The Awakening

The Awakening

The awakening was the period during the very dawn of the multi-verse; many have tried to learn of the period before it but are unable to find records, hints or any definitive evidence of anything before this period. Some cults believe that there was a being who died and gave birth to the ancient ones, while others speculate that before this time there was just one grey open space and from it light and darkness were born and where they converged the Ancient Ones rose. Everyone agrees upon one fact that the first to awaken were The Ancient Ones.

The Ancient Ones

The first beings to awaken are known as the ancient ones. There were six beings that awakened simultaneously, each having power that would dwarf those of the current pantheon. Finding their surroundings empty they wished to fill it. They began working in separate regions of the dark void. Each of them produced a different plane which they thought would be perfect to fill the void; collectively they created the stars that spread across the entire realm to shine their light even in the darkest realms. They brought their creations forward and placed them in the pattern that now forms the great wheel of cosmology. The stars are the only creations that are visible from every plane. The planes that were created were the astral sea, the outlands, plane of fire, plane of air, plane of water, plane of earth and the dream plane. When the four planes (earth, fire, water and air) were combined new planes were formed in the regions the plane overlapped theses were the planes of ooze, ice, ash and magma; together these were named the Elemental Chaos. The Ancient ones created another plane that the obyriths originate from but its name and location is unknown, many say it’s the negative plane or the nether realm.


After forming the planes the ancient ones created the first beings. From the spiraling planes of the elemental chaos the ancient ones created the Primordials. They imparted their power of manipulating landscapes within these beings allowing them to roam the chaos and change it to suit their needs. They created the Gods and Goddesses from the Astral Sea and imparted the power of creating beings within them sending them to populate the landscape that the Primordials created. The Ancient Ones created a third divine race known as the Obyriths; the Obyriths were given their own plane to manipulate and delve in. To keep all the planes and their denizens connected the Ancient Ones created the ring of sigil and birthed a just being that would be neutral to all creation and oversee the planar travel, this entity would eventually take the name Lady of Pain.

The Embers

The Primordials began manipulating the elemental chaos until eventually they began testing the limits of their powers by creating beings from the elements, thus the first elementals were born. Confident in their ability the Primordials deviated from their task of terra-forming to creating life. They created the Giants to aid them in shaping the planes. The Gods on the other hand had been unsuccessful in their attempts in creating life.
The Ancient ones seeing the deviation of the Primordials and the failures of the gods decided to intervene and recreate the two after wiping away the current ones. This led to the first war in the history of the multi-verse; this war would be eventually called The Ember War. The alliance of the Primordials and the gods for the purpose of survival managed to kill one of the ancient ones and absorbed the essence that dissipated from it. Seeing the strength in the alliances numbers the ancient Ones created a new plane, a plane that would be connected to all the others yet far away from their reach, the rage of the ancient ones against their disloyal creations led to the plane to be twisted and gnarled, and this twisted realm would later be known as the Far Realm. The stars that sparkled in every plane became the eyes for the Ancient ones to peek into the doings of the betrayers.

Breathe of Life

After defeating the Ancient Ones the Primordials attempted to copy their creators and create a plane. With the aid of the Giants the Primordials they began their work on a central plane; meanwhile the gods re-attempted the creation of life. One of the now forgotten gods used a tiny essence of the astral sea to aid him in creating life and was successful; the first creatures created by the gods were the Gith in their most primal form.
The Primordials after several attempts managed to finish the plane, the discarded parts and reattempts formed overlapping planes. These overlapping planes became images of the material plane, one of the planes was a twilight-lit and wild version of the material plane while the other was a dark and desolated version of the material plane. These planes would be eventually known as the Feywild and the Shadowfell. Io managed to mimic the methodology in which the Gith were created and created the Dragons using essence of each plane thus the various breeds of dragons were created.
The Primordials unhappy with their creation due to the two mirror planes, prepared to destroy the Material Plane. The Gods on the other hand just noticing the new plane used its elements to create creatures, due to the connection between the Material Plane, Shadowfell and Feywild many of the creatures creation led to the creation of a separate version of them in the mirror planes. The first races to be created were as follows:

  • The Sylvan were created by Corellon, using the essence of the Feywild.
  • Dwarves were created from the Earth of the Material Plane.
  • Ogres were created in the material plane, Cyclopses formed in the Feywild as their reflection.
  • Formorians sprout in the Feywild due to the Titans activities in the Prime material plane.
  • The dark ones are formed.
  • Djinns are created; they are the first to establish a proper civilization.
  • The Goblinoids are created by Bane.
  • The Gnomes are created by Garl Glittergold.
  • Zehir who still failed all attempts at creating his own race asked Melora to aid him, she granted him the knowledge to manipulate other creatures to form his own but bound him to a divine oath that would only allow the transformation if the God who initially created the race allows it. Zehir with Corellon’s permission transformed a few Sylvan into serpentine beings which evolved during the Dawn War into Medusa and Yuan-Ti.

The Gods now in control of their powers began manipulating the Astral Sea, giving birth to the various Astral Domains, thus the Upper Planes were born.

The Awakening

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