumsh – (Chaotic Evil) Greater god of Conquest, Strength & Turmoil
  • Ilneval – (Lawful Evil) Intermediate god of Warfare.
  • Luthic – (Neutral Evil) Intermediate godess of Fertility, medicine & servitude.
  • Shargaas – (Neutral Evil) Intermediate god of Darkness & thieves.
  • Yurtrus – (Neutral Evil) Intermediate god of Disease.

Other Deities

These are minor deities who have no say in the Yynkovonial Council but still hold power over various aspects and are a source of power for their mortal worshippers.

  • Chitza-Atlan – (Unaligned) Guardian of the Underworld and the Dead. Patron of Centaurs.
  • Eadro – (Unaligned) Lesser God of Protection. Patron of Locathah & merfolk.
  • Kurtulmak – (Lawful Evil) Lesser God of Trapmaking, Mining, and War. Patron of Kobolds.
  • Laogzed – (Chaotic Evil) Lesser God of Eating. Patron of Troglodytes.
  • Piscaethces – (Lawful Evil) Lesser God of Domination & oppression. Mother & Patron of Aboleths.
  • Semuanya – (Unaligned) Lesser God/Godess of Survival & propagation. Patron of Lizardfolk.
  • Shekinester – (Chaotic Evil/Unaligned/Lawful Evil) Depending on her form she may be Lesser Godess of Weaving, Empowering or Preservence. She is worshipped by Nagas.
  • Sekolah – (Lawful Evil) Lesser God of Plunder, Hunting, and Tyranny. Patron of Sahuagins.
  • Karaan – Lesser God of Lycanthropes and Bestial Creatures.

The Chained Gods

These are the Gods & Godesses imprisoned by Nikholash after the Olympian War, these Gods & Godesses have no power left and can’t move on their own free will.

  • Orcus – Prince of the Undead,
  • Demogorgon – Prince of Demons, Lord of All that Swims in Darkness, he embodies Enervation, Madness, Reptiles, and Aberrations. King of Demonkind.
  • Imix – Primordial Lord of Fire
  • Dagon – Lord of the Depths. God of Creatures of the deep aquatic.
  • Vecna – Evil God of the Undead and Necromancy. Lord of Secrets
  • Corellon – Unaligned God of Beauty, Art, Magic and the Fey. Seasonal God of the Spring and Patron of Eladrin.
  • Kord – Unaligned God of Storms, Battle and Strength.

The Dead Gods

The Gods killed during the Olympian War. The Major Gods & Godesses weren’t killed due to unknown reasons.

  • Cryonax – Prince of Evil Cold Creatures.
  • Olhydra – Princess of Evil Water Creatures.
  • Chan – Princess of Good Air Creatures.
  • Entemoch and Sunnis Prince and Princess of Good Earth Creatures.
  • Chlimbia – Prince of Magma Creatures.
  • Fierna – Duchess of Phlegethos. Lesser Deity of Beauty.
  • Bel – Duke of Avernus. Lesser Diety of Warfare.
  • Pazuzu – Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms. Lesser Deity of Flying creatures, corruption.
  • Areex – The Forgotten Prince.
  • Bechard – The Rotting Husk. Lesser Diety of Decomposition & obsolescence.
  • Cabiri – The Watching Master. Lesser Diety of Observation.
  • Malgoth
  • Obox-ob – Prince of Vermin. Former King of Demons.
  • Queen of Chaos – Godess of Chaos & obyriths.
  • Ubothar – The Thunder Below.
  • Ugudenk – The Squirming King. Lesser Diety of Worms and hungry parasites

There are many other dead Gods, Godesses, Vestiges, Demons etc. whose names have been long forgotten.


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