It’s the continent where the fire creatures live in eternal struggle, fighting each other for control. The residents sometimes use the naive visitors as baits in their war for power. But not all settlements treat visitors as a tool, some welcome with a warm heart and treat them kindly.

Many adventurers and merchants attempt to travel to this continent as it contains numerous portals to the Plane of Fire many of which lead the City of Brass. But not all are succesful in reaching it. The continent is surrounded and contains many active volcanoes causing it to be always covered in a thick cloud of ash. There are only two ports with capable sailors who can transport travellers in and out with ease but the price they demand is beyond common folk.

This Continent is comprised of various small little kingdoms each with their own lord or council that is constantly at war with each other.

Other details:

Thieves/Assassin’s Guild: Blades of Chaos

Allies: None due to eternal conflict


Currency Name
Copper Sparks
Silver Embers
Electrum Lights
Gold Fires
Platinum Dreams
Astral Diamonds Eyes
Continent Exchange Rate
Aestatian -10 %
Eadochas -5 %
Grimmig -9 %
Hadesume -12 %
Stokenisi -15 %
Tapabahi -10 %

Terrain Details:

Cities and Towns
Land Features
Water Bodies



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