The Mythic Age

The Mythic Age

This is known as the age of Gods and Primordials. The Mythic Age was a time of myths and legends. So far back in time, most events were remembered only in distorted tales and conflicting traditions. This was a time where the gods were still very active in the world. It ended less than tens of thousands years ago.

The Dawn War

Enraged at the gods’ meddling, the Primordials set out to destroy the world rather than let it become the gods’ play-thing. The gods fought to save it and their mortal servants. Each god selected an aspect of creation to champion and care for during the war, defining their portfolios. The war waged for centuries as neither side was willing to admit defeat, the war lead to the creation of many of the weaponized races.

  • The Archons are created by the Primordials to counter the angels that the Gods created.
  • Astral Stalkers, Atropals and Phanes are created by the Gods to gain an edge in the war.
  • Blood fiends are given life to by the Primordials.
  • The Tarrasques are created as weapons against the gods.

The first to sustain heavy damage were the Gods as many of the astral dwellers died in battle and Torog fell into the material plane. The weight of Torog’s body dragged him underground; the Primordials sealed him under the worlds crust with arcane means and their weapons opened deep festering wounds tainting them for eternity. The Fallen Torog crawled across the three planes (Material Plane, Shadowfell and Feywild) creating the Underdark and its mirrors. From his festering wounds and blood arose various creatures mutated by the taint of his wounds, many of the natural beasts’ which came in contact with his blood evolved giving rise to the twisted Kuo-Toa, Hook-Horrors and various other creatures. The Underdark still radiates with the taints that were left due to the crawl.

During the early years of the Dawn War the Giants had become the rulers of the Elemental Chaos, material plane and Shadowfell. The ones in Shadowfell slowly began to decompose and fade due to their prolonged stay hence they turned to necromancy and became the Death Titans. The dwarves had become slaves of the giants due to a pact between the Primordials and Moradin before the Dawn War, the Primordials granted the Giants the dwarves as a gift for aiding them. The Giants forced the Dwarves into building their fortresses, cities, etc. The Giant Empire eventually fell during the Dawn War. The dwarves that escaped remained as they were, some finding refuge among the hills of sun-baked valleys; others built fortresses in the mountains. The unlucky dwarves remained slaves to the Titans and due to the heavy arcane clouds that drifted among the planes due to the Dawn War the dwarves evolved. The Dwarves that resided in the fire plane evolved into the Azer and the dwarves that dwelled deep in the caverns of the Earth Plane evolved into the Galeb Duhr. The Formorians enslaved the Gnomes and Cyclops during this time.

The Dawn War was a time in which the Divine and Arcane Powers were heavily utilized, this caused radiations of these various powers spread across the planes evolving many of the creatures at a rapid pace, many of the creatures attempted to escape the influence of the war and seeked refuge among the various planes where they were still effected by the radiations and evolved into new creatures. The Sylvan which were once one race evolved into Elves, Eladrin and Drow; similarly many major races evolved into their current forms during the Dawn War.

The Dawn War had many casualties and many major events took place at this time:

  • The god Bane defeated Tabrach-Ti, the Queen of Bronze. She was the first primordial to fall.
  • In his arrogance, Io faced Erek-Hus, the King of Terror, alone. The primordial cleaved the dragon god into two halves, becoming Tiamat and Bahamut. A small shard independent of the two became the artifact known as the Arrow of Fate. The dragon gods slew Erek-Hus, and then battled each other until Tiamat fled. Thereafter, the dragon gods contributed to the primeval war alone.
  • The first hydras sprang from the spilled blood of the primordial Bryakus.
  • Orcus created his artifact Wand of Orcus. The wand’s skull was said to belong to a god of virtue and chivalry, although other sources claimed it belonged to a human hero instead.
  • Yeenoghu reputedly created his triple flail from the bones of Gorellik who he slew during this war.
  • Haemnathuun who led the first assault against the Gods was killed in the Astral Sea by Bane, Bahamut and Ioun. His heart was removed and flung into the elemental chaos where it finally found purchase in the city of brass. The rest of his body was scattered in the astral sea forming the floating islands.
  • The Primordial Mual-Tar the Thunder Spirit sought to reclaim the skies from the gods who had claimed them. The gods drove it back into the Elemental Chaos, where Moradin chained and trapped it.
  • Demogorgon’s head is split by Amoth.

The Abyss

The Obyriths that were created along with Gods and Primordials had depleted their plane of all energy causing it to reach its final stage; their greed for power corrupted them. The Obyriths peaked into the astral sea using the stars that their creators had placed everywhere and noticed the life flourishing within the astral dominions and the manner in which the mortals worshipped the gods. Jealous of the fact that their counterparts were doing better the Obyriths planned to take over them. Due to the condition of the plane the Obyriths couldn’t build a portal for inter planar travel, they instead created the Shard of Evil to escape their dying plane and invade the astral sea. The shard was created by the Obyriths with greed and envy fueling every sliver and energy placed into the shard. The shard once planted in the astral sea would teleport all of the Obyriths to it allowing them to invade the astral sea. The Obyriths corrupted the shard so as to manipulate whoever would come in contact with it to transport it to the astral sea and plant it. The Shard was flung to the edge of the Astral Sea awaiting an entity to plant it in its intended location, Tharizdun in his sane state looking for power to end the Dawn War chanced upon the Shard. The shard fabricated from the twisted mind of the Obyriths pulsed with madness and corrupted Tharizdun. With the desire to rule all of the Primordials now reverberating in his mind Tharizdun turned course towards the centre of the Elemental Chaos with the shard in tow to where the very elements fused together and planted the Seed of Evil in it. The shard not intended for the energies of the Elements caused the surroundings to bend and twist into a maelstrom ripping the fabric of the planes and churning the elementals into further chaos, the plane of Obyriths still in contact with shard caused both the forgotten plane and the centre of the elemental chaos to merge and mutate, the shard pierced infinitely deep creating layers upon layers of planes destroying many of the obyriths that created the shard and redirecting the energy to the now expanding maelstrom. Tharizdun’s body too mutated due to his close proximity to the shard, the energy that was radiated by the shard was absorbed by him making him stronger and twisting his psyche. The Primordials who at that point were near the centre and were attempting to stop the god who strode through their lands were sucked into the maelstrom and they underwent changes like Tharizdun. These Primordials and creatures became the Demon Lords and demons now inhabiting the never ending Maelstorm known as the Abyss. The obyriths too were sucked in from their plane and flung into the abyss with their revenge based psyche twisting even further.
Tharizdun then lead the corrupted Primordials in the Dawn War, The Gods seeing his power growing and the corruption he spread began focusing on him. It took the entire Pantheon’s force to finally capture him; many of the gods who fought him were now tainted by evil. Unable to truly kill him the Gods decided to lock him away with the chains that bound him anchored in every plane of existence except the far realm. Asmodeus and his platoon were made to stand guard at the gate of the portal to the prison plane.

The Tear

The Ancient ones hadn’t stopped at the obyriths, they had continued by creating few more entities far more powerful than the Gods and Primordials they had once entrusted the world to, and these were Ilsensine, The Great Mother, Shothotugg, Ghaunadaur, Cthulhu, Bolothamogg, Y’chak and Piscaethces collectively known as the Old Ones. These new deities created beings bent on the destruction and enslavement of all the creatures that the Gods and Primordials created, Ilsensine created the Illithid, The Great Mother birthed the Beholders and Piscaethces created the Aboleths. Many of the other creatures native to the far realm were created by these deities or are off springs of them, but some are born due to the mingling of other planes into the far realm.
The Illithid were the first race to successfully venture out of the far realm and carve an empire. Though the empire was short lived its impact was tremendous, the Gith that were the first beings to be created by the Gods were enslaved by the Illithid before the Dawn War. The Gith eventually escaped the clutches of the inter-planar Illithid Empire. A few of the Illithid attempting to escape the rebellion of the Giths during the fall of their empire built ships that would allow travel between the planets of the material plane, some of the ships were captured by the Gith who eventually created the Astral-ships by studying them. There were a few dwarves who had been enslaved by the Illithid and dragged into the Underdark those dwarves evolved into the Duergar, they eventually escaped them when the empire fell but were forever warped due to their time spent with their former masters.
With the Gods and Primordials distracted the ancient ones commanded the Lady of Pain to use her control over the portals and make it so that every time a portal is open a slight tear to the far realm also forms. Due to the amount of planar travel that occurred during the war the creatures of the Far realm made their way into the various planes and established settlements and outposts so as to begin their invasion the moment the world is vulnerable.

The War Ends

By banding together in small groups, the gods set out to destroy the mightiest Primordials that usually operate alone. This tactic eventually won the gods victory. Exhausted by the war, the gods created the Deva to protect the realms. The primal spirits eventually declared an end to the Dawn War.

The Mythic Age

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