The land of the undead, ghouls and ghosts. Ruled by a Vryloka Lord, this continent has been friendly towards the mighty warriors and adventurers as the King’s thirst for knowledge trumps his thirst for blood. It is said that the veil between the Shadowfell and the Mortal plane is weak in this continent due to the amount of battles, massacres, genocides and atrocities that occurred here.

Other details:

Ruling Family: The Vasilvoks

Thieves/Assassin’s Guild: Masked Legion

Allies: Eadochas Islands & Stokeni Kolasi Isles


Currency Name
Copper Bones
Silver Chains
Electrum Spirits
Gold Wishes
Platinum Essences
Astral Diamonds Eyes
Continent Exchange Rate
Aestatian + 2 %
Eadochas + 7 %
Grimmig + 3 %
Fuegotern + 12 %
Stokenisi - 3 %
Tapabahi + 2 %

Terrain Features

Cities and Towns
Land Features
Water Bodies



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