The Age of Tyranny

The Age of Tyranny

Many major events took place during this period as new kingdoms rose.

The Cataclysm

A few centuries ago when the sun, the planet and the moons aligned an eclipse took place. During that time the sky was lit with fire as a black shard of humongous proportions, hurled towards the world from the direction of the eclipse. Two months after the shard impacted the continent of Novus Seclorum the ethereal form of Asmodeus scourged through the land. The avatar defeated the various lords, ladies and the armies of the Island of Ranise with his own warriors of Baator reestablishing his kingdom among the ruins of the fallen kingdoms with its capital at a city he named City of Wrath.

Devils and other foul beings of the nine hells now ran amok on the land that was once semi-peaceful. All the mages, wizards, witches, warlocks and all things magical from the island were now under his control. The Avatar of Asmodeus made his slaves construct a five hundred feet tall statue for himself in the middle of City of Wrath, he was said to reside within it. He had asked his warriors, scouts, etc. to look for the shard as continuously staying in the mortal plane was draining away the actual Asmodeus’s powers in the nine hells, this as scholars later researched was because the Black Shard and the ruby shard of the rod of Asmodeus were connected and it drained the true Asmodeus while corrupting the land around the black shard.

The Black Shard brought with it not only an avatar of the Nine hells but also spread a mysterious corruption which was named the spellplague. It continued for a decade, leading to the Wailing Years, during which arcane magic ceased to function
The breakdown of the Weave could be felt by all wizards across the world.
The storm began over the Kentavs Jungles and quickly grew to a massive size, with blue flames visible in the sky. It laid waste to the neighbouring settlements due to the heavy wild magic activity in the area, many of the landscape and wilderness were transformed into an unpredictable and surreal place, dubbed the Plaguewrought Lands. Almost every part of the world was affected by the Spellplague and certain areas were eliminated entirely, while others were created anew. Thousands of mages were either destroyed or went insane due to the collapse of the arcane energy. A third of the War Wizards were either killed or driven mad. Those who survived were forced to learn martial combat as a result of the disappearance of arcane magic.
Despite the efforts, with the structure of magic out of balance, many spells failed or produced unreliable results. Most permanent magic items, such as artifacts, were left intact at the end of the Spellplague but charged magical items were either destroyed, warped, or simply ceased to function. Items with dormant magical qualities, which were manually activated, were largely unaffected by the Spellplague.
Malar died due to the effects of the Spellplague and many of the other gods who were involved in arcane magic lost tremendous amounts of their energy. At this point Tharizdun’s influence increased as his bonds grew weaker due to the Spellplague.
The Spellplague affected the landscape, making the ground rumble and heave up and down like the surface of the sea. Curtains of blue flame swept the landscape, reshaping the land by cutting crevasses or lifting and sculpting the plain into hills and ridges. Shards of earth wrenched themselves free and became earthmotes.
Waves of azure fires appeared everywhere, killing whatever they touched.
Rifts opened in the Underdark beneath the Sea of Fallen Stars, causing the level of water to drop, cutting many ports off from their livelihood.
A surge in the use of technology, divine magic, and worship of the Deities of Knowledge and Invention was seen during this period.
Political upheaval took place across the land that resulted in many attempted coups, invasions, and uprisings. Especially against governments and nations that had relied heavily on arcane magic for defense or controlling their population.
Large parts of the world switched places. Certain parts of the nation collapsed into a rift into the Underdark.
The region surrounding the Great Rift collapsed into the Underdark, creating an enormous cataract in the earth called the Underchasm. Bits of what used to be the Underdark began to float above the Underchasm as earthmotes.
Many of the low lying islands sunk to the bottom of the sea as they were hit by massive waves and flooded, killing all of its inhabitants.

By 220 years after the initial start of the plague, the majority of the effects of the Spellplague had come to an end and most arcane magic had returned to a semblance of normality, with a handful of major changes to the way spells are cast.
Around 300 years after the eclipse the Spellplague was ended with the event known as Breaking of Chains. Tharizdun was released from his bonds by the aid of the Warchief Orrinhatch and magic became what it was before the Spellplague, though some areas with lingering effects from it remain.

Vecna taking advantage of the situation seduced an Orc shaman whose tribe was tired of asking Gruumsh for aid against the plague into helping him create a weapon in return for aiding his tribe. The Orc along with a Devil loyal to Vecna forged the “Bastard of the Lich” which utilized the Spellplague as well as was imbued with a few secrets of Vecna, the sword with its energy was powerful enough to slay a God thus Vecna killed the two who forged it but due to the mutation by the plague the sword instead absorbed the two, fearing what he had created Vecna locked the sword in the Frozen peaks of the northern most mountain range in the material plane.

Age of Orrinhatch

Years after The Cataclysm a group of adventurers was formed, they had crash landed on the continent due to the effects of the spellplague. They were on-board the ship called ‘’Kraken’s Sway’’ captained by a Half-Orc Barbarian named Orrinhatch, his crew comprised of many odd and powerful humanoids. Marcus, a Longtooth was their navigator, and Drakon a Dragonborn was the first mate. The crews were transporting a pair of Drows Traz’enoar a and Drazka who were on their way to recover an artifact. Also on board was Blue Heroic Scaleman a Halfling venturing out to gain riches and Twerkanian Brassbelly a Dwarf who was out to show his skills in music and smiting. On crashing upon the rocks of Kraken’s claws the ship drowned and the sea took the bodies of the travelers to the beach. Orrinhatch on the other hand was travelling as a quest of conquering the land and making the empire his in the name of Gruumsh.

The shipwrecked party ventured into the forest and upon coming upon a small settlement of Orcs inspired them into following them to gain glory, being a chosen of Gruumsh Orrinhatch gained the support of shaman chieftain and rallied the tribe on wards to an age of Orcs. They used their wit and their brute force to slowly take over town upon town amassing soldiers from among the defeated. They went to every town recruiting every able bodied person and installing them into their army those who defied were allowed freedom. They allied with three Elder dragons for their quest for a united kingdom, promising the three great elders a constant supply of food and gold. Re-establishing the cities they conquered in the name of Avandra, Gruumsh and Bahamut, seeing that he cared for civilization and the betterment of society the three deities blessed him and his party. The Deities sent their aid to help them remove the threat of the Avatar of Asmodeus. They met with the reclusive Grandson of the Raven Queen trapped within his Tower of Ever-Burning Flame, who went by the name ‘The Pyromaniac’; he became their ally as it had been years since he met a mortal. It wasn’t long before Asmodeus caught wind of this band of conquerors, he sent his army to thwart their plans.

After this event the history books contradict each other but what they have in common is that one of the Warforged that were created by Orrinhatch during the war rebelled against him and left the army. The lone construct met with a band of misfits who were trying to make a living by completing requests of anyone who could pay.

During this time of travel the forgotten artifact “Bastard of the Lich” gained sentience due to the Spellplague and the souls of the creators that it had consumed, it whispered to the Warforged to come weald him. Unknown to Ranchester (the Warforged) the artifact sought to corrupt him. The party feared that Orrinhatch would bring about destruction upon all of them due to his greed for power. They made a stealth mission and destroyed his siege and heavy damaging equipments and war-machines; this was a heavy blow to his army. The skirmishes between Asmodeus and Orrinhatch that followed this were defeats for Orrinhatch. He lost Drakon his most trusted General and First mate. Traz’enoar was badly injured and his kingdom was now in shambles the deities that once blessed him now cursed him. They prepared for the worst; the last hope was The Oracle of the Spiked Claws. They met her and she pointed to a deity who could end it all; Tharizdun ‘The chained one’. Orrinhatch took part in a ritual to communicate with Tharizdun, The chained One asked him to release him from his chains and he would make him the King of the continent. Blind with the greed of power he took the quest of releasing the Elemental Evil Eye, travelling to each plane and breaking the seals, when the last seal was broken Tharizdun materialized in the material plane and sunk the entire continent , destroying everything that touched by the plague he drained the black shard of its power and swallowed the Avatar of Asmodeus ending the spellplague. Orrinhatch going mad suicides as all he had striven for was now just dust.

War of Olympia

Written in History books as the rise of Nickholash.
After a century of the Age of Orrinhatch, the world was beginning to rebuild itself after the destruction caused by the Spellplague, Orrinhatch, Avatar of Asmodeus and Tharizdun but the peace didn’t last long. A new Deity wished to make its place in the cosmos; he was a force that caused the Draconic Gods Bahamut and Tiamat to join together as allies. A Force so strong none could match it nor question its motives and actions. The force calls himself Nickholash. With Elven features and a scarred body, with the might similar to that of the fallen God ‘Io’ father of the Draconic Gods and with knowledge that even dwarfed the old ones. He caused the Dragon Gods to bow to his will and now commands them with a just hand. What he wanted is unknown; he challenged the Gods and Goddesses causing the Demons to join forces with the Devils. The alliance of the Abyssal and the Baator inspired even the deities in the Astral realm to combine their might to stop the threat.
But they all fell, many surrendered, some died and some fled from the battlefield. He locked away those that they may not hinder his plans the rest he left to rule their domain but when asked to step aside they would have to obey humbly. During this time Vecna was overthrown by the Warforged Barbarian that used one of the very secrets Vecna wished to hide and took his place as the Lich King of Secrets. The Powers among the Deities shifted due to the chaos of the Olympian War. The war among the deities had a heavy impact on the mortal realm, Nickholash after establishing himself as the Supreme God reshaped the world creating more continents reshaping the old ones. The new world was renamed as Jovem Terra.

The Age of Tyranny

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